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Another Whacky Theory (This time with Greek Gods!)

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Whether you are religious or not, you have to respect religion's role in our history and our culture.


I think some of Raman's posts have been a bit weird (and often incorrect), but lay off the guy. He's NEW.


Give the guy a fkn break. Let him have a voice.


I agree, I'm not trying to give him a hard time at all.

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^There's that fact, too. Lazer swords. Lazer swords. Lazer swords. Say it enough, you get used to it. I hope Episode VII only refers to them as lazer swords, just to annoy Cerina.

I don't think the Greek Pantheon is based on real people so much as common personality archetypes and the way they tend to interact with each other.   How many of us know guys kind of like Zeus - ove

Because we're not a peer reviewed technical journal.

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