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2016 NBA Playoffs

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That was an outstanding team effort by the Cavs.

I give it more to individual efforts than team play, especially on offense. Really the wins and losses can be broken down by whether Irving's hero ball was working or not. Their offense ground to a halt many times. Heck, the ball barely moved until they were under 5 seconds on the shot clock throughout the fourth quarter last night.


Defense is another matter. They played some good defense out there.


The Cav's defense stifled the Golden State offense in the end. They were held scoreless for the last 4 something minutes of the game. That was an outstanding team effort on defense, and it played a huge part in Cleveland winning the game. Yeah, you could say that the individual efforts of Love (rebounding), Irving (hitting a clutch 3) and LeBron (forcing his way to the basket) were great individual efforts, but the team defense is what really cemented the win.

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