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Denial, creationists and a monument to Noah.

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The number of Christian denominations that actually teach that every aspect of the Bible are literally true is pretty small. They're just loud.

Most Christian denominations, especially ones with true intellectual backgrounds, understand that the Bible is actually a collection of books, written over a long period of time in a variety of styles. Certain books are epic, others are allegory, others are history, others are apocalyptic. The people who believe it to all be the same, at the heart, don't understand the basic concept of literature.
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Sure, I get that. Only someone's gone and built a replica ark that cost one hundred million or some such figure.

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Built to the bibles specifications by the Amish!




Honestly, that does sound pretty cool.  I'm not about to make a vacation out of it, but I've killed days looking at less interesting tourist bait.

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