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Returning Member Check-In

Darth Kid

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After browsing around for the past few days, I've started to realize that quite a few more people than I had originally thought have returned to Nightly recently. As a result, I wanted to create a thread where returning members can reintroduce themselves and play catch-up. I'm going to do a Q&A-style reintro, but feel free to do whatever you'd like.


Name: Darth Kid

Real Name: Cody

Aliases: Agnostej

Originally Joined: June 2002

Left: April 2005

Reason: Joined the military

Reason Returned: TFA, also I have a little more free time now.

Plan on Staying: Yes


People I remember from back then:

Note: my memory is horrible, and it's been a decade so please forgive me if I forgot you, your first name, or things about you. :-/

- Tank (Seth)

- Seth's hot Canadian jailbait fantasy (Chris, right?)

- Cerina (Reese)

- Krawlie (Jacob?)

- IMEricka (She's Ericka)

- Reality (Mike)

- monkeygirl (Tami)

- Pong Messiah

- Stool Sample (Derek?)

- TuskenRaider

- Primbud

- Jedigoat

- CarniVore

- Lando (The system, not the man)

- There are many more, these are just some of the ones that are hard to forget and/or still post here


Timeline of Interesting things that happened while gone:

- Joined military; became bomb tech

- Moved to Alaska

- Got married to practice wife

- Afghanistan

- Divorced practice wife

- Moved to Turkey

- Left active duty, moved back home to Texas and joined reserve

- Married real wife (also from Alaska)

- Had a son

- Got degree

- Had a daughter

- Got hired on at a web hosting company as a Linux system admin; still in the reserve


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Guest madddox

I think I introduced myself a while back but only briefly, so here goes:


Name: maddox (original, huh?)

Originally Joined: No idea, 2005 maybe or something. Maybe earlier.

Left: Before 2009 I think.

Reason: My ass got banned the fuck up.

Reason Returned: TFA. Also, new IP. Also, found it in my bookmarks.

Plan on Staying: Hope so. I always enjoyed this place, despite being a shit back then.


People I remember from back then:

Pretty much a lot of you.


Timeline of Interesting things that happened while gone:

- Moved to Japan.

- Stayed in Japan.

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Guest Domina Crystalli



Name: You may remember me as Iceheart. Juliet Penley if you're a golden-ager.

Real Name: Katrina

Aliases: if you want to find me on social media, try @pkatrinaanne

Originally Joined: February 2000

Left: a few times. Last time was... three years ago?

Reason: had it just about up to here with all y'all's bull****.

Reason Returned: I got bored one day. Reese and Krawlie were enablers.

Plan on Staying: THAT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU and how entertaining this place is.

P.S. the only reason I didn't come back in as Iceheart is that I deleted the email it was associated with back during the Heartbleed thing, and I don't remember my password. If any admins want to help me out...

Oh, interesting things that happened while I was gone:

-Reese and I drank cocktails and watched 50 Shades of Grey together last March.

-I finally got a decent home entertainment setup, which increased my Netflix-fu by a lot. I also started collecting vinyl.

-I talked Mr. Fat into wearing an ugly Christmas sweater for about five minutes.

-career, house, blahblahblah.

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