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Where has all the time gone?

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Hey all, it's been a long time since I posted here and recently, I've been thinking about this place and all the people I have met (on-line only). I never really had an opportunity to go to any meetups due to RL but, I've always wanted to. I have friended a few of you on Facebook and I still keep in touch that way.


It's amazing. I was in my late 20's early 30's when I first posted here. I was newly married and just starting to have children with my wife. Work was amazing, I was earning great money and traveling the world on business.


When I was posting, I had my serious moments, my trolling moments, and I remember times when I have even been a complete asshole. But all in all, I think people figured me out online and new I just sucked at Internet, which Krawley would point out all the time. But, people accepted me for who I was, which was awesome...


Fast forward, and now, I'm in my 40's. I have 3 kids. My oldest will be starting high school next year. I lost that awesome job and struggled very hard, job after job almost loosing my house for 6 years. I've rebound with a great government job a little over 3 years ago and things are again looking better.


I often come back to lurk here and see what people are up too. People who I remember were teenagers here, and are now married, some have kids. Others landed great new jobs. It's awesome to see where everyone had gone in all this time.


Anyway, I just wanted to post and say hi. It's been a long journey and I still cannot believe how much time has past. Great Scott's!

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This forum, more than any other, reminds me of the swift passage of time. People who were griping about teachers and schoolwork and other angsty teenage problems now have kids of their own, and mortgages and grown-up jobs and everything. Looking at life from the other side of 50, I sometimes wonder if I slipped into some kind of time warp anomaly. I just can't believe how fast life is going.

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