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Your Episode 8 Nooooooooooo List

Pong Messiah

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I didn't see that as Kylo threatening physical rape, just mental rape. But most people have sex on the brain 24/7 so I can see them reading that into it.

Aaron Rogers had a rough stretch and people blamed Olivia Munn for wearing him out.


I was more or less seeing creepy Adam from Girls when Ren took off the mask.

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50 Shades isn't abusive because of spanking and light BDSM, it's abusive because of the ways Christian treats Ana. Look up any "are you in an abusive relationship?" checklist and they're all in 50 Shades.


Dominance/submission is all about sex and has nothing to do with feminism. There are plenty of strong, empowered women who enjoy being dominated.


This conversation still has nothing to do with Poe Dameron liking dudes, lol.

I didn't mention sex.


I just said he was abusing her agreeing with your earlier statement. Doesn't liking and watching this sort of thing go completely against the feminist agenda?? Why do so many women like it??


Sorry for going off topic.


I'm a middle aged women who doesn't know anyone (apart form my eldest daughter whose 22) who admits to actually reading or seeing it let alone liking it. I haven't read it but my daughter has says it's just badly written and ridiculous and definitely against any right way of thinking about what a relationship should be regardless of any Feminist agenda. She didn't bother with the movie. So I'm not wasting my time. I'd rather go see Star Wars or Mad Max. But obviously there is a market for it because it beat Mad Max Fury Road at the Box Office :rolleyes::confused::shrug:


As to romance in Star Wars, I'd be happy for just a little as in the OT. I think it would be funny if Poe noting Rey's growing interest in Finn say's to stir her up a little "Do you think a guy like him and a guy like me...". I don't want to see it play out to the extent that Finn and Rey end up living happily ever after. Love, respect, always being there for each other and a hint of a little something more but in the end they go their own way.


Oh and anything darker than that- no way. That is definitely not Star Wars.


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