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Wolfenstien: The New Order


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Just picked this up today and have put in a good 6 hours so far. And I can say that I haven't laughed and had as much as fun as this in a video game for a long time. Seriously. Story is great, script is great, and it's violence is comedicly over the top. But definately not for children.

I played the original wolfenstien as a kid, and this title certainly pays homage to the original, and has the tounge n cheek that most old shooters had in spades, that has been lost over the years. It's like a 1980s Kurt Russell/Dolph Lungren action film with the typical humorous writing of other Bethesda titles (I'm thinking fallout here particularly). It's very self aware, and wants to make you laugh whilst killing Nazis left right and centre.


It's not the future of gaming by any means but it certainly is loads of fun.

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