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Hogan's Birthday

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The Stool Sample

The Stool Sample

    Sexual Chocolate

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So just saw the recent segment on RAW celebrating Hogan's birthday where the nMo nWo reunited. It was a nice moment and Piper, Flair, Mr. Wonderful, Jimmy Hart, Kevin Nash, Mean Gene & Scott Hall were all in the ring with Hogan.


A serious group of legends! Then down comes Brock and he gets all up in the face of Hogan and Flair - then Cena runs down and they have a stand-off, only to have Brock jump out of the ring and run.


WHAT THE HELL!? Seriously! What a wasted opportunity! All those legends in the ring and you couldn't think of anything better than to have them stand there and pose? Let Brock hit a couple or have something happen. Just sad, really.


Anyways, wanted to vent that wasted opportunity.


In fact! Let's make this a 'vent' thread - what are some of the recent 'wasted opportunity' moments the WWE has had where they could have had a moment of epic proportions?




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Party's over grandpa.



    Making This Sh*t Cool Again

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He did not like that.

But Orndorff sniffing Heyman...what in all hell?

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