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Assassins Creed the movie

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Another movie based off a video game is coming to theaters in December. This one is assassins creed, featuring super white boy Michael Fassbender, who is playing NOT Desmond Miles, music by none other than Kanye West, and the historical aspect takes place during the Spanish Inquisition (bet you didn't expect that!) and probably has lots of CGI martial arts and neck stabbing! What's not to hate?! Or...is this going to be THE ONE? The first video game movie that doesn't suck a big bag of dicks? There is a trailer out, did you see it? What did you think of it?


My emotions on this can only be described as....tenuously hopeful. I want this to succeed. I loved the games. I haven't played them all, but I loved all that I've played, which was the first three. It has things in it I want to like: martial arts, neck stabbing, the story concept of AC that it's based off of, and Michael Fassbender. It also has things I am prepared to not like so much, like Kanye West and unrealistic CGI Matrix Reloaded-esque scenes.


If I knew how, or had the ambition to learn how, I would've posted a link to the trailer here, but I don't. Someone else should do that.

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I'm a business guy, so from that angle:


To me it looks like they aren't sure how to sell this movie. It comes out in December, and it's in direct competition with Star Wars. Not too smart, but it could also mean they are confident enough with the movie to compete enough to have some success. Or it's a huge mistake. Unless it's real good, and Star Wars isn't, it's a bad move.


The music....IMO sounds terrible. It's what sticks out the most. And they chose Kanye West...strange choice. He's notorious and uber mainstnsteam...so i guess they are trying to target non-gamers as well (which is usually smart) but, they are going to think it's a movie about the Spanish inquisition, which is boring and dumb. The only reason kids will want to see it is if they like the game. It doesn't seem to offer much for the average lay person...but it's targeting them? I think? Again, its either confidence in the product or another huge mistake.


The trailer looks and feels true to the game, which is a plus. Most vide game movies just don't, which is a huge marketing mistake and that leads to failure. They are succeeding in that respect. Fans of the games should be happy with that.


The story from the game was good...but stories in games succed was good BECAUSE they are games. Good game stories don't directly translate to good movie stories...much like book to movie, but way more disconnect. I'm not saying it can't be done, and the death row inmate spin could work, but obviously we'll have to wait and see. I'm not writing the story off just yet.


I'm a Fassbender fan, and he has a good box office draw, which is obviously a good move, getting a guy like that for the lead. He also has to be talented enough and physically fit enough to pull off death row inmate and uber martial artist. I think he can pull it off, especially the physical stuff.


My prediction is it will be better than WoW, but overall kind of meh. That will still make it the best video game adaptation movie ever, but will be a financial failure due to marketing mistakes and dumping resources into trying to make it appeal to a target market who just don't want to see it.


Its entire purpose for existing could possibly be to revitalize and renew interest in the franchise so they can keep pumping out financially successful games, while hoping to merely break-even at the box office. If that's the case, the movie obviously can't come very highly recommended unless you are already a fan of the franchise.

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