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Slowness issues

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Ok guys, here's what JA had to say about the slowness going on.




Here's the situation...
For several years we've been sharing a heavy-duty server with a business associate of mine who needed a fast server. Cost: $84/month. We split it 50/50. So our share was roughly $42/month.
Last month the other guy backed out so we had to move to a less expensive hosting plan - aka not-so-heavy-duty server (that was the downtime). New Cost: $44/month.
The web host has already told me we're overloading the new server and will probably need to upgrade (aka pay more). They're monitoring it now and will make a recommendation in the next couple weeks. Could be $55/mo, could be $69/mo. Could mean having to switch to an entirely new web host. Which would be a nightmare - lots of work to migrate the data.
We'll see!


So we might be moving, but it's unlikely that the speed is going to pick up any time soon. Sorry!
If we want a bigger more badass server, it's going to cost us.


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I'd say if we're overloading any type of dedicated server, it's because IPS is completely bloated.


I'd be interested if the new version is any smoother, as it's been completely re-written for the modern web.

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We haven't been on a dedicated server since '07-08.

We were on a Hybrid VPS with 1 guaranteed Intel Xeon CPU core (burstable to 8 CPUs) and 4GB RAM. Now we're on a regular VPS with shared Intel Dual Xeon CPUs and 1.5GB RAM. For $55/month, we could upgrade to 2GB RAM and SSD storage - which they tell me is better for message board performance.


Meanwhile... they discovered some issues on the hardware node we're on and fixed them. So things might be running smoother now and we may not have to upgrade. Post here if you have any more problems.

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