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Life-sized chocolate statue of Vladimir Putin

Guest El Chalupacabra

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Guest El Chalupacabra


A Russian artist just completed a life-sized sculpture of Russian President Vladimir Putin — made entirely of chocolate — for the St. Petersburg Chocolate Festival, which starts Saturday.


The sculptor, Nikita Gusev, has sculpted historical figures such as Joseph Stalin and pop icons like Michael Jackson in chocolate before. He was first asked to create a chocolate replica of Putin by Mikhail Lyubchenkov, organizer of the St. Petersburg Chocolate Festival, who said he figured Putin should be "immortalized" in chocolate after a similar replica of Pope Francis was featured at the event last year.


Gusev said Putin has the perfect personality to be personified in a chocolate statue. "On one hand the chocolate is soft and malleable, on the other side and it can be very hard," he told Reuters. "It is very flexible, it can take any form. I think this material really suits because he is like that, in different situations he can be different, sometimes soft, sometimes hard." More than 150 pounds of chocolate were used in the creation of the statue.


Organizers warned that there would be "no touching, licking or biting of any of the statues," at the festival. Except for Putin's. The festival said it would gift Putin his chocolate likeness, and he can eat it if he wants.


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