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College Football 2014 thread: Year one of the playoff


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Well it is going to be a long season for FSU.


Offensive line sucked and they are supposed to be the strength.


Running backs were bad because of OL play.


Wide receivers need work in getting open with the exception of Reshad Green.


Defense I will give a C+ they made plays and did well but gave up too much.


Kickoff coverage was horrible! Set the defense up in bad spots. Our punter flat out sucks!


Now to Mr. Winston. He did not wear his contacts. He forces the ball down te field too much and is leaning on Greene too much. He made some nice plays but he looked unpolished like he did at the spring game.


My hats off to OSU! They played hard all night and gave us a heck of a fight and test.




I must say a lot of teams today in that top 10 did not look good at all. UCLA and Alabama in particular looked bad.


If this first week is any indication I think a dark horse will rise out of this mess this year.


Lastly Gurley from UGA is an absolute beast! That guy put on a clinic today.

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Oh boy FSU has problems. Its going to be a long season. 3 defensive lineman hurt in the first quarter. Bad tackling, not shedding blocks and just looking soft.


Offense looked good in the first half but came off flat in 2nd half. We are sleepwalking through these first two games.


It is going to be a long year.


VT defense looked and played great tonight. I love to see Urban Meyer lose.


Oregon looked good today.


I cannot believe a head coach calls his athletic director down to argue with refs. Yes that happened in the USC vs Stanford.

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I believe Texas A&M is a much better team than they were with Johnny Football. Their offense is clicking, their defense is pretty solid and they have pretty much dominated the field on both sides of the ball. I honestly believe they'll be amongst the top 4 teams when all is said and done.

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Pop quiz! You have been accused of sexual assault and not charged criminally,you still have an ongoing civil suit and title IX investigation, you are a heisman winner and have done dumb things in the past and everything you do and say is under a microscope. So what is the last thing you should say in public let alone standing on a bench and yelling multiple times?


How about not saying " fuck her right in the *****!"


This is totally clasless Winston and you deserve to be suspended for the whole game and not just a half.


Fsu was already going to be in a dog fight saturday night with clemson but now it could be worse. Ur defense is soft and undisciplined and we do not have a killer instinct like last year.


This is simply embarassing.

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