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Must List: TV Series

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Yes, yes. To Dexter you listen. Even if he's wrong about his namesake show. The journey? Absolute trash and a waste of time. Probably up there as the biggest, "what the fuck was I thinking wasting multiple seasons on this shit" since probably Nip/Tuck. I wish I could single out a showrunner to loathe as much as I do Ryan Murphy, who deserves AIDS more than an actually working career, but Showtime and CBS really fucked that show.


And they killed Doakes way too soon. I wish they could have given up Miguel Prada before the Bay Harbor Butcher but what do I know.


Hi, Dex.

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I also would have preferred it if they aborted the whole sixth season with Doomsday and just had done the S7 story. Deb just could have discovered Dexter at the end of the Lumen story.


That whole 8th season. Jesus Christ, worst season of television ever.

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The Dresden Files was good but man, that's a strong take making it number one.

Oh we were doing them in order of importance? Ok, then,


1. Mystery Science Theater 3000

2. Allo Allo

3. Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes

4. Dresden Files

5. John Doe

6. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

7. Stargate SG1

8. Due South

9. The Tick

10. Babylon 5

Are you jolly now, big guy?
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I just discovered Justified and can't get enough. How did I not know about this?


Twin Peaks is on my list for whenever I finish Justified.


Also on my list would be:

Game of Thrones

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Breaking Bad

Battlestar Glactica

Veronica Mars

Star Trek DS9


And not yet mentioned:

Northern Exposure


Coupling (Brit version)

Fawlty Towers


And someday maybe I'll add Gotham to the list, it's off to a good start.

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