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Now that you've seen TFA, rank the Star Wars Films! (AGAIN!)

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I just can't believe she made a point with only four words.

I enjoy watching TPM more than ANH. It's a fun movie to watch. ROTJ is my all time favorite movie. It was the first movie my mother took me to see that wasn't her choice. My 8 year old mind was blown

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I think the sound track really just fits the style of the film itself, because it is such a fast paste movie, it really doesn't lend itself to the character themes like past movies did. Everyone is on the go, all the time.


That's a problem. The moments in-between where the music has room to catch hold of your memory and make you feel the moment are a part of what makes Star Wars great. It's why so many people agree that Jakku was the best part of this movie. It's why Luke looking out at the binary sunset is possibly the most often cited "favorite scene" of the series.


If the pace is so fast that we barely notice John Williams doing a Star Wars score in the background, that's an issue.

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