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My version of the Prequels


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As far as working with what Lucas gave us with the script, I like it. But honestly I don't think the prequels needed to be anywhere near as complicated as they were (narrative-wise). The whole clone thing was random, ambiguous nonsense in the OT, and shoulda just been these faceless soldiers who followed the Sith from wherever they came from... and get nicknamed 'clones' because of some mystery surrounding presumed Sith numbers and where these extra dudes might have come from.


My other beef: the line between Vader and Anakin should be crystal clear, not a gradual blurring. Anakin could and should have been the hero up until the third act; where he brashly gives in to dark side power at some critical moment because he believes it to be the only way to save his friends. At that point Anakin dies a hero but is reborn a monster who doesn't have the ability to control his newly acquired power.

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kinda agree with you. I always pictured him similar to how the X-Men portrayed Jean Grey/Dark Pheonix, Tetsuo in Akira, or even the Incredible Hulk. He's a good guy, with a ton of power at his disposal, but he's not trained to handle it and his bad temper gets the better of him.


At the end of the day, the way they chose to portray him was a mistake I think-- he had zero charisma aside from being a little sexy in ROTS> Beyond that he was arrogant, cocky and whiney, with nothing to counterbalance it. Luke was certainly whiney in ANH, and got cocky in ESB-- but in between those moments you saw a both a kid who was amazed and in love with the universe and looking for adventure as well as a natural leader. Luke actually had a character arc that made him very different between his first scene in ANH and his last in ROTJ.


Anakin was just terrible.


Honestly, Anakin should have been the Han Solo of the PT. Obi-Wan was there to be straight-laced and disciplined, Anakin should have been the cut-up. The PROBLEM with Anakin didn't need to be cockiness that lead to tantrums, it should have been DASHING with a hint of SMARTASS that masked a by-any-means-necessary dark side.

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Episode 2




For five long years THE CLONE WARS have continued as The Republic and The Confederacy continue to push for control of the galaxy.


QUEEN PADME of Naboo has been thrust to the center of the political sphere, as both the loudest voice for peace, and the supplier of the Republic's clone soldiers.


The Jedi Knights have grown weary and pressure their own Master Palpatine, acting Chancellor of the Senate, to bring about a cease fire. Jedi are spread throughout the galaxy to lead campaigns on endless fronts, like, the peaceful planet of Alderaan-- which if taken by the Confederacy would surely tip the scales in their favor...




The Battle of Alderaan-- we catch up with Obi-wan, five years older and wiser, already starting to take on the traits of the older version we know. He, Yoda and King Bail Organa are on the bridge of a warship in orbit around Alderaan. Bail is considering a push to change the pacifist laws of his planet now that the CIS have occupied the capital. Obi-wan tells him not to worry before heading out.


On the ground below, Republic Clone troopers fight an insurgent war on the streets of Alderaan's capital city. Led by Dodonna, a newly commissioned officer from Alderaan that has joined Republic forces, this small force is on its last legs, pinned down by CIS gun emplacements for days. Trooper carriers arrive and Obi-wan leads a massive ground attack. Using his Jedi powers, he easily gets past the gun emplacements and takes them out. Dodonna is somewhat bitter about the amount of men lost here, if a Jedi had come sooner they'd still be alive-- the Jedi are indeed spread thin.


Obi-wan leads a push, and they are pinned down again, this time by heavier artillery. Time for help-- Obi-Wan signals for air support. Out of the sky, a squadron of fighters comes to blaze a path for the ground forces. The squadron is led by Anakin. On air and ground, the push to the palace is successful. Anakin lands, then he and Obi-wan fight their way through. Their banter is fun, and we see Anakin has nearly completed his Jedi training at record speed. Anakin is somewhat flippant, always cracking wise-- the funny guy to Obi-wan's straight man. Even though Obi-Wan wishes he'd be more serious, the two are a formidable team, and succeed in retaking the palace. Bail is very thankful for their help-- to Obi-Wan especially who has served as his advisor for some time.


On Courescant, Chancellor Palpatine is met in his private chamber by Queen Padme. Supreme Commander Tarkin is also present. Padme is there to push for peace, Naboo's resources have been pushed thin by the war. She can't continue the current rate of clone production. Tarkin reminds her that if she shared the technology they could set up facilities on other worlds. She refuses, saying she already regrets serving one war and doesn't want to serve more in the future. She gives Palpatine a timeline to reach a peace because after that-- no more soldiers and Naboo will go back to defending themselves.


After she leaves, Tarkin needs to be quelled. Palpatine tells him that Jedi spies, that he himself trained that do not report to the council, have told him about a meeting of the CIS leadership, a conference-- possibly the formation of their own Senate. Palpatine recognizes that striking that meeting would destroy them. Tarkin mentions how that isn't very Jedi-like of him, and Palpatine says that Dooku left the order because he saw the rules and code stopped things from progressing-- he does not share Dooku's morals, but he understands the need to do wrong for a greater good.


On her way back to the spaceport, Padme's speeder-cade is ambushed by mercenaries. Her Jedi bodyguards are cut down by a mysterious attacker with a red lightsaber. A call goes out for help, but none is close by... at least so they think. Turns out, Obi-Wan and Anakin have just returned from Alderaan. They manage to catch up and save Padme at the last moment. Obi-Wan is surprised to see the mysterious attacker is none other than Darth Maul-- who he killed five years ago on Naboo.


Anakin and Obi-Wan meet with the Jedi council-- Anakin is confirmed as a Jedi knight, the quickest ever trained, and clearly one of the most powerful. He requests his first solo assignment to be a replacement guard for Padme as her Jedi protectors are now dead. The council agrees, so long as he can still come save their bacon if there are any space battles. The bigger problem-- how is Maul alive. The Sith problem has not been solved. Yoda is still sure Dooku has been trained, but they have no idea by who.


After Anakin leaves, Yoda and Mace talk to Obi-Wan on a couple private manners. One, they are a little concerned about how undisciplined Anakin is in terms of being a jokester despite all his power. They also know this jovial personality is the flip side of a terrible temper they've seen manifest a few times. They worry because the Dark Side is growing in power, it's begun to effect their connection to the force. The war is casting a shadow over the whole galaxy. The biggest problem though-- there is a mole. Somehow, Jedi battle plans have been making their way to the CIS and is costing Jedi lives.


Elsewhere, Dooku watches the progress of the war on several fronts from his war room. He is contacted by his master, Lord Sidious. Sidious tells him that he has just planted the seeds for their endgame, and it is time to set other pieces into motion. Dooku has some concern-- namely, how when the war is over his name and reputation will remain in place. Sidious tells his fellow Sith not to worry.


Anakin and Padme arrive on Naboo. Obi-Wan has joined them, bringing along Maul's body to be examined by the Naboo medical experts, the best in the galaxy. As they part, it's clear the trip in close quarters with Padme has endeared them to each other-- but those close quarters are over. Anakin must now contend with the fact that she is the leader of a world and constantly at work. At first he conflicts with her staff and guards, but before long he's charming them all with his candor, and overhauling her security measures.


The analysis of Maul's body reveals something interesting-- he is a clone-- many of the same skills and powers as Maul, but made to be subservient, a drone almost. Also, the Naboo medical tech is so good, they can pinpoint which planet he was grown on-- Geonosis. Oddly, Naboo's ancient Gungan tech can pinpoint the planet in space, but it does not exist on Republic starcharts.


The night, Anakin contrives a way to be in Padme's chambers. Telling her it's time to lay off the politics he decides they are going to have fun. He teaches her how to play Sabacc-- which she takes to. While it isn't strip Sabacc, Anakin is clearly laying it on and she's not exactly deflecting. Obi-Wan comes to talk to the Queen and tell her what he has learned. He wants to investigate, but does not want to alert the Jedi council or Republic command. Sensing this is the tip of the iceberg, he doesn't want to risk alerting the mole in Republic/Jedi security of what he has discovered. He's going undercover. Sure that Padme is secure at home, Anakin agrees to go with him. Padme herself wants to go, if somebody has stolen the technology she is the custodian of, she needs to know. The two Jedi of course refuse to let a Queen risk anything by going undercover.


After they leave, you KNOW Obi-Wan has plenty to say about Anakin teaching the Queen to gamble. Anakin thinks Obi-Wan is too stiff-- which leads to a talk about Anakin's discipline, or lack thereof. It's hard to make Anakin listen though when he does so well. We also realize there's another problem-- Obi-Wan is a little jealous. He'd never act on it, he's too by the book and no way should a Jedi pursue a Queen. It doesn't help that he saw the way Padme looked at Anakin. Changing the subject, Anakin has an idea about how they can get to Geonosis without raising suspicion.


In the morning, Kitster arrives in the ship Anakin built, along with several of his old friends as the crew. They've been making money as cargo haulers-- a job market that has opened up since the Trade Federation left the Republic. Anakin knows they've been smuggling on the side, and tells them to not mention that to Obi-Wan. As they are about to leave, Padme shows up, ready to go. She's refused-- but this isn't Padme. This is Sabe, Padme's clone. Anakin says they could have used her as bait on Courescant, she replies by saying she was on another spy mission. She's well-trained and they sense she isn't bluffing-- she has the same tough, hard to read, unable to influence mind as Padme.


From his war room, Dooku advises the various leaders of the CIS worlds that they must be better organized and united. The Republic has the advantage, their senate gives all the worlds an easy platform to communicate. The CIS is merely a war-time province. To go to the next level they must craft bylaws and become a legit government. As such, he invited them all to Utapau, a world deep in CIS territory, far from the front lines where they will all be safe. They must also make haste and do it ASAP before word can circulate and reach Republic spies.


Anakin and his crew arrive at Geonosis, a stormy water planet. They fake engine trouble and send out a distress call. When they get a reply, they remark how lucky they are-- they didn't know there was a planet out this way. They re given landing instructions and arrive at a facility, a small city on the surface of the water. They are told they may NOT leave their ship, are put under guard, and told to await a repair crew. Anakin, Obi-Wan and Sabe sneak out of the ship and into the facility.


Dooku has his meeting-- in which he tells all the CIS world leaders that they need to make their own version of the Senate, but more importantly, they need to make him commander of all military forces, acting as a unified front is what gives the Republic an advantage. Somebody points out that the Republic also have the Jedi-- to which Dooku has an answer: in come a line of Sith Warriors, all of them Darth Maul clones. Thus excited them and they agree to the plan, each of them turning over the command authorizations/codes needed for Dooku to command their fleets directly... And then the Sith promptly execute every one of them save for one adjunct in a helmet. This is revealed to be Tarkin, who now knows the truth-- that the Sith have manipulated the war. Tarkin, ever opportunistic, is just fine with doing his part to continue the plan.


Infiltrating the clone facility, the heroes learn a few things-- one, this is most certainly stolen Naboo technology, two this is the source of the Maul clones, and three-- A LOT of them are currently being loaded into troop carriers. They are almost discovered, but Anakin and Obi-Wan manage to stop their attacker from sounding an alarm. Sabe is hurt however in the fight, which leads her to admitting that she is NOT Sabe, but Padme. Obi-Wan is upset that she lied, but more upset he didn't sense it.


Tarkin arrives at his destination-- a small fleet that serves as the Jedi forward command post. Here, he presents Yoda and Mace with his attack plan, knowing that the CIS leadership is currently on Utapau. They don't like it-- the planet is deep in CIS space, getting there undetected won't be easy, and they could be cut off if it goes bad. Yoda is also concerned that this is the sort of action that started the war and he is reticent to do it again. Mace points out that the mole could learn of the plan before it can be carried out. To that, Tarkin advises this not be a Republic offensive-- but one the Jedi, ALL the Jedi do themselves. They have their own ways of communicating, and their individual units of Republic soldiers that accompany them should be enough. With every Jedi there, victory would be decisive. Yoda agrees-- but not to assassinate the CIS leadership, but take them prisoner to force the issue of a cease fire.


Padme goes about locking down the clone facility. Since the tech was stolen from Naboo, her supreme commandership is recognized by the facility. She can lock it down, and set the powerplants to go into meltdown. As she does this, Anakin and Obi-Wan overhear one of the Maul clones communicating with Dooku and Sidious-- the Jedi attack on Utpau is a trap, and they see that Sidious and Palpatine are the same person. Padme is successful, but her actions trigger the alarm and they have to fight their way out. In the retreat, Padme is mortally wounded. They reach the ship and manage to escape pursuing fighters and jump to hyperspace. Geonosis is so remote, they are too far to make contact with the Jedi and warn them of the trap, the closest system with the communication lines they need is in the opposite direction of Naboo-- who has the medical technology needed to save Padme.


Obi-Wan and Anakin are at odds-- Obi-Wan wants to warn the fleet, though it obviously pains him to let Padme die. Anakin, confident as ever, thinks they have time. They go back and forth until Obi-Wan pulls rank on him-- but that doesn't do much good when Kitster and the crew are loyalty to Anakin. Naboo it is.


The vast bulk of the Jedi in the galaxy unite on Utapau, moving quickly to arrest the CIS leadership-- but all they find are the bodies... and the waiting Sith Warriors. Dooku, commanding the entire combined CIS forces, summons reinforcements from every corner of the galaxy. The Jedi are quickly outnumbered. More Sith warriors arrive and it turns into the largest scale lightsaber battle ever known. The Jedi call for back-up, but on the Republic side, Tarkin kills the request.


As the Jedi begin to die, a great disturbance is felt by Obi-Wan and Anakin. Anakin realizing he was wrong begins to break down. They arrive at Naboo and Padme is whisked away to surgery, odds not looking good. Obi-Wan takes off asap, determined to help the Jedi somehow, taking with him the latest batch of fresh clone soldiers. Anakin wants to come help, but Obi-Wan denies him-- his emotions are too unstable, he's no good in this shape. After he's gone however, Anakin and Kitser set off.


The Jedi/Sith showdown is brutal-- both sides taking heavy losses. Yoda corners Dooku, his old apprentice, and ultimately their duel ends with Yoda hurt, but victorious. Obi-wan arrives-- his force isn't large enough to change the tide of the battle, but it does allow for what Jedi remain to make a hasty exit.


Meanwhile, Palpatine addresses the Senate, and galaxy at large. He tells them that the Confederacy has been crushed, it's leadership destroyed, but, he cannot give up his Chancellorship just yet, as the Clone Wars are not over-- the enemy are now the Jedi. He goes on about how it pains him to denounce his fellow Jedi as they have broken their own code by murdering the CIS leadership. He now serves the Republic, not the Jedi council and must do what is right by shunning them. He offers the CIS worlds amnesty and re-entry to the Republic.


On Naboo, Tarkin arrives as Padme recovers, barely surviving her brush with death. He tells her that the Jedi have betrayed the Republic and she doesn't buy it. He says they will need a lot more troopers to stop the Jedi. She refuses, saying they are done making soldiers. Tarkin warns her that if she crosses the Republic, it may not end well for her people.


Obi_Wan, Yoda, Mace and the handful of remaining Jedi are on the run, hiding out on Alderaan for the time being. They know now that Palpatine is Sidious, and that he played both sides of the war. What they lack, is any sort of proof-- and he has now turned the opinion of the galaxy against the Jedi. They need a plan-- one that is careful and smart.


Palpatine returns to his chambers from the Senate, overjoyed that everything has happened according to his design. When he gets home though, somebody is waiting-- Anakin. They argue-- Palpatine doing his "for the greater good" speech, but Anakin doesn't buy it. He attacks Palpatine... and it doesn't go well. Palpy bests him, cutting off his hand in the fight. He does his thing-- convincing Anakin the only way to beat him is to use his anger. Anakin does-- and the dark side floods him, and he sees how powerful the dark side is. He turns the tide and is about to kill Palpatine-- when a dozen Maul clones join the fight. Already inured, Anakin is taken down-- but he does more damage than thought possible. Palpatine taunts him, saying if he could truly control the darkside, he'd be unstoppable.


Anakin is given the choice-- bow down, or die.


He chooses to bow down....





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MIsspelled Coruscant, and used an underscore in Obi-wan once. As an aside, I prefer Obi-wan to Obi-Wan - which way was it spelled in the original novelization? I don't have my copy handy. Yes, I'm being nitpicky, but I was just grading reports, so I'm in spelling and grammar mode.


Content-wise, it's superior to AotC, but that's a low bar to get over. Will Ep III surpass RotS? I look forward to reading....

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Guest El Chalupacabra

If Palpatine has cloned a dozen Darth Mauls, and they are able to take out Anakin, why does Palpatine need Anakin?


Better yet, why not just kill Anakin and use his body to clone a dozen Anakins?

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The Maul's beat Anakin en masse... and he's only just become a full knight. He has some potential and junk. I don't go for the chosen one malarky here-- but Anakin is more powerful than anyone wants to admit, having complete training in a few years that take most Jedi decades.

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I like the Maul clones, but I wouldn't have given them lightsabers. Maul would be simpler than Boba Fett's dad. (Not every character, i.e. Boba, has to be royalty.)


You do a good job of simplifying the PT by eliminating characters, but there's one here I wish you wouldn't have missed: Dex.


And don't forget, whether it be Jango or Grievous, it's good to have a few good underbosses or secondary bad guys to liven the saga up a bit. Think of the action figures.


Lastly, it doesn't indicate if the political scenes would be as simple and fast as it reads, or if it goes on just as long and boring and hard to follow as the films. If it really is how I read it, then that should be simple enough and not taking away from the fun.

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Guest El Chalupacabra

The Maul's beat Anakin en masse... and he's only just become a full knight. He has some potential and junk. I don't go for the chosen one malarky here-- but Anakin is more powerful than anyone wants to admit, having complete training in a few years that take most Jedi decades.

But, if Palpatine can clone Darth Maul, why doesn't he just clone Anakin?


I'm just asking because since the PT came out, the idea of Darth Vader being in the suit is kind of obsolete. George Lucas never explained why he didn't just kill and clone Anakin, or even an army of Anakins, and program them all to be loyal to him.

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2. I always considered the idea Vader was a clone of Anakin, but I feel like that would have had to have been established in the OT. That could have been cool-- Luke knowing this isn't really his father, but tries to reach the part of him that is. Retconning that to the PT would feel like a huge copout though.


3. In my scenario Anakin is not part of Palpatine's plan until the end of episode 2. Up to then, he was a threat, but Anakin's potential isn't really understood until now. Maul was somebody he had easy access to and was already trained by him and loyal.

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And where's the denouement after Anakin bowing down to The Emperor? Every film calms down and recaps everything we know in a few shots before the end credits, or does Driver's Episode II strictly go from Anakin bowing to iris wipe out to the end credits?


And are your Ep. I & II called TPM and AOTC or are you going with different names?

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Guest El Chalupacabra


OK, will do.





2. I always considered the idea Vader was a clone of Anakin, but I feel like that would have had to have been established in the OT. That could have been cool-- Luke knowing this isn't really his father, but tries to reach the part of him that is. Retconning that to the PT would feel like a huge copout though.

Interesting take, but to be honest, that never occurred to me. Do you remember ever hearing of speculation years ago that there was supposed to be a clone of Obi Wan (I think it came from the rumor that Obi Wan was supposed to be spelled or abbreviated OB-1, and OB-1 was therefore a clone of the original Obi Wan). So the rumor goes, during the clone wars, jedi were being killed off at such a rate, the republic started cloning jedi, and Obi Wan was one of those jedi. No one knew what happened to the clone of Obi Wan, called OB-1. Then, it is revealed who killed Luke's father (this was before Anakin was revealed as Darth Vader); the clone of Obi Wan, OB-1, who had turned to the dark side.




3. In my scenario Anakin is not part of Palpatine's plan until the end of episode 2. Up to then, he was a threat, but Anakin's potential isn't really understood until now. Maul was somebody he had easy access to and was already trained by him and loyal.

I presume because Anakin isn't a chosen one here. Just a really powerful jedi, that after the battle, Palpatine determines he could use as an asset.

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  • 2 years later...

I remember when Driver made this thread a couple years ago, I thought it may be interesting to do this myself. Figuring it might be interesting to see what a prequel fan like myself would come up with. So I got right on it and didn't do it for 2 years!! But well, now I did.


This is Episode I, which is fairly similar to TPM but with some significant changes. Then ofcourse as you get to II and III the changes you make in this one lead to bigger changes down the story. However there will be scenes and sequences in all the stories that are alot like scenes in the actual prequels. But there will also be sequences and scenes that are nothing like anything in the prequels.


Also, I originally planned to write something more detailed. This is actually my outline for a planned longer writing but I know I'll never take the time to flesh it out how I want. You get enough of the gist here anyway I think.


So here goes:


Star Wars

The Phantom Menace


“For over a thousand generations the Republic has reigned peacefully in the Galaxy, protected by the mystical order of warriors known as the Jedi Knights


However a new threat has emerged in the form of the evil Federation lead by a mysterious dark warrior


The Federation now sets it's sights on it's more prominent target yet, the peaceful planet of Naboo. As a large invastion force approaches the planet...




The planet of Naboo is approached by an entire fleet of war ships­


In the pre dawn light a guard station on the edge of the capital is destroyed, battle droids rush through the gates


Inside the palace the King looks out at the invasion, Capt Panaka enters. The King asks if the distress signal was sent, Panaka says it was but they dont know if it got out. They decide to go speak with his daughter


Princess Padme sits in her room with 3PO, her father and the Capt enter, he convinces her to leave


The droid army has swarmed the city and enters the palace


Padme and the capt try to escape the palace as it's overrun by droids


They manage to get outside and take a speeder, however they are chased. They escape and head towards a small village


The King is taken prisoner, Darth Maul enters, questions him and kills him


19 year old Anakin Skywalker is in hyper space approaching Naboo. Comes out of hyperspace and sees the invasion fleet, they fire on him.


Anakin and his droid R2D2 try to evade the laser blasts but are hit. Anakin manages to fly the damaged ship and crashes in a field on Naboo. In the distance he sees a village and they head torwards it.


Anakin enters the village and into a crowded tavern, everyone is scared. He tries to find out what is happening.


Batte droids storm in, followed by Maul. Maul is looking for Padme but no one will give her up. He stands in front of Anakin and accuses him of being a Jedi. Eventually he threatens the villagers and they point out Padme.


All hell breaks loose. A bearded man ignites a lightsaber, lasers are going off everywhere. It is chaos. Anakin gets a blaster and begins shooting. Eventually Anakin, Padme, Panaka, the bearded man and the droids escape together into a speeder.


Maul emerges from the chaos and orders them to find them!


On the speeder everyone introduces themselves, Obi Wan says he is a Jedi. He got the distress signal because he was on a mission on a nearby system. They need to get off the planet. Panaka says there is a little used airfield on the other side of swamp, but the speeder cant go through the swamp. They head off on foot through the swamp.


In the swamp they are attacked by a creature, even the Jedi doesnt know how to handle it. However Gungans show up to save them, they are lead by Capt Tarpals.


Tarpals leads them through swamp, explains he was expelled from Gungan society for wanting closer relations with the Naboo, they reach the airfield.


Padme instructs Panaka to stay behind, work with Tarpals and try to start a resistance. They are boarding the ship when battle droids show up. The Gungans cover them for the takeoff.


The ship approaches the Federation fleet, Anakin is a great pilot but the ship is hit and the hyper drive leaks. They get away.


They discover the hyperdrive leak and need to find a safe planet nearby. Anakin suggests his home planet of Tatooine. His family could help them.


Maul is informed of their escape and is not happy, however they know the hyperdrive leaks. They figure out that the only inhabitated planet they could make it to is Tatooine. Maul says to prepare a squad of droids.


On the journey to Tatooine Anakin and Obi Wan talk about how Maul thought Anakin was a Jedi. Obi Wan says he feels it too, Anakin is incredibly strong in The Force. Obi Wan offers to train him.


Land on Naboo, Anakins half brother Owen does not seem happy to see him. His mother Shmi however is ecstatic.


They go inside, Owen explains of constant Tusken attacks. Holds Anakin leaving against him, Shmit doesn't. They cant go to get parts until morning.


Anakin goes outside, Padme follows. Heartfelt talk about Anakins guilt for leaving, not sure he can leave again. Padme says she understands.


Next morning they head to Mos Espa, acquire parts they need.


On trip home Owen tries to convince Anakin to stay, he is very torn. Especially with Obi Wans offer of training him.


The ship is repaired and they are ready to leave. Anakin needs to make a decision. However at that moment Maul and his droids attack.


The village erupts into action. They are used to fighting Tuskens so they put up a fight. Maul did not expect this. Him and Obi Wan nearly fight but it doesn't happen. Anakin and Padme both show skill with weapons. Eventually all the droids are destroyed and Maul flees.


In the aftermath the village is nearly destroyed and even more devastating, Shmi has been killed.


Anakin blames himself for Shmi's death, so does Owen.


Anakin and Obi Wan have a talk, Kenobi says no one can choose Anakins path other than himself.


Shmis funeral.


Anakin and Padme talk, Padme says she knows her father is dead. They bond over losing parents.


Owen confronts Anakin, blaming him for Shmis death and destruction of village. Says Anakin needs to stay and help rebuild. Anakin chooses to go with Obi Wan and Padme. Owen tells him to never return.


Our heroes get on board, Obi Wan says to head to Coruscant. Padme says to return to Naboo, she has to help her people now.


On board the ship Anakin promises Padme he will go whatever he can to help her people.


The ship approaches Naboo and lands in a field far from the capital.


Padme is able to summon Panaka who brings Tarpals. They have a small combined force. A plan is set in place. They can't defeat the Federation because of numbers but if they can destroy the command ship in space the droids will shut down.


Before the plan is set in motion Obi Wan has a word with Anakin, tells him to concentrate and he can feel the Force.


Maul is informed that they have returned. This is unexpected but he feels it plays to his advantage.


The heroes and their small group sneak into the city and begin their plan. They attack the hangar bay.


Battle in the hangar bay, all they need to do is get some pilots onto ships. Anakin makes his way to one, Padme is about to get on board the next one. She explains that shes been trained to fly. Anakin smiles at her as they both board. Several ships take off.


Obi Wan is about to board a ship too when Maul enters. Obi Wan steps off the ship and walks towards Maul.


With the ships taken off, the mission is complete. The small band of Gungans retreat but are chased by droids.


Anakin, Padme and about a dozen other ships approach the command ship. Dozens of enemy fighters approach. The space battle is on.


Obi Wan and Maul face off, they ignite their sabers and the dual begins.


The battle in space is not going well, the heroes are outnumbered too badly. Several of their ships are taken out. Anakin and Padme do what they can.


Obi Wan and Maul continue their dual. Neither can gain an advantage.


The Gungans are chased and eventually the small band is cornered by battle droids.


The few Naboo fighters left are near to giving up hope. The pilots are panicking, including Anakin. However he is able to take Obi Wans advice, calm down and focus the force. He tells Padme to follow him and stay on his wing. He begins an attack run towards the command ship.


Obi Wan gets the advantage in his dual with Maul. However before he can make the killing blow, a sqaud of droids rush in.


Anakin is flying like a prodigy with Padme on his wing. He gets to an area where he is a threat to the station, all the enemy ships converge on him and there are explosions. However Padme is left alone to take the shot, which hits. Setting off the chain reaction that destroys the station. There is silence as Padme looks for Anakin's ship. Then she hears “Wow, that was some shot!!!” as Anakin flies into view.


The Gungans are cornered and it looks bad, but the droids all shut off.


Maul and his droids have Obi Wan defeated, but the droids shut off. Maul flees, Obi Wan tries to chase but Maul gets away.


Anakin and Padme land safely, they are greeted by Obi Wan. However Anakin and Padme run to each other, embrace and kiss.


Obi Wan stands in front of a hologram of the Jedi Council. He tells them about Anakin, after some consternation they agree to let Obi Wan train Anakin.


Anakin and Padme stand in a room alone with the droids. Obi Wan enters the room. He walks towards them. Padme stands aside. Obi Wan reaches into his robe and takes out a lightsaber. He hands it to Anakin, who ignites the saber.


The End

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Well I may as well post Episode II. Like I said these are outlines I hoped to expound on but realized I never would. I did however spruce them up just a tad, especially in some important sequences. I haven't gotten to sprucing up Episode III yet. But nevertheless here is II:



Star Wars

The Clone Wars


The Galaxy has been torn apart by War. The Federation, under the new leadership of former Jedi Count Dooku has declared an all out war on the Republic.


Dooku, convinced that Chancellor Palpatine is an evil man, has been able to recruit many star systems and Jedi to his cause.


The Republic has recently turned the tide of the war however and are launching an attack that if successful could lead to the defeat of the Federation and the end of the war...



A large Republic fleets approaches the planet of Geonosis.


The fighters all begin checking in, including Obi Wan and Anakin. Obi Wan informs them of the plan, they need to get through the space defenses and establish position on the surface for ground forces. Anakin snidely comments that he remembers it from the 50 other briefings.


On the command ship Padme stands with Bail Organa. She tells Anakin to take this seriously. Anakin says he always does.


They approach the enemy defenses. They are stronger than anticipated. Many Republic fighters are destroyed. The pilots comment that they may not be able to break through the defenses, despite Anakins amazing flying.


On the command ship they order more fighters to the center of the battle. Padme runs off to pilot a ship, saying they need all the help they can get!


The space battle is intense as Padme joins the fray. Obi Wan reiterates they must break through the defenses and establish position on the surface. Anakin continues to show his amazing flying ability, Padme helps too. After a long, hard fight and many casualties the Republic breaks through the space defenses and heads towards the planets surface.


Dooku sits in his command center with his former Jedi comrades. They are informed that the Republic has broken through. Dooku is concerned but says it is not time to fleet yet, but to make preperations.


The Republic has set up a ground operation and begin to attack the command center. Anakin is concerned at the high number of casualties the troopers are taking, Obi Wan says it is their job.


The fighting is intense but the storm troopers are much more competent than the battle droids, especially when lead by Jedi. They begin to encircle the Federation command center. It is a tough fight though. Anakin wants to rush ahead on his own but Obi Wan stops him. Frustrated, Anakin yells that he is being held back. That he could capture Dooku on his own if allowed to. Obi Wan says to stick with the plan, Anakin reluctantly relents.


Dooku is informed of the Republics advances on the ground. He says now it is time to evacuate. He and the rest of the former Jedi begin to leave.


The Republic has totally locked down the command center and taken control of all the hangars. Anakin and Obi Wan are with some storm troopers inside one of the hangars. Dooku and his men enter looking to escape with a group of droids. The fight is on. Obi Wan, Anakin and several other Jedi engage Dooku and his ex Jedi. There are deaths on each side. Eventually Dooku and some of his men manage to board a ship and take off.


The Republic had not yet been able to truly set up a blockade in space, Dooku's ship slips through.


Back on Geonosis the battle is over. The droids have been routed and the non Jedi leadership rounded up. Its a total victory other than Dooku and his men escaping. Obi Wan and Anakin are disappointed that Dooku escaped. Padme thinks that the Federation has been destroyed and their ability to wage war is over. She says that now Palpatine will give up his emergency powers.


Our heroes arrive back on Naboo, Obi Wan has business with the Jedi Council. Padme calls for a meeting with the Chancellor.


Obi Wan stands before the Council, including Yoda and Mace. He reports on the battle, telling them of the former Jedi who were killed. This saddens Yoda. They ask about Anakin, Obi Wan says he is still reckless, but still the most talented Jedi he's ever seen.


Padme, Bail Organa and a couple other Senators meet with Chancellor Palpatine. They report on the battle, Padme says the Federation is done as a threat and demands Palpatine lay down his emergency powers. Palpatine laughs and says that she underestimates Dooku. He can recruit more Jedi and more systems. Until he is captured or killed he cannot responsibly lay down his powers. He reminds them that his emergency powers are what allowed him to call up the Clone reserves for the first time in history and that this was the key to their victory.


Outside Palpatines office Padme has a talk with Organa. She is worried Palpatine will never lay down his powers. She worries that maybe Dooku has been right this whole time and that they are on the wrong side. Organa gives her a concerned look.


Anakin and Padme lay in bed together. They talk about the battle, Padme does not mention her concerns about Palpatine. Anakin expresses frustration about being held back, about how if Obi Wan and the Jedi would just allow him to fully use his power he could help the republic more, save lives, end the war. Padme says they have his best interest at heart. Anakin is now agitated and says he is going to go into the other room for a moment.


Padme now lays in the room alone. She hears a noise she says “Anakin”, but its not Anakin. A black hooded figure bursts in through the window and ignites a light saber. Padme screams. Anakin rushes in and uses the force to summon his own saber. The two cross blades. They fight for a moment but the hooded figure flees. Anakin chases him.


Anakin is running towards his speeder, gets on his comm and contacts Obi Wan. Kenobi says to leave his beacon on and he will find him.


The two meet up and there is a chase through Coruscant. Anakin says he believes it is the same warrior they dealt with on Naboo years ago. The chase continues but eventually both speeders crash. Obi Wan and Anakin emerge from the crash but Maul is gone. However they find a comm link left behind in the wreckage.


Obi Wan and Anakin meet with Padme, Anakin expresses anger that Dooku would order this kind of thing. Padme expresses doubt that Dooku is behind it.


Obi Wan and Anakin are ordered by the Council to try to track down the attacker. They take the comm link and try to hack into it to get former locations. Eventually they do, the far off planet of Utapau.


Padme meeets with Organa, she expresses doubts that Dooku was behind this attack. She then says the very dangerous idea that Palpatine was behind it. She explains she is his biggest adversary and she is trying to force him to lay down his powers. Organa is worried.


Anakin and Padme say goodbye as Anakin boards his ship for Utapau, he promises to get to the bottom of this.


Padme sets off on her own detective mission going to the lower levels of Coruscant. She meets with a shady looking character. He is an arms dealer. Padme says she knows he has been selling weapons to both sides. She wants to know Dookus location, the man laughs. Padme says she will turn him in for selling to the Federation if he doesn't tell her. He reluctantly gives the info over.


Obi Wan and Anakin are approaching Utapau. Anakin says he cant wait to find and kill this guy for attacking Padme, Obi Wan cautions that the info they may be able to get from him is more important. Anakin doesn't seem convinced.


They land on the planet and are greeted by dignataries who ensure them there are no “dark warriors” here. Obi Wan and Anakin set off to see for themselves.


Padme boards a ship by herself to head off and find Count Dooku.


Obi Wan and Anakin can't seem to make any headway. They are being escorted by the Utapau dignataries. They are about to give up when Anakin notices a blaster on the ground and says it is a battle droid blaster. The dignatary says “why couldnt you just leave”. Several battle droids enter the area, followed by Maul. Obi Wan tries to caution Anakin that now may not be the time to fight, Anakin ignores him and ignites his saber. Obi Wan has to follow suit. Lasers are firing in every direction. Maul is on the attack, Obi Wan and Anakin cut through the droids. Eventually there are only a few droids left and Maul. They attack Maul together. Maul is a good fighter but not a match for the two of them. They have him defeated, Obi Wan disarms him and wants to question him. Anakin though in a fit of anger kills Maul.


Padme comes out of hyperspace at the location she was given, there is a medium sized command ship and some smaller fighters. She realizes now just how defeated the Federation is. Small fighters approach her and guide her into the hull of the ship. She lands and is immediately taken prisoner.


Anakin and Obi Wan are flying back to the capital. They have an argument over the killing of Maul. Anakin storms off saying Obi Wan can never understand because Obi Wan has never loved anyone.


Padme sits in her cell when Dooku enters. They banter for a moment. Padme says that she now agrees with Dooku that Palpatine is evil and must be killed. She can't agree with his methods but she does agree with his goal. She tells Dooku her plan is to sneak Dooku and his men onto the planet and into the Senate building. There Dooku can find and kill Palpatine. Dooku expresses doubts because he doesn't think he could ever escape. Padme says that if he truly believed what he said that he would kill Palpatine, lay down his saber and surrender. Dooku agrees.


In this time of war every ship approaching the capital is subject to search. Dooku and his men hide on Padmes ship while the inspector boards. Padme tries to talk her way through it but he can sense something is wrong. He calls and orders a crew for a more thorough inspection. When Dooku hears this he springs out of hiding and kills the inspector. Padme is aghast, but the ship heads towards the planet.


The ship docks at the Senate, Dooku and his men run out and immediately kill guards stationed in the hangar and run off into the Senate building to find Palpatine. Padme sees the dead bodies around the hangar and cries, this isn't what she envisioned. Alarms begin going off.


Anakin and Obi Wan sit silently on their ship. An alarm goes off and they are notified of the attack in the Senate. They hurry back towards the capital.


Dooku and his men split up in search of Palpatine, the Senate floods with Jedi and storm troopers.


Anakin and Obi Wan arrive and join the search for Dooku. They split up.


All over the Senate Jedi encounter former friends and fight, however the former Jedi aren't a match for the pure numbers of Jedi and storm troopers. The Jedi win all the duals and kill all the former Jedi. Obi Wan meets up with Yoda and Mace Windu and they realize Dooku isn't accounted for. They run off to find him.


Padme is sitting dazed outside her ship. Bail Organa arrives. She says she had to do it, Palpatine had to be killed. Organa tells her they know it was her who snuck Dooku onto the planet. He urges her to leave immediately. Once the Senate is secure they will come looking for her. She agrees, runs onto her ship and takes off.


Palpatine sits in his office waiting. Dooku enters. They banter. Dooku says he has waited a long time for this, Palpatine says the same thing. Dooku ignites his saber and walks towards the Chancellor to kill him. Palpatine stands up like he is about to do something however just then Anakin runs in. Palpatine sits back down and says “help me Anakin”. Skywalker ignites his saber. Dooku expresses regret that he has to fight Anakin, tells him to stand down, let him kill Palpatine and then he will surrender. Anakin won't allow this and they dual. Anakin holds his own for a short time but eventually Dooku disarms him. Dooku raises his saber for the killing strike when out of nowhere with cat like quickness Palpatine jumps from his chair and unleashes a torrent of force lighting upon Dooku. He falls to the ground, his saber goes flying across the room. He writhes in terrible pain. Palpatine lets up for a moment and Dooku looks, realizing that even he did not truly understand the evil of Palpatine. Palpatine reignites the lightning and kills Dooku.


Anakin stands up in disbelief, asking how he did that. Palpatine says he can teach Anakin it but no one can know. Anakin nods his head. He tells Anakin to put his saber through Dooku, so it looks like he killed him. Anakin does it. Just then Obi Wan, Yoda and Mace enter with storm troopers. Palpatine explains Anakin defeated Dooku, the 3 Jedi can't believe it.


Anakin and Obi Wan are in the Jedi Temple. Palpatine has named Anakin his personal protector. Obi Wan thinks this is a bad idea but no changing Anakin's mind. Obi Wan says that Padme and Palpatine are now enemies. Anakin says that when Padme is found Palpatine will show mercy to her. Obi Wan seems doubtful. As Anakin leaves to start his new duties Obi Wan tells him “may the force be with you.”


Obi Wan meets with the Council. They discuss how eventhough the war is now over that Palpatine has tightened his grip even more, using the attempt on his life to justify it. Also are not crazy about Anakin's new job.


Padme is on a sparsely populated planet and meets with Captain Panaka who tells her this should be a good place to hide for now. Padme thanks him and he leaves. She sadly looks out the window. Then looks down at her belly and places her hand on it.


Palpatine sits in a dimly lit room on a throne like chair, he is shrouded completely in black. Anakin enters at the far end of the room and walks to the foot of the throne. He bows his head and drops to one knee in front of his new master.


The End

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Well due to the overwhelming response and sheer number of posts demanding I finish my trilogy here I have been forced to finish and post my Episode III. Calm down guys, you can stop all the PMs demanding it already!



Star Wars

The Dark Times


“Freedom has been estinguished in the Galaxy as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine continues to tighten his grip on the Republic


Several Jedi have left the Order and individually have begun to attempt to set up resistance movements against the power of the Chancellor


Anakin Skywalker has been tasked by the Chancellor with hunting down and killing these Rogue Jedi...


A Star Detroyer comes into view and slowly moves towards an unnamed planet. Several smaller ships leave the Star Destroyer and quickly head towards the planet.


Anakin Skywalker is on board one of these ships with a group of Storm Troopers. He begins barking orders at them reminding them of the mission. “We know a Jedi is with them, he is the top priority...”


The ships land on the surface of the planet and the storm troopers sprint out of them towards a small encampment. Anakin walks off his ship slowly after them. The encampment is taken by surprise as the troopers rush though, killing anyone in their way. There is chaos everywhere. Anakin enters the encampment looking for the Jedi who is leading the group.


Through the smoke and fire of the attack Ki Adi Mundi appears, walking towards Anakin who calls to him saying he never took him to be a traitor. Mundi fires back that at least he is not a traitor to his ideals. They both ignite their sabers and the dual is on. However the more experienced Mundi is no match for Anakin who has a fast, aggressive style and he easily defeats and kills the Jedi. Anakin seems to take enjoyment from the fight.


After the dual the fighting is over. There are dead bodies strewn along the ground and several prisoners. A storm trooper asks Anakin what to do with the prisoners, Anakin casually responds to kill them all. He then slowly walks away towards his ship. All this death seemingly having no affect on him.


On another planet in a rural village a mother and her young song sit in their hut. Across from them sits Grand Moff Tarkin. The hut is full of storm troopers. In his hand Tarkin holds a holographic image of Padme. He tells the mother they know Padme is in this area and asks if she recognizes her. The mother says no. He then turns to the son and asks the same question, the son also says no. Tarkin then asks the son if he wants to see his mother get hurt, the boy says no. Tarkin again asks if he knows where Padme is, the boy nods.


In the same village Padme sits in a small room with her 2 infant children, Luke and Leia. She looks on them with fondness but also has a sadness in her face. Then bursting into the room comes Capt. Panaka, he yells “they found us.”

(let it be noted this is not the same planet she ended up on in Episode II to hopefully illustrate that she has been chased across the Galaxy)


Padme and Panaka each grab one of the children and run out of the hut towards a ship. Storm troopers are running up the hill towards the hut. Lazer blasts flash over the shoulders of Padme and Panaka. Tarkin slowly makes his way up the hill to see the two boarding their ship and taking off. He says into his comm link “get ready, they are coming.”


Padme is at the controls of the ship as they approach 2 Star Destroyers. She is a good pilot and is able to evade them, even as TIE fighters emerge and join the chase. There are several close calls but eventually she is able to get the ship and go to lightspeed...and safety.


Bail Organa is dressed simply as he walks the streets of Coruscant, he passes in front of the Senate building. Something is going on in front of the building. There is a large crowd and several prisoners on a stage with military officers. One of the officers reads off a list of “crimes”, mainly treason. He then proclaims the penalty for treason is death. Organa continues on his way before the sentence is carried out.


He makes his way to the lower levels of the city and enters a nearly hidden door. Several others are waiting for him there. The meeting is about Palpatine's ever increasing power. No one seems to have a plan as Palpatine's Clone Army is many times larger than the combined military force of all their systems. They need allies. It is discussed that many Jedi have defected, but the main body of Jedi is still officially loyal. The conspirators don't know who they can trust and thus don't know who it is safe to ask for help. The adjourn the meeting, having made no progress.


Anakin has returned from his latest mission and is reporting to the Jedi Council, which now includes Obi Wan. He tells them of his success in dealing with the traitor Ki Adi Mundi. The Council seems less than enthusiastic but does not explicitly say it.


Padme, Panaka and the babies are in space. They have escaped Tarkin for now but there are few places they can go. Panaka says he may know of one system that would take them and hide them, Mustafar.


Obi Wan, Mace Windu and Yoda meet in a small room of the Jedi Temple. They, like the earlier conspirators, are concerned about Palpatine's power. They discuss the Jedi that have left the Order and been killed by Anakin. They don't understand how Anakin can defeat Masters of such experience. They also don't know what to make of Anakin, where his true loyalties lie. Mace feels he is a lost cause, totally loyal to Palpatine. Obi Wan however argues that he is only loyal to Palaptine because the Jedi “officially” still are. Yoda says it doesn't matter yet because the Jedi are not yet ready to act in any event. They also discuss possible moves they can make and decide that they would need politicians on their side if they were to act against the Chancellor.


Anakin reports to Palpatine about his progress in hunting down traiterous Jedi. He then asks about Padme, the Chancellor says nothing to report. Anakin asks if he can help in the search for her. Palpatine refuses the request, saying he needs Anakin to concentrate on the traitor Jedi.


Padme and Panaka arrive on Mustafar. It is a desolate place. They are greeted by the chairman of the system who has agreed to let them stay. Padme, having trouble trusting anyone, asks why he is allowing this. The chairman responds that years ago her father helped the people of Mustafar in a time of need and he considers this repayment. Padme decides to trust him.


Padme gets her and the twins settled in her chambers. She looks outside at the terrible place she is. She begins talking to the twins, really to herself. “This is no place for you, I can't let you live in a Galaxy like this.”


Padme goes to meet with Panaka, she tells him she is going to return to the Capital. He is shocked and protests. She says she has to, living on the run from a tyranical government is not how she can raise her children. He asks how she plans to get on the planet through all the security. She says she will dress as a poor peasant and try to sneak on the planet amongst a large group. Panaka expresses doubt saying he isn't sure this will work. Padme agrees but feels she has to try.


Anakin and Obi Wan meet privately. Obi Wan tries to feel Anakin out about where his real loyalty lies. They get in an argument when Obi Wan speaks in less than glowing terms about the Chancellor. Anakin yells “are you one of the traitors?” Obi Wan yells back angrily. They part in anger.


A large freighter approaches Coruscant. It carries cargo but also many passengers. The passengers are poor workers who are hoping to find work on the Capital. Padme is disguised as one of them. The ship is inspected before it is allowed to go to the planet. The officer asks if the workers have ID, the captain laughs, saying most of them don't even know their real names. The officer looks over the poor lot and gives permission to proceed.


Padme, dressed as a refugee, makes her way through the crowded streets of Coruscant, she is searching for Bail Organa. She eventually runs into him. She reveals who she is to Organa's shock. They sneak into an alleyway and Padme says to set up a meeting with anyone Organa can trust.


Organa has set up that meeting and Padme stands before the conspirators. She demands action from them, however many of them are too scared. Even being in this meeting is an act of bravery. Padme says the longer they wait, they harder removing Palpatine will become. The conspirators say they cannot act without Jedi support but they don't know which Jedi they could trust. Padme agrees and says to let her take care of figuring out Jedi support.


Padme seeks out and finds Obi Wan, she mentions the conspirators and how they want to act. Obi Wan says the Jedi feel the same way. They will arrange a meeting between the two factions.


The Jedi and the conspirators meet in secret and try to figure out a plan of action. The only possible way to remove him from power is to kill him. There is arguing from all corners about the best way to proceed. Finally Padme makes an impassioned speech about how they must assassinate Palpatine. How when the deed is done they should all lay down their weapons and turn themselves in. They cannot seize power themselves or it will look like they just want power for themselves. There is a lot of grumbling about this, but it is the only path they can take. It is decided they will attempt to kill the Emperor in an open session of the Senate, out in the open. It is decided which Jedi will join in the attack and which wil stay behind. Also it is decided Organa will not make his allegiance known as in the event of failure they will need him to try to work within the Senate afterwards.


After this meeting there is a smaller one with Obi Wan, Padme, Mace and Yoda. They discuss more details of the plan. Obi Wan suggests letting Anakin know about the plan, the others are against it. Even Padme doesn't want to include him, saying it is too important and that after the deed is done hopefully Anakin will understand.


The day has come for the attempt, the Senate is full. It is out first time seeing the Senate. It is a strange mix of the ancient and the modern with marble steps like ancient Rome but also modern technology. The Senators are all in their place with the Jedi hiding amongst them.


Palpatine makes his grand entrance, flanked by storm troopers. He is introduced as the Supreme Chancellor, not yet styling himself as Emperor yet. He stands before the Senate and is nearly ready to speak.


Just as Palpatine is about to talk Mace Windu springs from the Senate into an aisle, the other Jedi do as well. Palpatine gives a smirk and calmly says “do you have any news on any of your traitorous bretheryn?” Windu ignites his saber and moves faster towards the Chancellor. Just then the chamber floods with storm troopers and Anakin bursts in with saber ignited and begins to fight Windu.


All hell has broken loose as troopers fire upon the fleeing Senators, both the conspirators and the innocent. Many Senators are dying. All the Jedi have their sabers ignited and are trying to slice through troopers. Padme picks up the blaster of a dead trooper and begins fighting. Obi Wan kills many troopers.


At the front of this is Anakin facing Windu. They fight for a short time but eventually Anakin kills him. Obi Wan sees this and is shocked. The melee continues.


With all the chaos Palpatine is left somewhat unprotected for a moment, Padme finds herself clear to maybe attempt a shot. Anakin however rushes over and blocks it with the blast richocheting back and nearly killing Padme. They both take a moment in shock at this, but it is short lived as the fight continues.


The sheer number of troopers is too much to handle as the Senators have all fled. Obi Wan grabs Padme and rushes her outside the chamber. The attack is over. Palpatine is safe. Many Jedi and Senators have died.


Obi Wan and Padme rush to find a ship to get off the planet. They know its only a matter of time before the Jedi Temple is attacked. Obi Wan uses his comm to warn them.


Back in the Senate Palpatine and Anakin stand before the strewn bodies of Senators, Jedi and stormtroopers. Palpatine thanks Anakin for warning him of the attack and assures him that he has done the right thing. He then reminds him that Obi Wan and Padme were involved in this attack and are now their enemies. Anakin understands. Palpatine then says that all Jedi are obviously their enemy and that the Jedi are permanently staind in the galaxy and that Anakin can no longer he associated with them in any way. Because of this the name Anakin Skywalker is also staind and that he can no longer use it. Anakin shall from now on be known as Darth Vader. He then orders Vader to go the Jedi Temple and deal with all the traitors.


Obi Wan and Padme find a ship and take off, they have to get through Palpatines security blockade however. Padme is at the controls as she is the better pilot. There are several close calls but they eventually get past it.


Vader leads a huge group of storm troopers up the steps of the Jedi Temple. The Jedi are ready however due to Obi Wans warning. The fighting is intense as Vader is able to kill many Jedi, plus the number of troopers are too much for the Jedi to handle. Some Jedi decide it is a lost cause and decide to flee.


Vader comes face to face with Yoda amidst the chaos. They nearly fight but troopers enter and prevent the one on one. Yoda is foced to flee.


The battle of the Temple is over and it is ordered destroyed. The smoke and flames can be seen for miles throughout the capital.


There is a battle in space around Coruscant as Senators and Jedi seek to leave the capital. Many of their ships are destroyed but several escape, including Master Yoda.


Obi Wan and Padme communicate with some who have fled the capital. Padme gives the co-ordinates of Mustafar and they agree to meet there.


When they arrive the leader of Mustafar is not so happy. He agreed to let Padme stay there but did not sign up for this larger number of rebels. Padme promises him they won't stay long.


All the conspirators meet, including cameos from several characters from the OT. They really don't know what to do but they need a plan.


Obi Wan, Yoda and Padme meet. She reveals the twins to them and that Anakin is the father. Obi Wan confesses he had told Anakin of the attack, he trusted him too much. Padme and Yoda forgive him.


The leader of Mustafar is nervous, if he is found harboring all these fugitives it will surely have dire consequences. He can't take that risk for his people. He contacts Grand Moff Tarkin and tells him who is on his planet.


Vader, Tarkin and Palpatine meet. Tarkin tells them of the message he received. Palpatine orders an attack, he makes it clear to Vader to concentrate on the Jedi and leave Padme to Tarkin.


All the conspirators are meeting again when a scout runs in and tells them that the Empire is here!! There is near panic, Padme curses the leader of Mustafar.


Troopers begin to swarm everywhere. Padme's main concern is the twins, she takes them and tries to find a ship to escape in.


Obi Wan is slicing through troopers when Vader arrives. The two stare down, Vader demands to know where Padme is. Obi Wan refuses. Vader claims that “she is his”. Obi Wan chuckles and responds “oh she is a possession now.” Vader claims to love her. Obi Wan says “you claim to love her, but you've forgotten who she is. She wouldn't love you any more.” This angers Anakin who ignites his saber and the fight is on.


All over the area troopers find and kill Senators and the few Jedi who are left. It is a total rout. Yoda manages to find a ship and escape.


Vader and Obi Wan fight alongside a lava flow. It is an even fight. Obi Wan begins to goad Anakin on, taunting him “I thought you were more powerful than this, I guess the darkside is not as strong as I thought.” The taunts infuriate Vader and eventually he gets over aggressive and swings wildly at Obi Wan who is able to side step and duck out of the way. Obi Wan then springs back up and in one swipe is able to cut off Vaders arm who stumbles back into the lava flow and ignites in flame! His saber goes flying. Vader is screaming in pain. Obi Wan can barely look. He sheds a tear, picks up Vaders saber and leaves.


Obi Wan eventually finds Padme and then 2 needs to figure out a plan. All is lost. They find two ships. Obi Wan tells Padme to take the kids, he will distract the Empire. Padme disagrees. She is the better pilot, she can occupyThe t the Empire better and Obi Wan can escape with the twins. Obi Wan agrees.


The two take off and run into star destroyers. Padme makes several mistakes, identifying herself and flying too close to the Star Destroyer. Obi Wan is shocked but then he realizes what she is doing. She is the Empires main target and is giving herself up.


On board the destroyer Tarkin is notified they have Padme. He orders a boarding party.


The Empire is so focused on Padme that Obi Wan is able to escape and head to safety with the twins.


Padme's ship is captured by Tarkins Star Destroyer. She is brought before him and thrown down onto her knees in front of the Grand Moff.


Obi Wan looks sadly upon Padmes ship being captured, however he is able to make the jump to hyperspace.


The burnt nearly dead body of Anakin Skywalker lays near a lava bank on Mustafar. We see a ship approach and several red Imperial Guards emerge. Followed by Emperor Palpatine. He walks up and kneels besides his apprentices body.


Obi Wan has met with Yoda and Bail Oragana on board Bails ship. They have to decide what to do with the twins. Bail volunteers to take the girl, Obi Wan will take the boy to be with his uncle on Tatooine and Yoda will go into hiding.


We see the burnt body of Vader being placed inside his black suit and hear his labored breathing for the first time.


Emperor Palpatine sits on his throne on Coruscant with Vader beside him. Padme is escorted in by guards. Palpatine tells the guards to leave. Padme looks upon the grosteque Vader and is repulsed. It is obvious Padme has not been treated well by visible bruises. Palpatine begins talking “Queen Amidala, I feel like you have been my enemy even longer than I realize. However I am a forgiving man” he says as he looks to Vader “if you support me publicly I will spare your life.” Padme stands herself up straight with every last bit of strength available to her and despite her poor treatment looks every bit as regal as she ever has and says “ill never support the likes of you”. Palpatine gives a wry smile for this is the outcome he desired. “Very well, you have been a thorn in my side long enough” and he unleashes a torrent of Force Lighthing as he cackles with delight. Padme falls to the ground in agony, screaming in pain. Vader looks on. The music fades away until all we hear are Padmes screams as she writhes in pain on the floor. Then her screams fall silent as she lays still on the floor and dead. The sound of her screams are replaced by Vader's iconic breathing.


Senator Organa returns to his homeworld with the infant Leia.


Obi Wan gives the infant Luke to his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru and rides off into the sunset.


The End

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