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Comic books on iPad

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Filthy Jawa

Filthy Jawa

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Anyone here read comics on an iPad or other tablet? I haven't read comics in years, but maybe that's partly because I don't have room to store them or time to go to the comic shop. So I'm starting to get curious about getting some on iPad, maybe rereading some of the old ones I read in the 80s and 90s as well as getting caught up on what's good now.
So my question is, how best to go about it. I've started googling comic readers and see. Comics by Comixology and Comic Zeal mentioned a lot. Anyone here ever use either of these? Or another app?

Darth Krawlie

Darth Krawlie

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I got a couple trades on my kindle, bought them directly from amazon and it was fine for me.

Nothing I just said was helpful. You're welcome.




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I use comixology on my iPad and love it. I feel bad for killing some comic shop business, but the ability to buy comics wednesday Am without getting out of bed is great. Art on an iPad is about the same size as a real comic book-- I can't imagine I'd like it on my phone or a smaller tablet though.


Comixology is the way to go-- they get pretty much everything. The only annoying part is that you can't buy in-app any more. Since Amazon bought them, and Amazon is enemies with Apple, they cut out anything that would give apple a cut. Now you have to go to their website (which you can still do via a browser on the ipad (so still not getting out of bed), make your purchases (same as cover price), then go back to the app to download them.

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