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Nightly: the peer-reviewed journal (maaaaybe NSWF-ish)

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My coworkers and I had a conversation today, and we came up with a completely ridiculous and time-wasting idea for a paper to publish in...uh....a human dimensions journal? Maybe music? Sexual psychology?


We would catalog various hip-hop songs to record if the artist(s) are in favor or against cunnilingus to examine if there has been a cultural shift. We made anecdotal observations that artists from 10-15 years were overwhelmingly opposed to cunnilingus, whereas the current state of hip-hop music is very much in favor of cunnilingus and often even analingus (looking at you Nicki Minaj).


This might be best accomplished by downloading lyrics for LOTS of songs and searching for key terms, recording, and then performing the appropriate statistical analysis.


So, what are some other articles that would go well in a Nightly journal?

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