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chapter 48:

Mirax wakes up and quips that her husband better not find out about this. He introduces her to Elegos; she knows Luke and Ooryl. They’ll have to get out of here and steal a ship or a few speeders.

Corran cuts a circle in the ceiling above them and heads through it. He uses his blaster to shoot at the armor-clad warriors. Mirax tells him that the leader – a woman called the

Saarai-kaar – thinks her family will be destroyed if Mirax is set free. Mirax spent long periods sleeping, but was fed and the woman would talk about someone called a Halcyon that would either be her doom or destiny.

Luke explains that the Jensaarai have Force training,but elements have been added to it.

Tavira’s hologram appears, recognizing Corran as the Jedi she’s been tracking. He admits he is and introduces Luke and Mirax. They’re on their way up now and, in case she needs to know, he’s turning down her offer before the month is up.

They race up to the main building with little opposition besides beings with archaic weapons that Luke is able to defend against easily. A shuttle rumble is felt. Elegos suggests that Tavira is leaving.

The Jensaarai are blocking them through the Force, so it’s difficult to tell. When they enter Tavira’s rooms, the beings are there. The Saarai-kaar greets the Halcyon. Corran complains that they did all of this to get him. They should have just invited him and included a map. The leader explains that the timing of the arrival of the Halcyon was important. The arrival of the Skywalker wasn’t unexpected, though. They will both be destroyed so the Jedisaarai can live.

Luke protests that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

The Saarai-kaar states that the Halcyon will have to destroy or be destroyed. Luke and Corran fight off with their lightsabers. Corran realizes Luke really doesn’t need much help. He,however, reocognizes the fighting style of the Saarai-kaar from his vision of his grandfather’s death.

His blade conks out inexplicably, but he uses the Force to send a vision of Nikkos Tyris lying in his place. She calls out, “Master”. She is distracted long enough for Mirax to stun her. They speculate her armor is some kind of cortosis weave. She will be fine, though.

Elegos reports that the Invidious is on her way here. This is not good news. Tavira will want to wipe them out. She is met by the arrival of the Errant Venture. Elegos believes the two ships are evenly matched,but he doesn’t know that the Venture doesn’t have the type of weaponry a normal SD has. Corran has an idea, though.

He gathers the Force to him and works his wife through to fear, anger and arrogance. He pushes into Tavira’s mind and allows it to collect where her own confidence lives. He makes her question how many ships are actually out there, where the other Jedi the New Republic surely sent could be. He causes her to see a holographic image of a Super Star Destroyer, including any detail he could remember of the Lusankya and included the Sun Crusher, as well.

She orders her ship to retreat. Mirax reminds Corran that her father will think she fled from him and will brag about how he saved them all. Corran is fine with that.


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chapter 49:

Once the Invidious leaves, Susevfi becomes peaceful. Booster connects them to Jacob Nive who apologizes for dragging Booster into this but Mirax’s father had shown up with a Star Destroyer and was very insistent. Colonel Gurtt was offered the same deal as Survivors that Luke had offered him. Rogue Squadron had guarded the palace grounds to make sure that loyalists didn’t cause any trouble. The Survivors will have a nice home here. Even Elegos thinks this world would be better than Kerilt for the Caamasi.

The Saarai-kaar regained consciousness to find all of these changes, but was surprised that, no only she, but her students were still alive. She fears she and her people will be tortured. The Jedi have parted ways from the true path long ago. The Jensaarai are the true Jedi.

Elegos explains that the Saarai-kaar holds to the memories of those she lost. She agrees. It was a Halcyon who killed her master and husband all those years ago. They never cared for the damage they’d caused. Elegos tells her that his uncle was the Jedi with Nejaa Halcyon that day. He will offer her a memnis of the event so that she will understand the other point of view.

But he will only give it to Corran who can project it into her mind. They include Luke and her apprentices. Through Caamasi eyes, Corran can see the battle that resulted in such destruction, including a crushed dome and the death of his grandfather. The Saarai-kaar admits that the Jedi believed they were right, but it doesn’t mean they are. Her husband was crushed when the dome fell, which left her with three apprentices and carrying a child to boot.

Luke recognized some of the symbols in the memory; they are Sith. But he doesn’t think the Jensaarai were taught to be Sith. The deaths of their masters simply gave them the desire to protect themselves from the Jedi. Still, their hatred of the Order might have propelled them to help the Empire.

The Saarai-kaar begins to weep, telling them that they were betrayed again. One of the apprentices relate that her son was nearly grown when the Emperor starting hunting down the Jedi. Her son decided to offer his services to Darth Vader who killed him instead. Imperials came here, but never found them. And they could not join the Rebellion against the Empire because it held the Jedi as heroes.

Luke agrees the Jensaarai are not wholly evil or wholly good. Their commitment to each other kept them from the darkside. That was good,but it doesn’t make them adherents of the Jedi tradition. They must commit to defend everyone. Nejaa Halcyon was willing to sacrifice his life for others. Luke offers to teach them at the academy.

All of them are part of different traditions that can be woven together and make them strong.


  • The Saarai-kaar’s son could not have been born and grown to near-adulthood before the Empire began hunting down the Jedi if he was born after the death of Nejaa Halcyon. Another timeline issue.

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Corran meets Luke three days later in the Governor’s palace. He offers Luke a ride back, but Luke and Ooryl are going to Kerilt and pick up Elegos’ daughter so that they can leave something in the Graveyard in memory of Ylenic It’kla.

After that, he’d like to help the Rogues hunt down Invidious. Corran doubts she’ll be much trouble without the Jensaarai. They just have to wait for her to tick off Pellaeon.

In the meantime, Luke wants to talk to him about something. Corran has something to say as well. He is not planning to return to the Academy. Luke agrees. He was going to ask Corran not to return. Corran’s training has already led him to the life of service Luke is training his students for. The Jedi abilities just adds to that. Nejaa Halcyon doesn’t appear to have relied on his Jedi skills either.

Luke admits that Corran’s investigative training helped him see what Luke could not. Corran believes he can do the best good in Rogue Squadron. Luke is always being called away to solve huge problems, even though he’d rather be on Yavin IV training Jedi. Corran doesn’t want to be pulled into different directions. He also wants to start a family.

But there is one thing Luke can do for him.

On Yavin IV, Corran uses his X-Wing to destroy the statue and Temple of Exar Kun.


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