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Say Something Random II - Eclectic Depression

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Well, that's certainly an unexpected turn.




I finally got fired, and because there was a status change in my employment, my unemployment benefits have to be investigated again before I get paid.




But mostly this.

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My big stressor is gone. I had applied for a job that I completely forgot about. They called me this week, I did a phone interview and got to meet with the hiring managers today. After the intervie

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Once I got the right person at the unemployment office, getting that done was super easy. Just had to fill out a form online. Of course, finding the person who could help was a problem.


And, yeah, this interview thing is pretty weird and I think they would've been better off not doing it. I'm not an attorney, but my basic understanding is:

If someone has a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) they can ask for a reasonable accommodation.

The employer needs to engage in some type of dialogue regarding the accommodation.


If a job reassignment is the only reasonable accommodation, and it is reasonable, they have to reassign you without forcing you to compete for the position (ie interview, etc)


So, if they're now willing to say "Hey, this guy seems like he could do this job" when before they were saying "this guy can't do this job," there's a disconnect that they need to address.

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Also, I realized that the fact that they wanted to interview me, and I got the details in an email, is a good thing to have while interviewing for other jobs. "See, they're still interested in me, so the split wasn't bad!"

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Buy new ones?



But I don't NEED new ones and underpants aren't cheap. Why spend over $200 on something nobody is going to see if it's functional? OTOH, WHY do I own 30 pairs of something I wear daily that give me no pleasure?

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Holy ****ing hell you guys.


So...my nana had back surgery last week. Even though my dad was in town, neither he nor Nana's husband planned to stay in the hospital with her, so I volunteered. (FYI if you've never been in the hospital overnight, particularly after surgery, someone needs to stay with you. I don't care how old you are or how healthy you are. You NEED an advocate there with you. You NEED someone who can do even simple shit like refill your water for you, and you definitely need someone who can go light a fire under the nurses ass if need be.) She's at home recovering under the care of her husband, Mr. I Need ALL The Attention PLEASE. He had his own surgery last year, but it didn't go so well. He had to have a bypass in his leg (again) and this time his body is rejecting the tube they implanted causing lots of extra fluid build-up which apparently brings random bouts of sharp pain. He's not the caregiving type, so I've been over there almost every day to help her shower, get dressed, eat dinner, etc. Then a few nights ago his leg got so bad he had to go to the ER. So he called his (completely ****ing worthless piece of shit freeloading) son who promptly told him that he "couldn't because I have the babies". YOUR ****ing IN-LAWS LIVE LITERALLY 3 MINUTES AWAY YOU LAZY SHITSACK!! THEY CAN BABYSIT LONG ENOUGH FOR YOU TO TAKE YOUR FATHER TO THE ****ing HOSPITAL!!!!!!!! Now both of them are laid up all invalid-like and need help. Guess whose good-for-absolutely-****ing-nothing son hasn't bothered to check on them? So Trevor and I are sorta taking turns stopping by. MEANWHILE good-for-nothing-shitsack is supposed to be running his dad's company but guess who's had to go in every single day to take care of things while running his own company? Yes, Trevor. And I'm trying to keep both of my children alive which is becoming harder each day because the baby is dead set on killing himself by impalement apparently and my formerly-awesome 8 year-old suddenly turned into a teenager who won't come out of his room unless there's food.


AND NOW my other grandfather needs someone to take him to have surgery next week while he and Grandma are packing to move into a retirement community! My aunt is coming into town the day after to catch a plane to Baltimore to visit our cousin who had a stroke 2 months ago but HOLY SHIT she can't possibly come a day early to take her father to the goddamned hospital for outpatient surgery because she's "already going to be away from home for 4 days" (seriously?!? fuck!) And meanwhile, Grandma wants to give me like everything in her house while I'm trying to declutter my own. AND she's constantly hinting that she needs help packing her stuff and since I'm the only one (of her 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and countless nieces and nephews) who seems to be "able" (if you assume being a stay-at-home homeschooler is not a real job) to help.


SO to cap this all off, Trevor's dying-of-Huntingtons best friend's mom died. So we had to take off to Austin for the funeral last week only to have Trevor get really ill forcing us to miss the funeral!!


I'm done. I'm so ****ing done. Or I would be if I could be. Good grief...

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So yesterday was fun.


When I got to Nana's house she was nearly in tears lying in bed. Apparently shortly before we arrived she'd tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, kept calling for help which Walt didn't hear, made it to the bathroom, but couldn't get her pants down (no bending allowed) and had an accident. Other than this back surgery thing, the woman is in excellent health. So something like this is completely new to her and devastatingly humiliating. Turns out, she's in bed but naked from the waist down. She had clean clothing next to her, but she can't bend to get her legs into underwear or pants. So I kicked Noah out of the room and helped her slip on new panties and pants when Walter busts into the room saying "well how the hell did that happen?" THANK YOU MISTER SENSITIVE!! Good grief!


Anyway. Once she gets clothes on she hobbles into the living room to hang out with the boys which genuinely makes her feel better. The baby steals her walker and takes it for a stroll. Noah tells her about his weekend in Austin. It's all good, right? So I start to tell her that I have to take my other grandpa to go get his skin cancer removed from his face because my aunt doesn't want to come in a day early to do it, and I mention to Walt that Trevor might need to stay at home with the boys and won't be able to help out with his company that day. Well HOLY HELL! That seems to set both of them off! "That's bullshit!" "Why should you have to change your plans because she won't change hers?" "You just tell her that you can't!" "Sure he's your grandfather, but he's her father!!" Until finally I have to point out to them that, "It's a good thing I don't buy into that line of thought! Last I checked you have 3 sons between the 2 of you so why am I here helping you bathe and get dressed? Why was I the one who spent the night at the hospital?"


It's not like Trevor and I didn't know this would happen. We discussed it when we decided to move to Houston and we discuss it pretty regularly. Walt's youngest son is a shitsack, his older son lives in Tennessee, and my dad lives in Austin. All of my other grandparents' children and grandchildren live in Austin and San Antonio. We're the only ones who are local. We know what that means. These people are all in their 70s and 80s. I mean come on! We knew we'd always be the first on scene so to speak and that much of the smaller responsibilities would fall on us, but damn people (!) we didn't expect our entire families to shirk all responsibility every time!

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