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An evening with monkeygirl

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Okay, so it was actually an afternoon. Whatever.


So here I am on the internets doing some job hunting, when I receive a text.


photo 1.PNG


It's clear from the get go she's not in a sober state of mind.


photo 2.PNG


photo 3.PNG


My phone is beeping non-stop. I don't mind, of course.


photo 4.PNG


Now things start to get a little surreal.


photo 5.PNG


photo 6.PNG


I'm pretty sure the first pic is supposed to be her fingers. For all I know she took the picture on accident.


photo 7.PNG


Here it's definitely her fingers, but I'm still not convinced it's on purpose. We're only half way there, folks.


photo 8.PNG


Jury's lice.


photo 9.PNG


At this point Lyra is waking up, so I'm out of the room getting her out of the crib and putting on a new diaper. I can hear my phone exploding in the other room.


photo 10.PNG


And now, I think she's confused me with the wrong number she had texted originally. Why/how she even still had a number I haven't had in five years is beyond me.


photo 11.PNG


photo 12.PNG


Tami had called up a delivery pizza place in San Diego last weekend and had it delivered to my house last weekend. It was the nicest and most out-of-the-blue things she's done for me. And that's how I started to get really confused. I think she started to put it together at the end of this one, but then again, I'm not sure she was aware she cross texted at all.


photo 13.PNG


I wanted to ask her about it quicker, but Lyra was getting annoyed I was looking at my phone and not at her, so my questioning here at the end was a few minutes after her last text, so I never found out for sure.


photo 14.PNG


This was probably the best text exchange I've ever had with her, and I really wanted to be sure everyone was included. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. These all took place over the span of a half hour.

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