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Fox News Trouncing the Competition! Most Trusted, Even Among Independents!

Pong Messiah

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I would think that most people - persons - who watch FSN - with out a jaundiced eye , would find that it is not nearly the cartoon that is joked about.

I think it depends on what you mean by "cartoon." I find Fox News to be extremely cartoonish. It's garish, loud, overly dramatic and excited. Couple its mood and color with the geyser of advertisements for boner pills, AARP insurance, and type 2 diabetes and it's practically psychedelic. Five minutes in, I feel like I'm watching something by Ralph Bakshi!






You are right on target, Pong.


For the few, legitimate hosts and/or journalists, they are far outnumbered by loudmouths (Hannity), breathless doomsday / scandal barkers (Megyn Kelly), fake, "outraged" Christians (Huckabee) and others who are manipulative to comedic degrees. The latter applies to Charles Krauthammer, who--in his daily beating on Obama--will stare into the camera after some fanged reply, as though he's sealing in the minds of viewers with truth and force. Infantile.

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