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DNC Party in Philly!

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Marc DuQuesne

Marc DuQuesne


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The absurdity that she is the most qualified person ever to be nominated for president. And this coming from a man who despises her, but same party so they must play nice.

well-let's do this, if you want be all semantic.

Where would you rank her in the qualification scale amongst anyone ever? Amongst this year's candidates? Amongst any Democrats ever?

What-in your opinion does make a person qualified? Or what DIS qualifies?


I don't deny that she has held a lot of important positions. I just don't see the important accomplishments out of those positions other than the growth of her own power. What did she do of importance that we can look at for expectations for the future? Failed health care reforms (till Obama came along and saved the day)? The nurturing of sectarian violence as Sec State? Scandals every other week?


The absurdity is that you can even think for one second that Hillary Rotten Clinton is more qualified than Eisenhower or JQA were. I don't care how you want to rate her overall, you can't begin to support the statement that she is the most qualified ever. 

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