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I think the card right now sits at a B. I think there are some good matches, but from a stroryline perspective, I am just not too engaged.


Ranking my interest in the matches:


1. Undertaker v. Shane


How sad that a guy that is a non-wrestler that has been out for seven years and a 51-year-old part-part-part-part timer have the most intriguing match of the show. I don't think this is Taker's last WM but I also think Shane didn't come back for one match. If Shane screws Taker, fans will hate him. I think Cena intervenes. Taker gets the win due to Shane taking a crazy bump.


2. Lesnar v. Ambrose


The two best performers in WWE. Ambrose gets the win due to some hardcore antics.


3. HHH v. Reigns


I really don't care much about the actual outcome. When I am really interested in is how the crowd reacts. This would be a great spot to bring back Rollins. I also see Rock, once again, interfering to no effect on Reigns behalf. I think WWE wises up. HHH retains.


4. Y2J v. Styles


We have seen this match a few times. Maybe if they saved this match and just built it up the last few months this would be higher. Y2J is one of my all time favorites, but as much as I hate to say it, Styles wins this.


6. IC Ladder match.


I have never really got KO character. The only guy I would be pulling for, Stardust, has no shot at winning. I ranked this over the New Day v. LoN match because this should have some great spots. As much as I want to pick KO to retains, I am going to go with Zayn to open up more storylines.

7. New Day v. League of Nations


New Day is entertaining and many expect a fourth New Day surprise member to even the odds (like the WWE is saving the Rock for a match not at the top of the card). I expect either this or the IC will kick off the show. New Day wins.


8. Uso's v. Dudleyz


This would be much higher if it was higher on the card. I would have loved to seen these two teams fight The New Day and League of Nations in a fatal four way.


9. Battle Royale


If this actually had something on the line I would move it up on the card. I hope they use this to help an up and coming star, but I doubt it. Winner- Bray Wyatt (is he in it?) if not, Kane


10. Divas title


Okay, Charlotte is legit good and the women's division is getting decent. However, I think Charlotte needs better women to wrestle. Also, it would help if the top women would actually stick around for a few years.


11. Ryback v. Kalisto/ Divas Whatever




Looking at this list, my big takeway, and I mentioned this months ago, was that they have really bungled the Wyatt family. The Wyatt's were the best new thing they had. I think Bray and Luke are legit top tier guys.








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If nothing else it'll be fun to watch 100,000 fans boo Roman Reigns. The biggest feud in the WWE right now is Vince vs the fans.

Agreed. That is why I put Reigns v. HHH at #3 rather than at 5.


Thinking of Wyatt and plans of him feuding with Lesnar, I wonder if he interferes costing Lesnar the match. I hope not, because a straight up win for Ambrose (my favorite full time wrestler) over Lesnar would be huge.

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Watching the kickoff matches with the family. Actually thinking of going to Mania next year in Orlando. Don't know how much that will set me back.


I'm on the side of thinking that Shane could win this one cleanly. Or have Taker job himself. Don't know why. It would be a way for Taker to leave, but maybe WWE wants to do his finale with fanfare.

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Well, that was painfully mediocre. Best matches were at the front of the card. I don't know why they insist on ending the show the HW Championship. Why not end with something people are excited about? Taker winning should have ended the show.


Charlotte might be the best wrestler in the WWE.

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I thought the ladies match was one of the best. What can you expect though with all the injuries. I'm just glad there weren't a lot of interferences.

Honestly, I don't think the card was terrible, the way it ended left a bad taste in peoples mouths. Rock coming out with a huge announcement...that there was an attendance record. Worst huge announcement ever. Then he gets everyone pumped up for a match....a six second pin of Rowan. WTF. Then they dump that HORRIBLE main event.


If the PPV would have ended with the UT match and cut out the next hour and a half or whatever, we would have said it was a decent PPV.


Listen to this...



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I think what upsets me is Lesnar v. Ambrose. I want to be perfectly clear that I love what Lesnar brings. I am a huge fan. So this is taking NOTHING away from him.


Ambrose whole have won. He is a full-time guy. Beating Lesnar would have given him a push because WWE needs more guys at the top. They even had a great setup with it being a no DQ streetfight. Have him win by finding a taser. ANYTHING. Ambrose could have got the win, but because he won with a weapon, Lesnar doesn't lose face. Win-win.


How the fuck do you screw up that booking? What is gained by Ambrose taking another lose? What do they gain by Lesnar winning?

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Best part of the show was a buddy of mine goofing on triple HHHs intro, the one with the guys with metal thingies on their mouths. He said imagine one of them being a wrestler, he'd cut a promo and just go "HMMMMM....."

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Worst WrestleMania I've ever watched.


Styles/Jericho was good, but we got the wrong finish. Styles becoming #1 contender makes up for that tonight.


Womens triple threat was awesome. Becky ****ing delivered. I wish she had won.



The rest was easily forgettable.

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