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Nightly Writing Group: The Affair


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This is my first attempt, and I broke my own guideline of 600 words minimum, but I really stretched to get to 427. It's a little disturbing, and brought on by a news story I read about 10 years ago.


Edit to add: the prompt was "Everything you know is a lie"



I had an affair with Nancy.


There, I said it.


Do you feel better? No, of course not, because I said it in my head, knowing that it would ruin everything. I’m staring at the phone, knowing I should tell you the truth, but knowing that it would ruin our marriage, our family, our kids. It only happened once, and you and the kids were in Colorado. I had a few people over for a cookout; we played some games, had some beers, and after everyone left it was just the two of us here. It was late, and I was more than a little buzzed. I had turned the ball game on, and we were just sitting on the couch. I started rubbing her back. It was nothing new, I’d done it a million times right in front of you. The next thing I know, she was sitting on my lap, kissing me all over.


I should have stopped. I should have done anything else. Gone for a walk. Looked at our wedding photos. Called Bob. Fixed the fence or put together the wagon that’s still boxed up in the basement. How I wish I had done something else, anything else.

But I didn’t, and one thing lead to another. I don’t think you need the play by play. It would just make everyone feel worse. After it was over, I just laid there, and all I could think about was playing with the kids in the backyard.

I pictured Ethan bouncing his ball with his big smile, so proud of himself for managing it for the first time. I pictured Becky throwing the dog toy around, and the dog bringing it back every time to her delighted squeal. I pictured you, kissing me lightly on the lips while I grilled the hot dogs for dinner. Our last night as a family, because of what I’ve done.


The vomiting only has gotten worse. It wasn’t my fault. It was Sam Adams and Glenlivet. I’m not the type who would do that. I’m better. I’m a Christian! There’s no way it could happen. But it did. Now what am I supposed to do?

There’s only one answer I can think of. I’ll take her out in the driveway, and back over her. Then I’ll call and explain that I was going out, and I backed over her accidentally. Somehow she got out of the house.

It’ll be easier for everyone to believe that I backed over the family dog, instead of doing what I did with her. Poor girl.

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