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Trouble accessing Nightly on Chrome

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    Kill Humanity

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It works fine on Firefox, but I have to constantly refresh to get the site to work on Chrome, and it takes multiple tries every time I change pages. Suggestions?




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I use Chrome too and while I don't have to constantly refresh the page to get it to come up,  whatever the image is next to the post number in the upper right corner of each post shows up for me as a completely broken image box.


So sadly I'm no help, but it's broken in a bunch of different ways apparently. lol.

Ms. Spam

Ms. Spam


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Here's some more weirdity.


So I post the Pick'em in the Sports forum. I can actually copy and paste in Chrome and post which is easier than internet Explorer  11.0.23 because it will never copy in past in the enriched mode (Quote function doesn't work either) so I have to flip the little switch and post using the old old style where you have to use the code and stuff posting.

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