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Mass Effect: Andromeda


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I didn't say bioware was exempt from blame, just that there would be more contributing factors out of their control as well. EA don't deserve a free pass on this either is what I'm saying. Blaming the developer and letting the publisher go without criticism is callous. That's my point.

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Guest Robin

The publisher gave the dev half a decade and triple a budget, what more do you want from them? lol


Totally agree, Driver. That and not being able to give them weapons seems like a step back.


I also don't like the R&D stuff, it seems convoluted, but granted I'm "early days" in at this point.

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Yeah, the inventory and crafting seems like a step backwards-- almost all the way to ME1. I think I've got the hang of it now. The main complaint is how it's organized more than anything. Specialized ammo going to a consumable (after being a power in ME2 and 3, and a a mod in ME1) is something else I don't like.


On the flip side, I wish there was more RPGing involved in outpost building. I'd love for it to be on the scale of Fallout 4.


But again-- none of this is killing the enjoyment too much.


I'm deep enough now to note on the characters...


Cora-- I agree, she's a little annoying... but I feel like she sort of supposed to be. She's pissed off for getting overlooked. Question is-- will her passive aggressive attitude evolve into something, or is that just how she is? I feel like she's the Miranda here. She's outwardly unlikable, but if you peel away, she may be pretty awesome.


Liam-- like Kaiden, Jacob, and James before him, Liam is kind of a one-note boring ethnic soldier template companion. The guy you use until you get more interesting squad members. I have to force myself to go and talk to him. (Just like Kaiden, Jacob and James). At least Ashley being space hitler made her fun to argue with.


Peebee-- I didn't want to like her given that I LOVE Liara, and Peebee is given pretty much the exact same introduction (rebel Asari scientist looking into an ancient race). But her banter is actually a lot of fun. I feel like (again as with Liara) she's the romantic interest Bioware is most interested in me pursuing... I may let them have their way.


Vetra-- It's hard not to just say she's the female version of Garrus... she even mentioned calibrating something at one point. Turians tend to be a bit one note as it is, so I'm struggling to see her really stand out. Convos with her are okay-- but it's her emails and overheard jibes in the cargo bay that actually have started to win me over with her.


Drack-- speaking of one note, Krogans are really hard to diversify. Kind of like Klingons in Star Trek, they are what they are. Wrex was the defining Krogan, Grunt wasn't much different, but at least his origin made for a different point of view. So obviously Drack was going to be hard to pull off. How do you top Wrex? Wrex was one of my favorites-- especially his sense of humor. With Drack, giving him the granddaughter character he has a lot of love for, shows a Krogan with a soft side. That was unexpected, and totally won me over.


Jaal-- I have just only acquired him, and while there's a little of that Jaavik arrogant outside thing going on, there's something about him I really like from the get go. Not sure what it is-- we'll seen.


As for the rest of the crew-- Kallo is hilarious in that Siliarian sort of way. Lexi is fun in her pushy doctory way-- and with her crush on Drack. Gil is okay. I feel like he's supposed to be super wry, but the writing and voice acting don't always line up to pay it off. Suvi is hot with that hair and accent and I was totally going to try and bone her, but all her God talk turned me off. And SAM... well... SAM is no EDI. I LOVE EDI. SAM really just comes off as that guiding video game AI that fills in the gaps for you. Most every game has one in the form of somebody on the radio, or helpful guides... it's just part of gaming. I love how ME2 took that notion, and evolved it into a character-- and in ME3 took it even a step further. SAM doesn't quite live up to that.

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Guest Robin

The outposts are a bummer. I don't need Minecraft or Fallout necessarily, but some sort of layout or styling choices would have been welcome.


Something else that Bioware hasn't dealt with in the four games so far that has always bugged me and I hoped would have changed here is preping for the environment and biological hazards etc. Settlements should probably be domed for self sufficiency and control. Open plan as the outposts are now the citizens should at least have goggles and breathers on their outfit designs (maybe not literally in use, but like on their head or around the neck, attached to holsters or something). There should be some sort of visual for them being cautious about the new environments that would then heighten the frontier theme. Same said for away missions on new planets, at least reference that someone has run a biohazard scan or something, and even still put on a helmet! Thankfully helmets are at least an option in the settings.


And yeah, this always drove me nuts on Star Trek too. LOL Seriously. Although even when they wore protective gear the dumb redshirts would take it off, or at least their gloves... looking at you Chekov. LOL

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I think the whole R&D thing is too in depth, and that moving away from the ME3 system of acquiring the weapon somehow and then just upgrading it by a console was the best way of doing it. And I agree about the inability to equip squadmates, it's something I really enjoyed from ME3. It felt more like MY squad as I was able to tailor my squad instead of being forced to pick someone based on their weapon. I'm also really looking forward to seeing alternate appearance packs, I feel like Cora especially could benefit from a darker outfit.


Am I the only one who's indifferent at best towards Jaal? Everyone seems to be fapping over him, whereas for me, he's just a bit, ehhhhh, he's OK. I only bring him when I have to for story reasons, otherwise I prefer to bring Peebee, Drack or...actually, just them, though I feel like I should Vetra more of a chance.


EDIT: I really dislike Liam, for the reasons Driver noted. There's always been one squad members I've hated in each game (Kaiden, Jacob and Vega), and for this game, it's Liam. Which is funny considering I actually know the VA for him. His loyalty mission seriously pissed me off, especially when he got annoyed for me getting annoyed at him. fuck right off, GTFO my ship with your ham fisted attempts at back channel diplomacy. Leave that shit to Vetra. That man is a serious security risk and if I could kick him off the team, I would.

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Guest Robin

I enjoy Jaal, but I am not really in to any of the characters like I was from just one game for the original series. I like the PC and was interested in sparring with the Captain of the Hyperion. Unfortunately the Captain looks like she's written out at this point, at least as far as I can tell.


Gameplay wise I enjoy Jaal and Vetra alongside my PC. I am set up as a jack of all trades; Energy Drain (shields, detonator), Singularity (health, primer), Concussive Shot (armor, detonator). I also spec for radius on any power that has it in order to get as much crowd control and area of effect damage as possible.


I am a couple planets in now, I am disappointed in the established nature of everything, I hoped that would subside once I got into the game but it hasn't. It's all coming along too easy. So either this story is going to spiral outta control soon or the Tempest crew might be riding Unicorns and Rainbows in the next game. ;-)

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About 40% through, here's some more rants and raves...





- My Ryder continues to be awesome. I really feel in control of honing the character my own way. The continued opportunity to either be forgiving or angry at dead dad, responses that vary from playful, to stern, to sarcastic to mean instead of just space-goody goody vs space jerkface... I feel like she's pretty unique to my own experience.


- They pitched and sold me on the new combat system when it comes down to it. While the powers and team command system are less than desirable, when it comes to just moving and shooting it's pretty fun. My play style tends to either be snipe from a distance, or close kills-- very stealth ops/assassin style. Sniping is a bit harder then other entries since the targets move so much more-- but I've got my encounters down. I start behind cover, take out enemy snipers or heavy weapons, then I hit the tactical cloak and move in to pick off the flunkies with pistol shots and melee strikes (omg Asari sword rules).


- World Building-- despite most of the cast being familiar races, and only giving us 3.5 new races to deal with, AND this section of Andromeda being most unsettled, it does feel unique. Sure the Remnant are another ancient Synthetic race, and I miss visiting well-developed locales that are unique to themselves (like pretty much every main planet in ME2) as opposed to frontier worlds... but it all works. I feel like MAYBE a little more then 14 months should have passed since the Nexus arrived so that there would be more time for the outcasts to spread out and establish themselves, but overall I can buy it. It feels like Mass Effect, but it's a overall world that feels like a new thing, and I'm still excited when I unlock a new planet.


- The Kett. One part Borg, one part Lovecraftian Cult. I wasn't expecting that, and I freaking love it. Their designs could be creepier I think, but fears that they were off-shoot Protheans or Collectors have been quelled I think. I'm taking my time so I've only uncovered so much, and only met the Archon once-- but so far I dig them as the villains.


- I am digging the unique banter. This was something that would creep in from time to time in ME1, more so in ME2 on loyalty missions, and really started to come out in ME3 (especially in the Citadel DLC). Whether it's while driving around, walking through the ship, or tracking emails, the interactions between the crew are pretty great. They took great care to develop storylines between the characters so when you put any given two members on a squad, they have unique and interesting dialog. My favorite combos are PeeBee and Cora (Cora the wannabe Asari, PeeBee the Asari who's annoyed and bored by her culture); Drax and Vetra (lots of old man jokes and her stopping him from doing stupid stuff-- like wanting to drink the sulfur water on Kanadros "just cause he bet he can") and Jaal with pretty much anyone.


- I've started to get the hang of swapping combat profiles now that I realized you can favorite them along with power sets. It's actually a lot of fun. I wasn't thrilled with them limiting the powers you can have in play, but having them spread out over profiles actually works well and I rather like it. I have my profiles set up for foe type mostly. For the Remnant I have an engineer profile teamed with a combat AI and overload. For Non-synthetic enemies I have a Soldier template paired with a barricade and sticky grenades which I start with while I hang back and pick off the heavy weapon and armored enemies first, then kick over to an Infiltrator profile with a pull/lance detonator combo for when I move in to clean up. All of them have the tactical cloak on tap.





- I realized most of the stuff I dislike are basically things they decided to bring back from ME 1. Things like a crappy exploration map that leads to driving up the side of a mountain only to stall out right before the top, a super awkward inventory system, generic same-looking enemies in the same looking bunkers over and over and over, static dialog scenes, and a location map that always changes scale and orientation. I feel like they did a lot of this as an answer to people wanting a remaster of ME1. On one hand they can say-- we gave you the same stuff in a newer package and therefor justifying NOT making a remaster... and if we hate it, that also justifies not doing it.


-- But mostly... good lord I hate scanning. I do NOT understand while they refuse to accept we don't like this. The scanning/mining was one of the only things people hated about Me2. I remember reading an interview with the head Dev saying "Oh, we thought it was a fun minigame... but you guys hated it. So we put it in ME3 too, but this time it's different!" And while that wasn't quite as annoying in play, you still had to do endless amounts of it to up your war assets. And now BACK TO MINING for crafting parts! It's like they just can't let it go. Like, they HAVE to keep trying over and over to make this a part of the game and they are determined to "crack it" so that we like it. Just kill it already. But nooooo-- now they double down and you have to scan on foot too! Newsflash-- there is nothing satisfying about progressing by standing in the right place, pointing in the right direction.


-- In general, I'm starting to dislike minigames. I know it's part of the DNA of mass effect, but I don't know what it accomplishes. I don't mind the sodoku Remnant puzzles, but they aren't really puzzles. If you want to be a puzzle game do it-- minigames are useless filler.


-- Related, crafting can also suck it. I like the idea of custom crafting to make unique weapons-- that was one of my favorite parts of Fallout 4. You had to find materials, and have certain skills. Finding the materials is always a pain, but you generally know where to get them. Andromeda's research and blueprint system is full of extra steps and over-complications and is organized, again, like the inventory system of ME1 to be incredibly annoying. The find or buy, research the rare, then mod and upgrade as desired system of ME 2 and 3 was perfect. I don't know why they took a step backwards. Funny enough, I've ended up using me ME3 weapons in Andromeda as well. Oh, Scorpion pistol, how I love thee...


- One of my very few ME2 complaints, was that I loved all the characters, and your potential squadmate combos were crazy. But-- once I had my playstyle locked down to the skillset my Shep had, I would end up using the same two members all the time since I knew how to set up the combos and cover weaknesses. I don't love the lack of party attack/power control in Andromeda-- in fact, it's up there in my top 3 complaints. The one good side of it though, is since it matters less who I bring a long, I find myself mixing up my squad way more often. So now my new complaint is the crew is too small. Compared to ME2 (and even 3 to an extent), the crew is tiny. I'm wishing there were more. Hopefully future DLCs add some.


- Sidequests can suck it. Obviously, this isn't just an Andromeda complaint. ME1-3 were all full of pointless side quests be it reading something on a datapad, over-hearing a conversation, or having somebody share their neuroses with you... Mass Effect loves its off-book side quests and I am over them. I get that this is how they easily up the playable hours to brag about, but how many times am I going to clear the same bunker or scan the same footprints or travel between a bunch of planets sitting through docking and launch cut scenes and driving across a planet for a few extra XP? I'll tell you what-- add up all the time spent on doing these follow-the-breadcrumbs side missions that have nothing to do with the story, and give me a quality story mission of the same time and space. I'll gladly trade every find and scan the random object three planets away mission for a Liar of the Shadowbroker for example. I think it should be broken down like this: main story missions, character based recruitment, backstory, or loyalty missions, and location-based missions. I'd replace the pointless sidequests with more story, and all the minigames with the occasional need to raid or defend (tower defense style) something for the minigame angle... actually, if they want to add a gametype for more content, how the hell are we on the 4th installment and there's still no space-battle sim? Just steal the starfighter engine from Star Wars Battlefront and give us a mini-ship. Replace the Mako/Nomad with a small ship for exploration, and occasionally, you have to dogfight.


- Oh, and if I am complaining about things, I hate Liam more than ever. All his back-channeling nonsense is so breaking ranks... it's one thing for Vetra to do it, but she's a smuggler. I was so irritated when Liam basically tried to set something up and then I had to fix it, and this was during our "hang out time."I think what made me mad was that the game gave me the big heart prompt, like I was supposed to find that shit charming. Reyes pulled that shit too-- act like a douchebag and the game wants female characters to swoon over it? Hell yes I shot Reyes in the back.




It's between PeeBee, Jaal, and Suvi.


Suvi is just hot-- it's the hair, the eyes and the accent. But I'm holding back because I feel like it'll end up being on the reserved side and that doesn't fit my Ryder's personality.


PeeBee (like Liara) is clearly who Bioware wants to be the canon pick regardless of male or female Ryder. I bet (like Liara) in the long run it would offer the best pathos and emotion (and the highest res sex scene), but sometimes she's just too shallow. We already bang one out in the escape pod after every big mission for funsies, but I need more out of her before I commit.


Jaal is hard not to like cause he's all heart. He writes bad poetry and makes personalized gifts. Every bit of the high school misfit in me wants him to score some space tang. But when his shirt is off, he looks like beef jerky, so that's not hot.


I think I may be banging the reporter on the Nexus too just for fun... my Ryder must have an Asari thing, cause she hit on Lexi too.


Obviously I have a ways to go-- but I think I know how I'll ultimately feel about this game. It'll be fun, I'll like it, I'll give it the rare replay without doubt... but it's never going to top Mass Effect 2. It just can't.


If they do more Andromeda games, and the Ryder story gets continued, it may get there-- but one of the reasons ME2 worked so well is because so much of it hinged on evolving from ME1 and setting up ME3. It's Wrath of Khan, it's ESB. When you're making a second story and you know a third is coming after it, that allows you to take a lot of chances. If it doesn't stick or people don't like it, you have the safety net of the next one to fix things. And obviously, taking chances can pay off.


Also, if Andromeda is to be compared to the first games, really, you can only compare it to ME1. It's not exactly fair to compare to an entire trilogy.


Science fiction generally plays with four big allegorical conceits:


1. Man embracing and/or exploring the unknown, the great beyond and learning fantastical things

2. Questioning what it means to be human, or have the human experience, by applying human qualities to an unhuman thing

3. Presenting super-science that is so great, it replaces magic and/or religion in the minds of the humans experiencing it

4. Man is faced with existential dread and questions all when they see just how insignificant they may be painted against the vastness of time/space


Most great scifi epics hit on all these at some point, and they tend to overlap each other a fair amount, (sidebar: TWOK is the best scifi movie ever because it manages to hit all these in one story).


For Mass Effect's efforts-- ME 1 is pretty clearly number 1 for the most part, with the other three getting little bits in.


ME 2 doubled down on the second trope. Every single one of those loyalty missions were morality tales where the character in despair had to question who they were and why they acted the way they did. Every single one. Obviously, the other three tropes play in as well, but this one is the most powerful I think, and again, ME2 reigns because it was so on point. Every single story in the game echoed this same core theme, and that is what made it sing.


ME 3 pretty much dropped the first two conceits, but double downed hard on the last two-- which made sense, because it was the end.


Andromeda, comparatively, is most like ME1. It touches on all these things, but the exploration of the unknown is really what it always comes back to. I think it would be stronger if every story was written more to that, but they didn't do that. So maybe if this is a trilogy as well, it'll end up being the epic Shepard had... but it's hard to compete with that with a single game.

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Guest Robin

I agree with pretty much all of that.


The Kett are an uninspired design with a fun concept.


Expensively produced items like Heleus Champion Armor should not be in the NPC pool. I created this, then boom there were no name NPCs on Voeld are wearing it... and not even matched, they have on Scav helmets and they ain't even color schemed together. lol So lame. In addition the deconstruction of an item should give you it's blueprint and level.... especially since we can't even give stuff to companions to use, so everything we find is essentially junk.


The wildlife is cool, but there is too little of it and everything is hostile. I don't mind that species cross systems, I can imagine the Vaults have something to do with that, however there needs to be more variety and also planet exclusive species (both fauna and flora). I would not mind "reskins" for programming ease and budget, as long as they aren't "repaints". You have an animation and skeletal system for a "canine" body, now reskin that for a lizard dog, a frog dog, a bird dog, whatever... at least give us the illusion of variety. They have done that to a certain extent, but they need more. Three or four more types and within that perhaps two exclusives per planet.


Undiscovered ores need to be undiscovered ores. When Jarvis tells me there is an undiscovered/unidentified mineral nearby and I jump thru all the map hoops to find it then it should not be iron or platinum etc. This is lazy and all of those unidentifed ores should have unique make believe names.


Alien Languages, I understand everyone speaking in an understandable language is key and not having that really forces the creation of a possibly massive and involved sub game. However there needs to be more misunderstandings, more moments in dialogue where the translation is totally lost and must be explained. I've played to the 40% completion range also and exhausted all dialogue to that point... misunderstandings have happened like three times.


The Tempest is understaffed, severely. Meanwhile people just stand around the Hyperion etc. The Tempest needs a nurse, a cook, additional engineers and a security team. 20,000 odd people on the Hyperion in sleep and the Tempest is running with no support crew. Also the size of the Pathfinder's quarters is bullshit. WTF is the Pathfinder? Milky Way's space monarch or some crap? Wasted space. Half those quarter's size and then there is room for support crew quarters etc.


Lastly, the maps are generally lifeless. We need to see people scanning things, fixing things, farming, building, and not static "forever there" animations.

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All excellent points, and I agree with them.


As for finding gear you waste time making-- this is how they try to make the crating seem unique with the perma-mods you can install when building. Which I am abut 50/50 with for creating something useful vs. impacting how the gun works despite what the stats say.


Sidebar-- made it to the Krogan colony. I love the Krogan. Reading the terminals there has provided some of the funniest moments in any ME game. Without spoiling anything, back in the Milky Way, because of the genophage, Krogan females were, generally speaking, isolated and hidden. While the genophage still exists in the Andromeda Krogan, there's so fewer of them thsat the male/female ratios are as such that they've chosen to re-integrate together-- which makes things hilarious.

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Guest Robin

I think I'm about to find the Krogan, so I'm looking forward to that more now.


And yeah, crafting needs more detailed explanations on what things do. Some augments are really well explained, others like changes to a gun (Electrical, Beam, Plasma) don't fully detail how they work or if they can work together... for instance the way they phrase it you should be able to slot only one of those types, but you can slot both Plasma augments in one weapon.


As for those types of things;


I play in a traditional crowd control type of way, mostly because i find Ryder to be a glass cannon (I can't seem to get her shields above 400).


Because of playing as a controller type, I run with three weapons with those being a semi-auto pistol, a single shot pistol and an assault rifle.


They all have the Double Mod augment (allowing for four total mods to be installed on them). I slot sights, penetration, ammo capacity and damage. I ignore the multi-function mods that give good +stats but also have -stats.


The semi-auto pistol has Plasma Seeking, which has trouble following targets in some conditions but when it works it just works really nicely. I used the M-3 Predator blueprint for this.


The single shot pistol has Sticky Grenades, which is useful for "painting" armored targets and works nice with fire ammo for priming. I used the Carnifex blue print for this.


The assault rifle has Electrical Conduits, which visually resembles a Ghostbusters proton stream, except it fires in a straight line. This shreds targets, but seems less effective the further the target is. I used the M-8 Avenger blueprint for this.

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Yeah I tried applying plasma and electrical effects to sniper rifles, and both churned out less damage (in action) despite the stats saying they'd do more.


Like I said before, I hold back and snipe the easy targets first, then the armored ones, then I move in with a Dhan shotgun, and Scorpion pistol via tactical cloak to pick off the quick ones. Then I tend to do lots of stealthy jumping and Asari sword strikes on the ones who like to stay in hiding.

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Guest Robin

I might have to try that style next playthru, I enjoyed the stealth characters in ME3 multiplayer. I've already respec'd three times in this first playthru and the price is getting prohibitive. I kinda think it is lame that the single player game with a gameplay feature for switching profile types has a respec that costs credits. lol

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Guest Robin

Companion thoughts:


Cora, in early levels her build is hard to keep her alive... at least on high difficluties. However in late levels she's beastly during combat. The more you talk to her or have her around the more her personality is endearing, I think my Ryder may have unrequited love for her (Cora is straight). Side Note: The best romance in Dragon Age 2, imo, was also unrequited between Hawke and his/her friend Aveline, I get this same perfect vibe from my Ryder and Cora.


Liam, is an all-around good combat option both early and late plus he has good survivability even on Insanity difficulties. He has a noble heart, certainly, and his family past is charming but he operates like he's the Pathfinder or Ryder's superior and that don't fly. The game only let's you diplomatically convince him to not be stupid and that's completely unsatisfying... I wanted to either slap the **** outta him or give him a military style dressing down about chain of command the likes of which could make the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket blush.


Jaal, makes me think of men like Tom Hank's Captain in Saving Private Ryan. Intellectuals pressed into combat duty, uncertain of their role in life now given these circumstances. I like him a lot and am trying to generate a "bromance" not romance with him... unfortunately the game makes it seem like that is the path early, but later it's all questions about mates/mating.


Drack, like Cora in early levels Drack is tough to keep going. In later levels he is pretty great on the field. I love the grandfather angle for him and I am hoping due to his age maybe we get to have a Drack the Third or Fourth like companion in the future. I loved watching Grunt grow in the originals, so getting to be like a surrogate family member to Drack offspring or Kesh's direct offspring could generate really great moments.


Vetra, like Liam she is well rounded from the start and into late levels combat wise. I also enjoy her banter with Drack and I dig her big sister role. I think she'd be pretty solid as a administrative role in the Nexus or a colony. I love the hint that she has a super sweet tooth, her quarters have a ton of sugary cereal in them.


PeeBee, is really solid in combat especially at later levels if she is spec'd for radius and area effect damage. She can really help a controller build both in priming and detonating groups of enemies quickly. I like how she is almost the Anti-Liara in every way, she's completely impulsive and the quickest to bed but still all scientifically inclined.

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Who you going to bone down with?


Pretty much in line with you-- though I find nothing about Liam endearing. I have Kaiden levels of hate for him. Like I said, agree with you on his breaking the chain of command and I'm actively mad at the game for giving you the option to respond to that romantically.


I wasn't even going to talk to him after his (admittedly funny) loyalty mission... but I hate missing stuff. So I kept talking to him and now he thinks he's saving Andromeda by organizing a soccer game on Eos. Eff this guy.


Here's my pipedream for companions in future ME games-- they give you 3 times as many people as you can actually have aboard your ship. That way you can actively choose who to recruit and pursue, and if they don't work out-- you can fire them and find a replacement!


And while I am pipe dreaming-- loyalty scoring could be more dynamic-- unlocking loyalty and bromance and romance options the longer you keep them around on board. More points when you use them in the squad more often. Ignore them, shut them down, fire them, and you LOSE loyalty points. Lose enough and go into negative points, you actually make an enemy of them and they can come back later in the game as a nemesis.


Also, as I said before, its really hard to have a unique Krogan given how single-minded they are as a cultute. Drack really isn't THAT different from Wrex outside of being a lot older-- but he's got some of the best lines. He and PeeBee are easily my favorite. I really didn't want to like PeeBee but she's so goofy it won me over. She basically became my space-romance because she took charge. I wasn't sure if it was going to be her or Jaal, but she took charge in a super cute way and I couldn't say no.


I also just encountered a chunk of ME1-3 references that kicked me in the feels.

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Guest Robin

My Ryder already helped calm down Peebee, but it was a no strings thing. lol That's how I knew she was the anti-liara. She was like, "so stressed, let's do it." LOL I now have Ryder flirt a lot after Eos, prior to that I played her very driven and focused. I figured once she knew settling Heleus was possible, she allowed herself to actually be herself more.


I have no idea who will catch Ryder for realzees, but it'll likely be between Suvi and PeeBee. Prior to getting to know Liam (that he's a noble idiot), seeing him disrespect the chain of command and thus possibly kill everyone just all the time, I thought maybe he'd be Ryder's romance. Although that was mostly because Ryder was talking about repopulation to Gil... so I thought it could be something she may want and would have been different than the all career no family Shepard.


Re: endearing past for Liam, I just dug that he was "romantic" enough to send his cherished family car out into deep space just for the thought that something from home was always traveling towards his new home. He has moments, but it's pretty much ruined by all the other dumbness.


I've also encountered some cameos that were neat. I'm hoping that the one on Eos gets featured more in a sequel. Which could work really awesomely with your 'more possible companions than slots on the team' concept. Which is awesome btw.

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Guest Robin

It's a mission called Kett's Bane that starts via a comm broadcast where an unknown person gives a nickname to the Pathfinder. The signal seems to start when you get close to the desert with all those T shaped Kett machines.

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Guest Robin

Patch Notes were released today and this is the thing I am most excited over; Added option to skip autopilot sequences in the galaxy map.


Now they need to add the option to skip landing and take off sequences too... these make me wish Mass Effect had a transporter.

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Guest Robin

So not that I'm a multiplayer dudebro, but I do occassionally enjoy the squeezed on MP in both Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I loaded up Andromeda's MP and after four games I feel safe in saying that so many people must be trying to play without adequate bandwidth. Two matches were like stop motion from lag and rubber banding. One match had all the players moving around and animated but the enemies were frozen in a load animation and yet still moving around the screen and dealing damage. The last match was flawless however.


Also if you have the APEX app from an App Store for your smart device then you can manage your MP characters and your single player Strike Teams. You can even change their names.


My 6 Strike Teams are:


The Who (Krogan)

Van Halen (Krogan)

Queen (Turian)

Journey (Turian)

Heart (Asari)

Aerosmith (Human)


The MP Characters


Estefania Cruz (Human Female Soldier)

Piotr Dabrowski (Human Male Solider)

Willow Greyson (Human Female Vanguard)

Teetonka Sinte Maza (Human Male Vanguard)

Rose Bolden-Smith (Human Female Engineer)

Lewis Jefferson Jr. (Human Male Engineer)

Pepper Forman (Human Female Adept)

Isamu Ohsumi (Human Male Adept)

Makayla Yeoh (Human Female Sentinel)

Harold Hines (Human Male Sentinel)

Tina Mancini (Human Female Infiltrator)

Farid El-Amin Zewail (Human Male Infiltrator)

Urdnot Frix (Krogan Vanguard)

Quash Bron (Krogan Engineer)

Dal Matraxian (Turian Soldier)


Edit: Updated MP info

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I tried multiplayer once and Iwas teamed with people leveled so much higher than me that I just bailed. I have a couple great multiplayer games now (Wildlands is perfect for it) so I can can get that fix elsewhere.


Though I have seen some multiplayer builds on YouTube that have given me ideas on how my RyderBro will be on my next playthrough.

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Guest Robin

Yeah, the MP builds spurred ideas for me in regards to Ryder builds too. It also made me realize how badass looking it was for a Krogan to charge on a Remnant Nullifer, nova and then headbutt it once to kill it. lol

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