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UNCONFIRMED Star Wars news

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No. No. That's not true. That's impossible.

We all have limits to our suspension of disbelief. Even you, Justus, would balk eventually at something. Don't get haughty and brag how you'll just "let SW7 unfold as whatever it has to be." Storytell

What about Tank's notes? That is the most important question here.

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Maybe the Hutts like to present themselves as something other than gangsters. Maybe they have good PR. So then you have the Dons saying, "We're family men, business men. We take care of our community." Then you have a police sergeant say, "The Dons are gangsters!"


A similar swerve but not the same was done by BioWare with their Dragon Age franchise. Now granted Dragon Age didn't have kazillions of fans reading two decades of expanded material about their beloved universe, but BioWare did do this type of "term swerve" and when they did it the fans accepted it.


In their case;


The Qunari had been presented as a race initially. Like Dwarves or Elves. Then in the sequel story the Qunari are shown to still be a race but also religion. BioWare played with the idea like so (the following is typical in-game Qunari logic);


Hero: "Hello, Qunari Leader. I wish to talk about why you hate my friend here."

[Hero points to another Qunari]

Qunari Leader: "He is not Qunari."

Hero: "But he is Qunari. Just like you."

Qunari Leader: "He looks like me. He is not me or like me."

Hero: "Is Qunari not your people's name?"

Qunari Leader: "It is."

Hero: "You say you do not hate your own. You say you are Qunari. And yet you attack my friend, who is Qunari."

Qunari Leader: "He is not Qunari."

Hero: "Okay. So Qunari is a status. Then what is your people's name?"

Qunari Leader: "No. We are Qunari. He is not Qunari."

[an elf walks by]

Elf: "Hello, Fellow Qunari."

Qunari Leader: "Hello, Fellow Qunari."

Hero: "She was Qunari, but he is not?"

Qunari Leader: "Yes. She is not of us, but she is Qunari."

Hero: "He is of you, what is he?"

Qunari Leader: "Not Qunari."

[Hero gives up]

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Though it doesn't explain Captain Panaka's line in TPM "The Hutts are gangsters!" since that would be like saying "the Mafia Dons are gangsters!" now. Well, duh!

But nearly every single Panaka line was superfluous. Next time I watch TPM I'm going to say "Duh!" after each one.
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Eh-- they say JJ wants to focus on the young new cast, but everywhere says the whole reason they tossed Arndts script was because JJ wanted the OT cast. This feels like somebody just making up fluff that's too plain to dismiss, to obscure to confirm.

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It wouldn't surprise me if a deal came out eventually, though. I mean, I don't know the logistics and I don't really care, but it seems like a potential win for both companies. Disney benefits from reminding people of what they loved about Star Wars without crazy old Lucas messing with it and Fox gets money.

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Between no mention of Fox and it really just being one site reporting it (everyone else is using that site as the source) it's not believable, but I do believe that someone is working on it.

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Damn-- the pro quality of these images and how perfectly they line up with the few legit spy photos we've seen make me think these are legit. That said, I am on the Pinewood lot THIS VERY SECOND and can see the main stage they are using from my window. No one is panicking. And security here is so freaking tight-- I again can't help but suspect these are intentional leaks.


All that aside, they look pretty damn awesome. Interesting that the Falcon / X-Wing base we've seen is called "pirates cove" implying they are NOT the reigning government... also that it is the legacy set to the Massassi Temple...

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