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10 Question by the end of Game of Thrones ( no intended spoilers but beware)

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While there are the obvious question such who will win the Iron throne and is Tyrion a Targaryen and all that....here are 10 question I'd like answered. Please answer or add questions if you'd like.




1. Will Arya and Sansa finally be able to be the sisters they should have always been?


2. Will we see Nymeria again?


3. What Robin Arryn discover the truth about his mothers death?


4. Will Tyrion and Sansa re-unite or will he look for his first wife Tysha?


5. Will Samwell and Gilley get their happily ever after?


6. Will Davos become a father figure for little Lyanna Mormont or at least serve her house?


7. Will Melisandra die at the hands of Arya or sacrifice her powers and die?

  1. Will Dany free the dragons or will they perish by the end of the books?


  2. Will any of the Dire-wolves make it to the end?

and finally..........


10. Just how long did Gendry row that boat?

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1. I would like to think so but my money's on Arya dying before that can happen.


2. I sincerely hope we see Nymeria again and it's one of my main hopes for the next year. Nymeria is likely to be cast aside by the series though and we might have to wait for the books.


3. I don't care if poor SweetRobin finds out. I don't think he would care if he did. The boy has a screw loose. It is one of many secrets which could lead to the end of Littlefinger but he's done far worse things. Killing the King being one.


4. No chance of Tyrion and Sansa reuniting. I also believe Tyrion will die at the end too.


5. As much as I love Sam and Gilley, this is Game of Thrones. No happy endings!!


6. I would love Ser Davos and Lady Lyanna to be united under House Mormont. But I think Ser Davos will also perish before the end.


7. Why would Arya want to kill Melisandre?? Am I forgetting something??


8. If there are any dragons left. I think perhaps only Drogon. He will leave of his own accord and Dany won't have any say in the matter.


9. My money's on Ghost if one does.


10. He's still rowing...


11. I hope Tyrion is not a Targaryen. Why does everyone have to be one??


12. Dany sits on the iron throne at the end. Jon disappears as he is the legend, Azor Ahai.

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I don't think Arya will die, instead, I see her with Gendry. In episode 1, Robert said to Ned "I have a son, You have a daughter, we'll join our houses". A little foreshadowing I think, just another son and the other daughter ( who reminded Ned of Lyanna ). As for Drogon, I'm of two minds about that, I see him dying protecting his mother. I don't think Tyrion will die, I think he will re-connect with Sansa.....tho. One thing that puzzles me. in the book the rest of the cersei's prophecy, the valqaur will kill Cersei. They never bring that part up in the movie. There was a scene between her and Tyrion where she said if not for her children she would have flung herself from the keep....could this be foreshadowing for her. Or would that be to much like what Tomen did. I mean, Goffery and Marcella die of poison. Tomen dies when he jumped. Cersei...things that make you go hmmmmm.

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