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2016 NFL Season

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Any city or municipality that pays for a sports facility is moronic.

Yeah, I don't get that. Especially when you see how lukewarm the LA fans were to the Rams. Hard to see where the long term profits are going to come from.   The Chargers basically pulled a Ron Burga

He didn't even give you an opportunity to back out of that one.

As for my Giants I probably have less of a feel for this team that I ever have, now having said that my feel is often wrong. The right side of the O-Line could submarine the season. The defense was so bad last year that even with additions I don't know how good it could be. Now the offensive skill players could be dominant. Eli is a start QB. Beckham is the most talented WR in the league. Sterling Sheppard looks like a star. Cruz is actually playing and now that they have Beckham and Sheppard they just need him to be a reliable third down type guy who can convert third and 7s. If he ever got his explosion back, look out. Vereern is a top recieving back. When they go three wide with ODB, Sheppard, Cruz and then Vereern out of the backfield it could be nearly impossible to cover.


That right side of the line could submarine it all though.


On defense its hard to imagine there won't be some improvement because they were so bad last year. The starting front 4 of Vernon, Harrison, Hankins and Pierre-Paul could be excellent. The corners are actually fairly deep with Jenkins, Rodgers-Cromartie, Hall and 1st rd pick Eli Apple.


The team has alot of potential but a couple factors could submarine it. As Ive said that right side is potentially a disaster. However if it can just be bad rather than terrible the offense should be very good.


They added alot of talent on defense and like the O-Line if that defense is just like a normal bad rather than one of the very worst ever they should be ok.

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1. New York

2. Washington

3. Dallas

4. Philadelphia



1. Green Bay

2. Minnesota

3. Chicago

4. Detroit



1. Carolina

2. Tampa Bay

3. Atlanta

4. New Orleans



1. Arizona

2. Seattle

3. Los Angeles

4. San Francisco




1. New England

2. New York

3. Buffalo

4. Miami



1. Pittsburgh

2. Cincinnati

3. Baltimore

4. Cleveland



1. Houston

2. Indianapolis

3. Jacksonville

4. Tennessee



1. Kansas City

2. Oakland

3. Denver

4. San Diego


Wild card

Cincinnati over Houston

New England over New York

Seattle over New York

Carolina over Minnesota



Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

New England over Kansas City

Arizona over Seattle

Green Bay over Carolina


Conference Championships

Pittsburgh over New England

Arizona over Green Bay


Super Bowl

Arizona over Pittsburgh

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Jerryworld totally screwed the Cowboys over on Sunday. Witten lost a ball in the sun, on what would have been a sure catch for him. It's bad enough that the architects didn't even consider the direction that they'd built the stadium would cause issues with the sun blinding players; Jones won't even use the curtains that they have in place for other events, when it's time for his team to hit the field.

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I flipped a quarter. Still I should have gone against the quarter. NE had to lose at least one. Oh well. This years a weird year.


In good news: How about our rookie Elliot! And Dak!? It was the 49ers but man winning is awesome!

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