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Now that you've seen TFA, rank the Star Wars Films! (AGAIN!)

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Fine, I'm drunk   Will you leave me alone

I just can't believe she made a point with only four words.

I enjoy watching TPM more than ANH. It's a fun movie to watch. ROTJ is my all time favorite movie. It was the first movie my mother took me to see that wasn't her choice. My 8 year old mind was blown

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I own the PT but I don't think I've ever actually watched them since I bought the set. Sigh.


1. ANH

1.5 ESB

3.5 ROTJ

4. TFA

7. I can't even decide, they're all so bad. Hayden is prettiest in AOTC, maybe that one. But reserving spaces 5 and 6 for Episodes 8 and 9 because anything has to be better than the PT.


I will say that I have very high expectations for 8 and 9 and will probably be disappointed if I don't like them better than TFA.

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1. ROTJ. I know it's not the best, but it's the one that hooked me as a kid and I still love it for all the same reasons. It's best moments are as good as any movie ever to me.

2-3. ESB and ANH. Depends on the day. ESB is objectively the bet Star Wars movie, but I'm ranking this on favoritism, not on quality. ANH can have the stench of 70s filmmaking on it, and that can make it amazing or eye rolling depending on the day. ESB has the sequel factor, non-ending, and perpetual worship going against it. They're both incredible.

4. TFA. Recognizing the fact that it might be impossible for me to rank any of the ST above the OT. Plus I've seen it once vs countless times for each OT film.

5. ROTS. Because I guess so.

6. TPM. It really does fee the most Star Wars out of the prequels. Jar jar kills it more for me than jake Lloyd. If they had just traded obi-wan and qui-gin on tatooine...

7. AOTC. Embarrassed by how much I liked this on first viewing. Poor Ewan. He really tried in this one, too.

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7. AOTC. Embarrassed by how much I liked this on first viewing. Poor Ewan. He really tried in this one, too.

Same. I first saw it at 12:01AM on Friday in a theater that was PUMPED for it, and it really affected my perception. Saw it a few days later and thought "Wow, this is nowhere near as good as I remember. In fact, it's kind of bad."


A few months later, I saw it at a pub for few dollars. The drunker the audience got, the more they heckled it... was an incredibly fun viewing, but also very telling -- a movie has to be baaaaaad for a paying audience to prefer shouting the movie down to actually watching it.

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1. The Empire Strikes Back

2. A New Hope

3. Revenge of the Sith

4. Return of the Jedi

5. The Phantom Menace

6. The Force Awakens

7. Attack of the Clones


The Force Awakens might move up once I've had time to digest, but right now I'm comfortable where it is.


Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace flip places depending on my mood. Both are flawed, but have a lot going for them that make them enjoyable.


Attack of the Clones has suffered the most over the years. Mostly on the back of the romance scenes on Naboo not working. The rest I'm generally okay with.

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Hooray! Now that we have a new entry into the series, it's time! We need another "Rank the Movies" thread!

  1. TFA. By its nature, it can't be as groundbreaking and/or culturally important as ANH, but it's still a ton of fun. Because we don't know a lot of the characters yet, it has less room to toy with our emotions like ESB, but there is still a lot of emotional payoff. And sweet Jesus it looks great!
  2. ESB. Clever and daring narrative decisions for a "kid's film," beautiful and memorable settings, and a superior scope and sense of craftsmanship than the original
  3. ANH. The first and the funnest and the most important. Was considered "non-stop action" when it was released, but the pacing before the heroes get to the Death Star feels slow by today's standards. It only has itself to blame!
  4. (tie) RotJ & TPM. TPM has lightsaber action and Otoh Gunga going for it and not much else; RotJ has the final confrontation between Luke and Vader and Salacious B. Crumb going for it and not much else.
  5. RotS. Terrible. Only reason it beats AotC is because I get the sense GL was at least trying with this one.
  6. AotC. I truly hope George Lucas is ashamed of himself for this one.

Whats yousa thinkin?

SECONDED!!!!! BTW, this is my first post in almost four years...

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