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No - it's someone not in "Live Another Day", but has been in 24 previously. I've searched for a link to it online and found this one for the full 7 mins if you fanct watching it. All in English, despite the site.



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If they wait a couple more seasons, Kim will be a cougar.

Well, that was one damn nice season of 24.

I imagine so. Each season is pretty accessible, especially compared to, say, Lost.

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that was bad ass! thanks for finding that!


Too bad he was planning to escape, the concept of him being on the inside infiltrating cartels and terrorist cells is actually a cool set up for a spin off show.

I think there may be a twist on that T.


If you need someone broken out of a Siberian Jail... Who you gonna call?


I love this show. I've only watch it in it's entirety this year from January until this week. Surprisingly, it flows really well watched in a block like that. A friend of mine is a massive 24 fan and he was disappointed with the new series but I thought it was Vintage Bauer. James Heller was one of the best characters in the show ever and Audrey gave Jack such a grounding when he was losing his way in the middle season. It was a really nice surprise to see them back and to have closure on their story as sad as it was. But then again Jim Heller was right... everything Jack touches...


Anyway, having bought the latest season on Blu-Ray I was pleasantly surprised to find 24: Solitary as a bonus item. Tony is one of my favourite characters as well and that short sets him up nicely for a return either as Jack's nemesis or Jack's saviour. I actually felt that he was genuine with his remorse up until he attacked the woman. And we really don't know who was on that phone. But I will go nuts if they don't bring this show back again.


Everyone needs a fix of the Jack Bauer Power Hour!!



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Guest El Chalupacabra

I am a big fan of the idea of Tony coming back for next season....in fact, when LAD ended, I thought to myself he is the logical one to spring Jack. But you are right, he could be Jack's savior OR nemesis, OR both! Tony is like a darker version of Jack. Both are former CTU agents. Everything that happened to Jack, has also happened to Tony. Both have lost wives, and many of the same people. Jack may have gone rogue, but he never betrayed the ideals of his job of doing the greater good. Tony may have thought he was doing that to, but his view became twisted.


I would love to either see the redemption of Tony, or see him and Jack have a final showdown, preferably after Tony & Chloe rescue him.


One last thought. We never saw who or learned about the organization Nina Meyers worked for in season 1. It would be nice to come back to that plotline, and see it come full circle and reveal Tony is or was working for the same people Nina once did.

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In Season 1 Nina worked for some kind of German Intelligence Setup. It is unknown whether her employer had any political allegiance. But in Season 2 it became clear she worked for a much larger organisation. Or the man on the boat as I liked to call him.


Funny thing about the end of Season 2...

An additional scene was filmed, but never really intended to air. It is additional footage of Max after Mandy's call. A woman places her bandaged hand on Max's shoulder. He whispers something to her, then she bends down to kiss him. It is then we realize the woman is Nina, who has been behind it all along. They cut it because they realized they couldn't possibly explain it given the show's time frame.

Apparently it is in the Season 2 Deleted Scenes.



The resolutions to many of the storylines from the finale of Season 2 were never fully wrapped up on the show. However, the 2006 release of 24: The Game (2006) for the PlayStation 2 did in fact answer many questions, including who was behind the attack on Palmer's life.

Finally... this was the story from the game explaining what happened to Max.

Max hired terrorist Peter Madsen to target Acting President James Prescott. Max's carefully laid plans eventually fell apart when he kidnapped Kate Warner in an attempt to blackmail her father, Bob Warner, into helping him smuggle nuclear weapons out of the country. Californian Governor James Radford approached Max and wanted to get out of the situation even though Max had promised that he would be the next President of the United States. Disappointed, Max showed the Governor toMandy who then slit his throat. Later, Max was found and shot by Jack Bauer onboard his yacht. He survived the first shot and shot Jack back in the ribs, Jack staggered back, but managed to pull the trigger one more time, shooting Max again in the chest, piercing his bulletproof vest.




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