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TV Show Dead Pool: Good God A Pool

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Earn points without the guilt of rooting for human beings to die! And it's easy to play. Pick 10 shows you believe will be cancelled by the end of this 2015-2016 season (which includes late cancellations announced next summer) and whoever has the most points at the end wins!


Shows that are cancelled but then picked up by another network are still considered cancelled for our purposes. Shows that are cancelled but then the networks pretend after the fact that they were just a single season series are considered cancelled for our purposes.



20 points for picking a new or returning cable series that gets cancelled. For our purposes, the current season of the cable series must begin after Sept 1 and/or end before June 1 of next year.

30 points for picking a returning series that gets cancelled.

40 points for picking a new series that gets cancelled.

10 point bonus for picking how many episodes into a season that a show gets cancelled. (total episodes that AIR, I mean)

20 point bonus for picking ONE series you guarantee won't be cancelled. If it's not, you get paid.


Here's the network show list for this season. http://www.tvguide.com/special/fall-preview/schedule/


You have until NOON on Sept 20th to make or change your picks. You can change your picks as much as you want before then.

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Grandfathered (8)

Bob's Burgers (13)

The Last Man on Earth (10)

Life in Pieces (7)

The Grinder (18)

Undateable (10)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (13)

iZombie (16)

Dr. Ken (10)

Truth Be Told (8)


Show that won't be cancelled Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Thanks for the reprieve we totally forgot it was this time of year. Sonny's login isn't working and he no longer uses the attached email address so I'll list his picks.




Once Upon A Time- 20

Blood & Oil-13



Scream Queens-13


Truth Be Told-4

The Player-13

Sleepy Hollow-13

The Vampire Diaries-22

Not Cancelled- The Originals



The Player-20


Chicago Med-9


The Grinder-13


Brooklyn Nine-Nine-20

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-10




Not Cancelled- The Flash

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I better do this before I forget again. It's been an insane week for me.


Quantico (13) Heard this described as an "action romance drama" so that's all I need to know.

Life In Pieces (20)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (22)

Scorpion (24) This is probably me just being bitter that this dumb assed show is popular

Minority Report (13) A SF show on FOX is never long for this world

Scream Queens (13) I don't know what this is, but I know it looks stupid

The Player (13)

Supernatural (22) It's gotta end some time, right? RIGHT?!?

Limitless (22)

Angel From Hell (13)


Won't be cancelled: Empire

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Where is NumberSix? This will suck without him!


The Mysteries of Laura: 24

Grey's Anatomy: 24

Heroes Reborn: 13

Last Man Standing: 20

Grandfathered: 20

Scream Queens: 12

Supernatural: 22

Rosewood: 13

IZombie: 20

Code Black: 13


Won't Be Cancelled: Sleepy Hollow

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Darn it, networks, you're complicating our game:




The Player showrunner John Rogers tweeted last Friday, "Nothing quite like having to walk into a room & look 200 talented hardworking people in the eye and tell them they're fired." So I'm 101% certain it really is canceled, but it feels wrong to hand out points when NBC hasn't come straight out and confessed they've canceled it.

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