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Diablo 3 Discussion

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Anyone around here play? It comes and goes in waves for me but I've been keeping decent interest in it since the start of Season 2. 


I've been maining my wizard but my luck with gear has gone down significantly since the first week I hit 70. I feel like I'm stuck on my base damage and I really need to find something to push me over that hump. Here is my wizard build. (It's mostly a Firebird build) Feel free to give me feedback on it because I only pretend to know what I'm doing. 




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Played for a while with my housemate on PS4 co op. Was very arcade-y and fun, but I felt like it was lacking something. Dunno, just didn't hit the spot like Diablo 2. They kind of world of warcrafted it made everything cartoony. Which is all good I suppose just not the style I love. Finished the game once as Demon Hunter and once as Crusader but it doesn't have much replay value for me. Questing for loot and new items is not enough to hold my attention, which is the same reason I gave up Destiny after a couple months.

I loved the first Diablo when I was 15 or so... That game ruled at the time. Was super goth, I loved the aesthetic. And in the days when the game would come with a little book that had all the pencil drawings from the art team of the beasts you might encounter and stuff.... That's how you publish a game...

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