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Reunions that Weren't Sad or Terrible

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I saw the video for the first single and it was so awful visually I got scared off. Glad to hear not all is lost!

Darth Lohr

Darth Lohr

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A couple of weeks ago I picked up both the new Maiden album and the new one from David Gilmour (who I suppose is on the polar opposite end, in terms of this thread, given that he's said Floyd is no more). I was rather pleased with both albums.

With Maiden, it was the most I've enjoyed a new release from them in a long time. Songs were not only fairly strong, overall, but there were a few things in there that were fresh/unique/different for the band in terms of sound or approach. Plus, a marked decrease in repetitive choruses. It's almost like they were really trying with this album or something!

Pong Messiah

Pong Messiah

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I'm afraid to listen to it again cause I'll start noticing it actually sucks or something.


Thanks for the reminder about Rattle That Lock -- will check it out this week, though some of the reviews have been so glowing, the bar is set way, way higher than with Maiden.

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Dark Wader

Dark Wader


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Yeah have to admit I was pretty surprised with Rattle That Lock, probably enjoyed it more than any of Gilmour's earlier solo stuff (though On An Island was decent)

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