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I have returned, to tell you about this awesome new book - mine


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Dearest Book Club,


It has been a really, really long time. I know because I had to email the admins to get my user information rescued from a long since used email account.


I wanted to stop by and check the place out - I am THRILLED to see this place is still kicking. In addition to my curiosity regarding the liviness of Nightly.net, I wanted to share with you an accomplishment that was many years in the making.


Many of you here might remember my manic NaNoWriMo sprints. Well, this year, I finally got one of those novels published -


http://amzn.com/1508461368 | http://www.somenerdgirl.com | https://www.facebook.com/somenerdgirl


It's called Children of the Fallen, and it's a contemporary fantasy novel about fallen angels and their unwitting offspring.


I wanted to share this with all of you for a few reasons;

  1. You're all obviously avid readers and thought you might enjoy reading something from an author who grew up here.
  2. I grew up here! Figuratively and literally. I was able to express my creativity freely and I know for a fact it helped me grow into the writer I am today.

I'm really excited about this development and I wanted to share with some of my oldest internet friends!


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Must be surreal to see your work on Amazon. :thumbsup: And welcome back, stranger!

It is, in fact, surreal! And thanks. I'm glad to be back. :)


Thanks Mara! Long time no see (totes my fault) - so glad you're still here! How've you been??

I have been good! Still writing. This one book is taking forever but hopefully it'll be finished this year!


Oh awesome! What's this book about?

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