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Fantastic Four reboot


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Guest El Chalupacabra

The Chris Evans F4 wasn't deplorable. It correctly hit many of the tones this new version seems to be shunning.


Side: Doom being a hacker/terror based villain doesn't seem so silly nowadays, might make sense given a present world approach and the state of the former USSR. Perhaps this Doom was born into a war state found in the collapse of the Union. Maybe there isn't anything left of his country to rule over.

I actually liked the first movie. It was ROTSS that messed things up, but even that wasn't as bad as I think this version will be.


Hacker Doom is something I can't get on board with. I would have liked a Chechnya-like Latveria, where Doom is a ruthless terrorist leader turned dictator: think Ramzan Kadyrov, crossed with bin Laden, and Jim Jones.








The new FF trailer is terrible. I have far more interest in Bats V Supes, which isn't much.

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oh i was talking about bretts bms


i am far too classy to talk about my poops


sry if there was any misunderstanding guys




Regarding the trailer... still not into it, but I am not sure I'm being fair, either. Was it good? Bad? I honestly don't know, because Fantastic Four is one of several iconic Marvel properties that simply don't do it for me unless part of a larger ensemble (Wolverine and Frank Castle come to mind in this regard as well). Honestly, this movie could be 90 minutes of Lizzy Caplan fondling her breasts while arguing the finer points of the first three Devo albums with a talking St. Bernard, but if I read "Fantastic Four" anywhere near the synopsis I'm just gonna have to lose interest.



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"This is a movie where a superhero famed for his amazing powers of elasticity can be choked out like a henchman in a Swayze flick" - Andrew Wright of the Portland Mercury




If this stays below a ten percent on RT I might just see it on video eventually.

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