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Hall of Fame 2015


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Finally one of my all time favourite wrestlers is being inducted. Randy Savage! I am stoked for this. Long overdue. I am not sure how many times I watched Wrestlemania IV when I was a teen.


I have a wish list of mine.


Undertaker. Too soon? The streak is over so why keep him wrestling when its clean his career is over. Perfect time to induct.


Demolition. Longest reigning tag team champs. My all time favourite tag team! Road Warrior wannabes? Who cares they were awesome in the day.


Honkey Tonk Man. Not a huge mark on him. Manipulated the record long title reign and wasn't that talented but his mark is in history.


King Kong Bundy. One of my favourite big men. Main vented the second Wrestlemania and made a bis splash in the first and third one as well.


Magnum TA. since not all HOFers are WWWF/WWF/WWE mainstays he is a perfect addition.


Ivan Kolloff. Ended Bruno's historic reign.


Cindy Loper. I don't care about the Celebrity wing but if you want to introduce someone may as well be her.

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