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It's good to see the new non movie stuff is as dumb as a small minority of the old non movie stuff.



Otherwise, yes, the FU is off to a lousy start, not just with the comics but the novels have all universally gotten negative reviews, with the exception of Tarkin with mixed reviews (the one Luceno tried his best to tie in to past EU works, in other words).


And even the EU-hating, Disney-ass-kissing Facebook group, Star Wars Geeks of the World, UNITE!!!, are up in arms about this blatant ripoff.


Star Wars cannot rip off Star Wars. They are allowed to use whatever they choose from the old EU.


So in other words, they can continue to rehash old ideas as much as they want, bend them beyond recognition, and present them as new because they can't think of anything better.


Glad I'm an Old Canonist. The new canon seems too been-there-done-that.

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Hahahaha "adult"

Are those the books Yogi was writing?

No studio would ever, ever ever ever ever release a movie for a massive general audience wherein the plot would require them to read a niche novel to follow along.

Someone calling themselves an "Old Canonist" is the funniest thing I've ever seen. Like it's a religion or something. It's awesome.


Well maybe not the funniest, but I mean it's pretty ridiculous.

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