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ToyMonster's UrbanX brand speeder bike from Australia

Guest bjdzyak

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Guest bjdzyak

Hello everyone!

I happened upon an old post from a few years ago about a Green Machine style bike that was turned into a Speeder Bike. This is what the original post said:

The Return of the Speeder Bike Ride-On

March 23, 2009

Starting our week-long look at some of the international Star Wars merchandise arriving on store shelves in the coming months, we thought we'd begin with a toy that puts a new spin one of the old-school Star Wars classics: the ride-on speeder bike.

If you were a fan in 1984, you may remember the original speeder bike ride-on put out by Huffy in a toy store sweepstakes staged across the US that year. A great-looking toy, and quite rare these days, but not exactly built for speed.

Australia's ToyMonster company brings back the speeder bike ride-on this year with an all-new design that will get young fans a little closer to the racing thrills of Return of the Jedi's Endor forest chase scenes.

Slightly modifying the design of their Lean Monster ride-on series, ToyMonster's UrbanX brand speeder bike sports an inflatable front rubber tire for better traction, a three-position seat, high tensile steel frame, and leaning rear-turn steering -- the feature that best simulates the speeder bikes seen on screen!

At press time, young biker scouts from down under will be the only ones getting behind the steering vanes on this cool ride-on. Keep your scopes open, though -- you never know where the Galactic Empire will decide to deploy their next biker scout garrison.

Did anyone ever manage to get one of these? I'm on the lookout now that I know they exist. Thanks!

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