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New Trailer!

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Hey, Jaina Solo!

And Revan is based off of the old Mandalorian leaders. His general look was not anything new to Star Wars.


Yes, which is why Revan's helmet is a helmet from a fallen Mandalorian warrior.



The only thing that really looks similar is the eye slits. The rest of the mask not nearly as alike. Plus the armor is nothing alike.

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My son's first video experience with Star Wars was this trailer. He clapped at the end.

That's brave of you to show him since you'd have had to kick him out if he didn't clap

The best trailer reaction video.


That wasn't the only type of armor Mandalorians wore. Geez.

I'm pretty sure they didn't wear any type of armor being that they don't exist any more.


No they are more alive now with the Clone Wars and Rebels.


That Clones were nothing but watered down Mandalorians is a out. But there is half a season of the Mandalorians in the Clone Wars and one of the mains in Rebels is Mandalorian.

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