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Captain America: Civil War

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They don't quite talk to each other as much as Jeph Loeb runs the TV verse like Feige does the movies, and Feige gives Loeb a no-no list of things they can't use.


I'd say that's enough to establish that the Kree and Inhumans in Agents of SHIELD and the planned Inumans movie were a part of the same plan and not some crazy coincidence. It's not like the Inhumans was a big franchise that both were going to go after.


All I'm really saying is that the Kree are already in the universe as a part of the planned Inhumans movie and their relation to the main storyline of Agents of SHIELD. Whether they go through with their original plan is up in the air since the movie is in limbo and they may decide to go in a different direction. Agents of SHIELD not really being all that big of a hit in the ratings or critically like the Netflix series have been might well be altering plans.

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You can't completely skip watching The Winter Soldier and then make this complaint.

One thing I 100% agree with is I'm done with heroes fighting heroes. I didn't really want a civil war movie at all, but they did a damn good job with it. Very ready for heroes being heroes and liked b

Just from the Winter Soldier and the look/feel of this trailer, I'm SO glad the Russos are taking over the Avengers from Joss Whedon. SO SO glad.

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I have a friend who writes on AOS, as far as the Inhumans go he said they could establisj the concept and do what they wanted so long as they didn't touch on the actual Inhumans. Meaning-- people from the here and now whose powers emerged via whatever was fine-- but Black Bolt, Medusa, et all and any sort of agenda from that camp was off the table.


Personally, I hope you're right-- that the movie was put off so that AOS can have some more meat to work with. They could totally use that cache. Not sure about the Kree-- but I'mm curious how they'll tie it to Carol when her movie comes about.


She's got a great set-up if you merge the 616 and Ultimate versions of her-- she's a Shield pilot that's born military, so she's loyal to the law. Now that the MCU Cap is an outlaw, they need a new poster-soldier to showcase. She'd be perfect. That don't need to say much other than her powers being derived from alien tech. Which really, isn't much different from Pietro and Wanda in Avengers, or the various enhanced on AOS.

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My guess is, the best we'll get, is in Infinity War NYC will be attacked again, and when an alien ship crashes in Hell's Kitchen, we'll see 15 seconds of the Defenders taking care of it.

This is all I'm hoping for. Anything more than that is a huge bonus. If we don't get it at all it'll be a bummer but I'd totally get it. But I wanna see a good Iron Fist punch through an alien head at least.

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the public's reasons for distrusting the Avengers never seemed 100% plausible.

One thing I would have liked to have seen was more of a "man on the street" points of view from the average citizen regarding the accords. I'm sure most people were for them but it would have been nice to see differing opinions.


That's likely a part of what the "Damage Control" show will deal with.


Alfre Woodard in a walk-on role? C'mon.

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Just saw. Enjoyed it.


Bucky needs to stand trial for his crimes. Yes, he was controlled by Hydra, but he did commit those crimes.

His body did, but his mind did not. Automatism, lack of mens rea, it wouldn't take much to convince someone he's not responsible. But it's a movie where he yanked a moving motorcycle out from underneath its rider, so anything's possible.
Yeah, but isn't that that kind of determination for a court to make? Cap decided his friend was innocent and so decided that no law, court, or penalty should apply to his friend.


Cap's a good guy, but clearly has no respect for the rule of law.

You're skipping over the part where the orders were to shoot on sight, NOT capture him.

And the part where Cap is pretty much okay with it since he saved Bucky's life but then is told there is no trial.


Captain America movies are effectively libertarian. Big government is the problem, and can't be trusted. Only private industry (in this case the superhero industry) us capable of doing the right thing.

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Plot Synopsis: Captain America and Iron Man try to work through some issues. Other stuff happens along the way.


I liked the movie but it felt rather anti-climactic. I thought the best fight was the one at the beginning with Crossbones by a mile. Really good action in that one.


I liked Spider-Man for the first time on the big screen. I was made up to see Hawkeye as he's my favourite. I was sad when they said he'd retired so it was great when he popped up. I thought he was amazing in Ultron.


I really want to see Black Widow and Hawkeye stand alone movies.


But for this movie I have it a B- because the plot behind all the action was ropey at best. There was too much happenstance and I still don't like this government involvement. Zemo was interesting at first but the 1991 thing just ran out of steam at the end. He cared so much about it but it really didn't have anything to do with him. And when the reveal happened and he got Tony and Steve to fight each other he went and sat on a rock to die. He didn't even want to watch them self-destruct. What was the point??

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