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Fox planning X-Men TV show

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Guest_El Chalupacabra_*

Guest_El Chalupacabra_*
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Yeah, I agree THT.  When a superhero is too powerful, its hard to write interesting stories AND to relate to that character.  Marvel, from what I can tell, has suffered from super power creep across the board, and I think the xmen\ mutants are among the worst.  Maybe not as bad as DC, but when mutants can disintegrate people with a thought or have laser beams shoot out their asses, that gets into ridiculous territory.   And I am tired of  hearing about characters being killed off, only to return to life a few issues later, with god-like abilities. 

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That's hardly limited to just the X-Men. Pretty much everyone has died and comic back in every comic ever.

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Darth Krawlie

Darth Krawlie

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Except for...



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Anyone remember that Mutant X TV show on FOX in the early 2000's? Yeah, this'll probably just end up being a 2.0 version of that.

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