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Teen Titans GO!

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The Human Torch

The Human Torch


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Anyone watch this? I watch it with my kids and it is at times crazy hilarious. The episode that spurred me to post is called "Girls Night Out, You're Fired".

In the latter part Beast Boy is ousted from the team and after a casting call a "classic duo" gets hired. Several awesome things happen, but a couple examples of the dialogue;

Robin: "You're fired. You've forgotten what it means to be a superhero!"

Beast Boy: "Not fair! I never knew what it meant to be a superhero!"

[casting call]

Robin: "Next up... B'wana Beast?"

Cyborg: "B'wana Beast?! Hahahahaha! I bet you B'wana a new name."

In another episode, name of which I don't know, one of the group is depressed or something and they are strolling around Townsville or wherever they are. They walked past Graffiti on a wall which was a Superman S-Shield with the word 'hope' sprayed on it. LOL

Darth Virul

Darth Virul

    The Loin King

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I've watched all but couple of the latest. "Girl's Night" is still the best. That CHASE! Another funny one is where Raven's tooth cavity opens up rift into the dark dimension. Oh and let's not forget the one where Robin infiltrates the HIVE HQ in disguise, planning to blow it up but likes it so much better than the Titans Tower that stays. And the rest of the Titans follow of course, in their own disguises.Air Hockey table, the final temptation of any super hero team.

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The Maker

The Maker

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I've given this show a few LOLs. :)

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Yeah, it's just fun.
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