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"Jedi Search": Book 1 in the Jedi Academy Trilogy

Jedi Cool

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Long-time readers will know that I am glad to cross-reference comic books when people, places and events that occur in them are brought up in SW novels. I tend not to go into a great deal of detail about what happened in those comics since I’m not really committed to summarizing them. Most of the time, the salient points of the story is retold in the novel anyway. For example, Michael Stackpole will reference the Rogue Squadron comic books often in his X-Wing novels, but will give you the information you need in the novels themselves. However, starting now, we are going to start seeing references to a number of significant events that occurred in Dark Horse Comics’ Dark Empire series. As a result, I’m providing a brief synopsis here before we begin with the next novel.

10 years after the Battle of Yavin, the Imperial forces have retaken several key worlds, including Coruscant, from the New Republic. Further, they start using massive World Devastators in their conquest efforts. Sensing a disturbance in the Force, Luke goes to the world of Byss where he meets a clone of Emperor Palpatine who reveals that he had been transferring his consciousness into clones for some time to attain immortality. Though the clones were ravaged by the Dark Side, he had enough of them to keep going. He offers Luke the chance to learn the power of the dark side and to control the World Devastators. Intrigued, Luke accepts the offer to become his apprentice.

Han and Leia are reunited with his old friends, Salla Zend and Mako Spince from the “Han Solo” books, learn that Boba Fett is still alive and meet Vima Da-Boda who gives Leia a lightsaber.

Controlling the Devastators in an attack on Mon Calamari, Luke causes three of them to shut down and fall into the sea. Han and Leia arrive on Byss where Luke assures her he’s not been converted. He’s just trying to learn more about the Dark Side so he can determine how best to counter it. Palpatine reveals his plan to inhabit the body of Leia’s unborn child and she attempts to fight him, stealing a holocron that he took during the Jedi Purge.

Luke tries to destroy the clone lab but misses a clone that Palpatine uses to insert his mind into. He quickly disarms Luke and completes his turn to the dark side. Leia learns of a prophecy of her battling the Emperor. She returns, appeals to Luke and turns him back. They use a Force storm to destroy the Emperor.

The story continues in Dark Empire II as Luke starts to rebuild the Jedi Order, redeeming Kam Solusar, a Dark Jedi. Han and Leia use the Holocron to find the ancient world of Ossus in the hopes of finding artifacts or Vima Da Boda.

Luke deals with dark side adepts, a lightning gun and the Emperor in his last remaining clone body before Leia gives birth to her third child, Anakin Solo.

Empire’s End picks up and concludes with Palpatine’s attempt to take over baby Anakin’s body but is stopped by legendary Jedi Knight Empatojayos Brand who clasps his soul to Palpatine’s ensuring both of their deaths.

No comment. Think what you will about a gazillion Palpatine clones and Luke falling to the dark side. However, these stories will be referenced in the future and they are the first chronological appearance of Kam Solusar and Anakin Solo.

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chapter 1:

The Millennium Falcon approaches the world of Kessel on a diplomatic mission. Leia has appointed Han as a type of ambassador which strikes him as rather respectable, but, for a man with three children, that’s what he’s become.

His twins, Jacen and Jaina, will be coming home in a week after a long-term stay on a hidden world. Their little brother, Anakin, will stay a little longer. He tries to visit his children as often as he can.

On their approach, however, his diplomatic greeting is responded to by TIEs and X-Wings launched from the garrison moon. A huge fleet of ships is in orbit. Han wonders if the Imperials have taken control of the place, but cannot get the news to Coruscant as he tries to evade fire.

Eventually, the Falcon is overwhelmed and heads for a crash landing on Kessel itself.


  • The time is 11 years ABY. Han is 41, Luke and Leia are about 31. The twins are around 2.

  • First mention in the novels of Anakin Solo who was born in Empire’s End.

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chapter 2:

On Imperial City, Luke Skywalker walks through the streets toward the Senate chambers where he hopes to surprise those in endless debate there. Construction droids managed by Wedge Antilles are at work rebuilding the city after the destruction caused by Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Imperial forces fighting over the planet afterward. Luke himself had been out of the picture during the latter events, having fallen to the Dark Side under the reborn Emperor and been redeemed by the love of Leia and Han.

Not just the last Jedi Knight, he is the sole Jedi Master.

The new government is headed by Chief of State Mon Mothma. Around the room, he sees General Dodonna, General Rieekan, General Madine, General bel Iblis and Admiral Ackbar. When Mon Mothma calls for new business, he asks to speak.

He reminds them how the Jedi of the Old Republic helped safeguard its ideals before they were hunted down during the Empire’s rule. Since the Empire seems to be defeated, it is now time to consider what will happen if Jedi are needed again and he is the only one.

While his sister and her children are a good start, he has encountered others, such as Mara Jade, who have a Force connection. He wants their permission to seek out other Force-sensitives. He will start with the descendents of former Jedi since it is known the Force is passed from one generation to another. He will search for those who’ve been credited with a great deal of good luck or miraculous abilities. These people may not know that what they have is a connection to the Force. He’s already identified some candidates he’d like to pursue.

Luke also wants them to give their blessing to gather these students together and form an academy of sorts to train them. Bel Iblis reminds him that they have only too recently dealt with the mad Master C’baoth, to say nothing of Darth Vader. He is concerned that Luke may not be able to prevent others from falling to the Dark Side.

Luke admits that he can’t guarantee that but believes that the benefits of a renewed Jedi Order outweigh the risks.

The Council gives their approval for reinstating the Jedi Order.


  • Just FYI: Coruscant is called Imperial City in this chapter, a name that we know only die-hard Imperials use.

  • I have to laugh at Luke’s mention of the Force not being passed from generation to generation. Thus far, we know Luke and Leia inherited their father’s Force connection and we’ve seen examples of Corran Horn, Dev Sibwarra and the tribes of Dathomir doing the same. The reason I laugh is because former Jedi Knight Bardan Jusik mentioned in Imperial Commando: 501st that the Force isn’t really inherited because that would make midichlorians pointless. Setting aside the midichlorian argument, it would seem to me that the Force is very much inherited. The fact that the Jedi forbade families and other attachments seems almost counterproductive in retrospect. Sure, the midichlorians can choose to inhabit someone randomly, but one cannot dismiss that the Force is often passed down to the children of a Force-sensitive person.

  • That being said, that Luke thinks he can find children of former Jedi is interesting as we know that Jedi did not marry or have children. Now, we have read that Jedi weren’t expected to be celibate, but Jedi Knights running around siring illegitimate children doesn’t seem particularly noble or responsible, does it? Of course, we know that Anakin Skywalker and Nejaa Halcyon hid their relationships and Master Altis’s splinter group encouraged families. However, I can’t believe that Luke hasn’t encountered information in his studies that explained the Jedi discouraged such attachments. Isn’t former Senator Mon Mothma right there in front of him? Why didn’t she say, “Hey, you DO know that the Jedi didn’t really marry and have kids, don’t you?” Answer: because this book was written before the prequel trilogy.

  • I suppose being the only Jedi left…unless we are counting former dark Jedi Kam Solusar whom Luke met in Dark Empire…allows him a certain amount of leeway to call himself a Jedi Master. I wouldn’t be so ready to take that mantle if I’d fallen to the dark side so recently!

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I remember the cover art for this book had a crashed and broken Falcon. I thought it was ambitious to destroy the heroes' ship! Then I started reading it. I couldn't figure out why, after so many years of being respectable, Solo and Chewbacca still acted like smugglers. The Falcon holds more than two people - why not hire a crew for the ship?


Then I got to chapter two. That was enough to make me want to throw the book away. I'd not heard anything about Dark Empire at the time, and didn't even know they were telling related stories in comics. All of a sudden, Luke's a darker character than he was at the end of Zahn's trilogy. He'd been through the dark side? Didn't he face it and reject it in ROTJ? There was all kinds of destruction on Coruscant that wasn't described in Zahn's The Last Command? I was completely lost. I powered through it anyway.

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Yes, it made me think I'd missed a book somewhere in there. It was quite the same.


chapter 3:
After a long day, Leia tries to relax. Building a new government is difficult enough without being interrupted by the likes of the Ssi-ruuk, Grand Admiral Thrawn or the reborn Emperor.
Many planets don’t want to risk belonging to a galaxy-wide federation of planets anymore, but staying independent puts them in danger, too. She will be hosting ambassadors soon, some of whom wish their worlds to remain neutral. In two weeks, her biggest assignment as Minister of State will be to host the ambassador of Carida, location of the Empire’s primary military training center.
All of this work makes her more and more homesick. Han and Chewbacca are off to Kessel. Her children are hidden on the world of Anoth, cared for by Winter. Luke has learned that Jedi children are vulnerable to the Dark Side in the first two years of their lives. Han and Leia visit them a few times per year. In another week, Jacen and Jaina will be coming home.
Luke arrives to remind her that she is late for a practice session.
On the ground, Wedge Antilles oversees the construction droids taking down the damaged buildings. Some areas of Coruscant never see light and its denizens are pale and nearly blind. When the New Republic returned here, General Dodonna tried to find some way to help them but they are too wild.
When the droid comes across an anamoly, Wedge has it stopped and takes a look inside. He finds the remains of what was properly an Imperial Interrogation chamber.
Luke tries to teach Leia how to levitate objects but she’s not very good. After seven years, he doesn’t know why he is unable to train someone with as much potential as her.
She tells him that she misses Han, misses her children and, seeing the haunted look in Luke’s eyes, doesn’t know if being a Jedi is for her. Maybe her life’s work is seeing the New Republic established.
He admits that it’s possible, but still thinks she should work on resisting the Dark Side. So he probes her mind and has her use the Force to push him away. When she does so very well, he considers that he can use this technique to find others.
The next morning, Admiral Ackbar pilots Luke and Leia to the construction site where Wedge shows them the remains of the Interrogation chambers. Luke finds a device that allows the user to wave a paddle over a person and the display reader shows if the person is Force-sensitive. His research has taught him that the remnants of the Jedi feared this device but he can use it to help restore the Order. He also does a quick probe of Wedge’s mind to determine if he can push Luke away the same way Leia did. When Wedge doesn’t, Luke thinks he’s on his way to rebuilding the Jedi.
  • Granted, Luke does have whatever was left at the Galactic Museum and the Chu’unthor datacards given to him on Dathomir. So I suppose he could have found some data on Jedi training there. However, if he’s learned enough to know that children are vulnerable to the Dark Side within the first two years of life, there is surely more information about the raising of Jedi children without attachments.
  • And neither the Chu’unthor records nor the Galactic Museum would have any information on the paddle devices that the remnant of the Jedi feared after the Empire began hunting them. In fact, what records did Luke encounter about life for Jedi during the Imperial era anyway!
  • By the way, the chapter says Luke has been working on Leia for seven years, implying that she’s been given Jedi training during that time. The Thrawn trilogy certain gave us every indication that she was gung-ho about training. In fact, we know that it wasn’t until Tatooine Ghost that Leia was anywhere close to considering Anakin Skywalker’s legacy as anything other than the evil of Darth Vader. So, in reality, any training she’s gotten has been within the last three years at most.
  • After all the hassle Wedge gave Ackbar about wanting to remain in the pilot’s seat, it’s weird seeing him down on Coruscant. I suppose he thought he saw enough destruction for a lifetime. Or maybe just spending more time with Iella!
  • Remember in Dark Force Rising when Leia insisted going to the Noghri because she can’t hide her children behind bodyguards forever if they’re going to have a normal life? Did she give up on that idea? Because I cannot imagine how living with Winter on a far-off planet and seeing their parents a few times per year constitutes a normal life.
  • So, is the General Dodonna who tried to help the denizens of Coruscant’s lower levels the same General Dodonna who was just rescued by Rogue Squadron in the last book? Because the New Republic has been on Coruscant for quite a while now….just sayin’
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chapter 4:

The boarding party arrives on the Falcon and subdues Han and Chewie. Han awakens in the prison medical facility where a dispassionate droid works on him.

He and Chewie are taken by Skynxnex to Moruth Doole, the successor to the prison warden here. Doole staged a revolt around the time of the Battle of Endor and took over. All of the Imperial prisoners were sent to the spice mines.

He is sure that Han is here to spy on him so he can go back to the New Republic and ready them for a takeover. Doole blames Solo for the loss of his eye. He’d tipped off the Imperial tariff ships which had caused Han to have to drop his load of spice. Jabba had blamed Doole and was going to kill him but took out his eye instead.

Han tries to explain that he is not a spy but is here on a diplomatic mission. When Doole uses the telepathic effects of glitterstim to read Han’s mind, he is horrified to learn it is true. Fearing reprisals from the New Republic for shooting down their ambassador, he makes sure the Falcon got off no distress calls, orders all records erased and Han and Chewie to be sent down into the deep spice mines to labor.


  • Moruth Doole was first mentioned in Rebel Dawn. He appeared in Wedge’s Gamble when the Rogues were sent to arrange for the release of several prisoners in their effort to destabilize Coruscant. They had wanted to take Skynxnex with them, but Doole refused. Skynxnex’s first appearance was then.

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chapter 5:

Luke leaves C-3PO and R2-D2 behind to continue their research, then travels to the volcanic world of Eol Sha. About a century ago, a colony had been formed here that included the illegitimate child of a Jedi. The dangerous geysers and volcanic eruptions stifle life here. Forgotten during Imperial rule, the few remaining colonists were found by a New Republic sociologist who made some notes, left and recommended they be evacuated.

Only to be forgotten as fighting with the Empire began anew.

Luke is here to find one of the descendents, a man named Gantoris, who is rumored to have unusual abilities. He walks through a geyser eruption where he finds two men trying to unbury an entrance. They take him to Gantoris who is working to rescue two children who’ve been buried, too.

Luke uses the Force to help in the rescue efforts. One of the children is dead, but they are able to save the other. Luke explains that he is offering Gantoris the chance to learn to use his powers. Gantoris has dreamed of a dark man who offers him powers but destroys him.

Luke tries to explain that he doesn’t intend to destroy anyone, but Gantoris orders him taken so the truth can be determined.


  • Remember when we discussed that Jedi weren’t allowed attachments but they weren’t expected to be celibate? Could this illegitimate child of a Jedi be a result of such a union?

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I read/listened to this trilogy almost right off the bat when I was in middle school because it had a Micro Machines set based on it. I read it at just the right point in my life I guess for it to work for me. Since then, though, I realize how awful KJA is. I still want to remember the YJA series fondly, though, if for no reason other than that those books and the sense of humor they gave Jacen are responsible for my user name here.

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He certainly shared GL's love of super-weapons.


I'm really looking forward to JC's review of this trilogy to see how it hold up now. It's been so long since I've read it that I only remember the basic aspects of it. Like I said earlier, I remember liking it then. I think it was Darksaber that really stood out to me as being particularly ridiculous. Barbara Hambly is at least partly to blame for that mess, though. I never was able to finish any of her books.


If nothing else, the Jedi Academy trilogy led to I, Jedi, which was pretty great.

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chapter 6:

Leia is contacted by Ambassador Furgan of Carida several minutes after he’d agreed to in order to discuss certain planning issues. She explains, after asking him not to call her princess, that a reception will be held in his honor.

He is unimpressed. He’s coming to Coruscant to pay homage to his late Emperor. She hopes that he will allow some time to acclimate himself to the new reality in the galaxy.

During the night, 3PO and R2 come across the name of a possible candidate. With Luke gone, they will notify Leia the next morning.

Still worried about Han, Leia considers over her breakfast the next morning how both of their lives will change when the children come home. She is told there is a visitor and is surprised to see Lando Calrissian enter. Leia tells him that Han has been out of contact on Kessel for six days now and she thinks he’s just taking a vacation. Lando seems concerned about this.

She notes he seems a bit less immaculately dressed than normal and he admits he’s between jobs right now. The New Republic replaced his mole miners but it’s still a lot of work and Nkllon just isn’t a pleasant place to be normally. She gets him to confess that he lost the place in a sabaac game.

After 3PO and R2 enter, they explain that a possible Jedi candidate named Tymmo is doing unusually well at Umgullian Blob Race betting. Lando decides to check him out to make sure he’s not just a cheater.


  • Let me get this straight. Leia has Furgan call her just so that she can tell him they are having a reception in his honor when he gets there. That’s it? Why did he have to call her for that? Couldn’t she have just communicated that to him, especially since that’s obviously the only thing she needed to tell him.

  • Except of course not to call her princess. Since when has she rejected anyone calling her Princess Leia?

  • Maybe Ambassador Furgan can visit the Galactic Museum and buy a small statue of the Emperor? Or maybe a holodisc of “Sacrifice at Endor”? Does the Museum still sell those? ;)
  • Calrission was running Nkllon in Heir to the Empire.

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Be thankful Anderson went off to ruin the Dune franchise instead of Star Wars.

Oh, believe me, I am well aware of this and thank God for it every day. Although he does occasionally return to author or co-author various source books, which he seems to be rather good at. And Tales of the Jedi was decent, though I think that was mostly due to Tom Veich's cooperation.

I still think Anderson's stuff is better than Zahn's stuff.

I hear it's pretty on Bizarro World.

And yes, I, Jedi was one of my favorite Star Wars books of all time, and I can't wait to see Jedi Cool's review of it.

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I still think Anderson's stuff is better than Zahn's stuff.

I hear it's pretty on Bizarro World.

I have a low opinion of Zahn's work, and I've even tried reading his non-Star Wars novels, too, just to see if he was any better with original material than he was with tie-in fiction. Gun to my head, I'd read Jedi Search over Heir to the Empire.

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To me the Jedi Academy trilogy are characters making one dumb decision after another. That's much of the post-Jedi EU, unfortunately, but some pull it off better than others. Zahn's trilogy at least brought the saga back and in an entertaining way. Though, I admit that, by The Last Command, I was tired of the unsinkable Thrawn and crazy C'baoth.


chapter 7:
Skynxnex reports that the Millennium Falcon has been moved to the garrison moon and stripped of its identifying markings. Solo and the Wookiee will be down in the mines shortly.
He escorts them down to Boss Roke who argues that he keeps losing men to some unknown predator down here. Han and Chewie are put in thermal suits and assigned positions in the total darkness of the glitterstim mines.
The guards wear infrared goggles so they can see. Along the way, Han is approached by another prisoner who seems to have the ability to influence the guards’ minds. The young man introduces himself as Kyp Durron. He’s been here for years. His parents were political prisoners brought here after the Empire cracked down on unrest. His brother, Zeth, was sent to Carida for Imperial military training. When the prison changed hands, Kyp was forgotten about.
Han confirms that the Emperor has been dead for seven years. No one is really helpful in telling them what to do but they labor in the mines until a skittish guard orders them out after a glowing thing the laborers call a bogey passes through the tunnel.
They are brought back up and ordered to remove their thermal suits to prevent glitterstim theft. Once Han’s eyes adjust to the light, he realizes that Kyp is just a teenager.
  • Too bad the Alliance didn’t run a check of all the political prisoners when they came here releasing people in Wedge’s Gamble. That would have been about 5 years ago and Kyp would have been much younger then.
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Man, I know everyone and their cousin is too cool for school (or, umm, in actual reality are in possession of even the merest tiniest scintilla of literary taste and good aesthetic judgment) for these books and comics but Dark Empire and the KJA trilogy were my first exposure to the idea of there being more adventures for these characters after the movies ended and so despite all that's so very wrong within (and, honestly, about) them I still kinda have a soft spot in my heart of hearts for them.

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chapter 8:

Luke is left alone until Gantoris comes to him and has him accompany him to find food. Luke explains a brief history of the Jedi and how he believes Gantoris is a descendent of one of their children. He would like him to come and learn the ways of the Force. The New Republic will find his people a new place to live.

Gantoris puts Luke through a number of tests, such as leaving him in a geyser about to erupt and making him walk across lava before he consents to come with him.


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chapter 9:

On Umgul, Lando and the droids attend a major race with Duchess Mistal of the sister world of Dargul as an honored dignitary.

Tymmo notices he’s being watched and Lando and the droids do not particularly blend in with a crowd. He watches the races, fingering something in his pocket. After winning a great deal, he moves out to cash in. While standing behind him at a terminal, Lando uses the paddle device to sweep him before Tymmo gets spooked and runs.

Lando doesn’t pursue and the display shows exactly what he thought it would. Tymmo has no Force aura which means he’s a fraud.C-3PO points out that he swept the man really fast and it’s an old device. They should keep investigating.

Lando cross-references all of Tymmo’s wins with a computer to find some similarity and finds each winner had a trace mixture of carbon, silicon and copper in their post-race chemical tests, but those were dismissed as natural environmental contaminents.

At the blob corrals, Lando catches Tymmo injecting a micro-motivator into a blob. The owner of the blob corral has a dim view of his activities. Cheating is grounds for execution here.

R2 determines that Tymmo’s real name is Dack and he’s the consort of the Duchess Mistal. He ran away from her after he won her affections in a contest only to find that she is outrageously clingy. There’s a million-credit reward for his return.

Lando convinces the owner to turn Dack back over to the duchess in the spirit of diplomatic relations between the two planets. In return, the owner splits the reward with him.


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chapter 10:

Winter brings Jacen and Jaina back to Coruscant where Leia struggles to get used to taking care of her children herself. Winter has to remind her not to go running when they cry.

Part of Leia’s problem is that Han was supposed to be back two days ago. Winter expresses her concern that Leia assumes Han is just being irresponsible when, in fact, Kessel is a very dangerous place.

She thinks Leia needs to swallow her pride and contact them to make sure everything is alright.

After being shunted about by several alarmed beings, Leia is put in contact with Moruth Doole who denies seeing the Millennium Falcon or its crew. He promises to send out a search party at once.

Winter and Leia are not convinced that he is telling the truth.


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chapter 11

On Kessel, Han starts a fight with a guard that gets himself, Chewie and Kyp thrown into a cell because he remembers his children are supposed to be coming home today and he missed them.

Doole worries that he wasn’t able to convince Leia Organa Solo when she called. As he walks through the eggs of his offspring, he notes one larvae becoming too mature and will have to kill it off soon.

In the meantime, Boss Roke tells his workers that a new stream of glitterstim has been found and he wants volunteers to check it out first. Han, Chewie and Kyp volunteer and one other is conscripted.

Han explains to the others that he thinks the disappearances of guards and workers isn’t so much the fault of a predator as escapees. People were tunneling down here looking for spice for a long time. It wouldn’t be too hard to think that a group of prisoners, seeing light coming out of a tunnel, might overthrow one guard and get out. He’ll risk that to seee his kids again.

Down in the rich vein of spice, however, they are attacked by some large creature that clicks and chitters. As Han, Chewie and Kyp race back to a mine car, he admits it wasn’t a great idea.


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chapter 12:

Luke begins teaching Gantoris about the Force while on their way to Bespin. His emotional turmoil at seeing Cloud City again is noticed by Gantoris who wonders if they are in danger. Luke assures him that it’s only unpleasant memories.

They meet a gas prospector named Streen who’s lived here alone for many years because he cannot shut off the emotions and thoughts of others around him. Luke demonstrates with Gantoris how the Force can be used to affect one’s surroundings. Streen agrees to come with him if Luke can teach him how to control the voices.


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chapter 13:

Doole, fearing the New Republic will arrive next to investigate Solo’s disappearance, gives Skynxnex permission to kill both him and the Wookiee.

When the three prisoners emerge into light, Han yells that Roke and the guard were killed by the creature down below. He finds Skynxnex already there, ready to blast him.

Han jumps back into the mine, pulling Chewie and Kyp with him. They take a mine car, pursued by Skynxnex and his men until they end up exactly where they had encountered the creature.

There is a web and a spider-like creature that uses the glitterstim to attract the bogeys. Skynxnex and one of his guards are attacked while Han and the others take off, finding a tunnel dug by the original spice smugglers that leads to the surface.

They make their way to a landing pad, knowing they have some time before the surviving guard returns to make his report.


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chapter 14:

Luke uses the Force to play with his niece and nephew. Leia comes in looking tired and he asks her if she can think of two places. One is for him to train his Jedi candidates, as Imperial City is not ideal for either Gantoris or Streen. He also needs to find a place to relocate the people of Eol Sha.

Lando arrives and chastises Leia for not telling him Han hasn’t returned or contacted her. She admits he’s overdo. She contacted Moruth Doole yesterday and he denies seeing the Falcon but she’s not convinced of that. However, she cannot create a diplomatic incident by sending forces to investigate, especially if it turns out Han really is goofing off somewhere.

Lando and Luke decide to take the Lady Luck to investigate. On the way, they grab Artoo and Lando starts to tell the story of his adventures at the Umgul Blob Races.


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