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What do you want to see in Episode 8


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I hope to see a lengthy discussion of taxation policy on interstellar trade routes, particularly in a closed-door meeting of the New Republic Congressional Committee for the Prevention of Another Sith Lord From Seizing Political Power Through Phantom Menacing (NRCCPASLFSPPTPM). If it's not at least 75 minutes worth of the movie, I'm only going to see it once. Maybe twice.

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I want to see Leia killed by a bounty hunter who was sent by a Hutt for revenge for her killing Jabba 30 years prior. Even better, one of the bounty hunters from ESB. That would be such a cool end to her character. All this time in politics, leading the Rebellion and helping start a new government. You'd never suspect this side of her past would come back to haunt her.

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I like the idea someone had earlier about Cap'n Phasma getting some retribution. That character really got the shaft for no good reason.


I also never liked the double-bladed lightsabers that much, but since it is a thing, I wonder if that's what we'll see for Rey (given her skill and previous weapon of choice was a staff). Maybe she'll start out with Anakin's, but when she makes her own it will be a double so she can fight better again.

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Guest El Chalupacabra



Here's what I want:


- Lando. If the rumor that they visit a casino planet is true, I want him running it.


- Knights of Ren. I want an explanation, I want to see more of them.


- Braveheart style lightsaber battle with lots of people on either side. (probably an episode IX wish)


- Luke kicking ass


- more R2, less 3P0


- Phasma, thrown out of the First Order, turned bounty hunter with a vendetta against Finn



Almost exactly what I would have said on these points.


Also want to see:


Confirm definitively that LUKE IS REY'S FATHER! With all they speculation, at this point if he isn't, I will be pissed and let down.


Luke\Rey training sequences. Like Kung Fu or Master Pai Mei style.


Luke kicking ass with no need of a lightsaber at all. At this point, lightsabers should be almost quaint to Luke.


Luke should be cynical, embittered, reluctant to get involved again. While training Rey, starts to see there's hope again. The teacher learns from the student. Sort of like an old King Arthur and Galahad.


Luke should be DYING. We should see a Luke with the clock running out on his life, so that there is an urgency to pass the torch to Rey.


Kylo Ren being trained in the dark side by Snoke, to contrast with Luke\Rey. Possibly on a planet, such as.... or similar to.... Korriban.


Kylo Ren kills Snoke after learning all he can.


Kylo Ren PWNS Rey this time around.


Luke PWNS Snoke in a flashback


No cliche lopping off of arms.


No planet or solar system killing machines


Finn is back as a leader among the resistance. Maybe Leia's protege, to whom she teaches strategy and tactics.


Poe flying the Falcon, with Chewie.


No force ghosts anymore, and an explanation as to why! (To explain why Luke or Rey can't get help from Obi Wan or Yoda or Anakin)


I'm still spoiler free, but reposting this for the fun of seeing how many points I wanted to see actually come to pass, fully or partially!


I'm highlighting in green those points that I think are most likely to happen.

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