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Game of Thrones season 4

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Arya's reaction to the news of Lysa's death was priceless. Priceless.

This show is incredible.   I'm all jacked up and I'm officially done with another year of school so I think I'll stay up a couple more hours and finish ADWD... only 140 or so pages left!

  • 2 weeks later...

For book readers



Do you think they'll show Arya's dream with Nymeria pulling the body from the Green Fork or Nymeria leading the pack of wolves? The first could potentially spoil the Lady Stoneheart reveal, which I presume will be the final shot this season, and they both might intimate too heavily that Arya can warg. I'm not sure if that's a "secret" or not. Truthfully, I can't even remember if we know for sure Arya is a warg or not. I'm only 200 pages into ADWD. I can't really remember how her dreams were handled in SoS.


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My uncle and I just wrapped up a massive re-watch of the first three seasons and wrote about them on his blog. We did it in 5 episode increments.


Part 1, S1E1-S1E5

Part 2, S1E6-S1E10 authored by me.

Part 3, S2E1-S2E5

Part 4, S2E6-S2E10 authored by me.

Part 5, S3E1-S2E5 authored by me.

Part 6, S3E6-S2E10


We re-watched them so you didn't have to!

The question is, why would anyone in their right mind not want to?

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I'm actually a little off my game in terms of Westeros knowledge right now. I've read all the books twice but the 2nd reading finished a bit ago. It's been a while since the last TV season, obviously. There was a time a year and a half to a year ago that I knew entirely too much about all this crap. I suppose I still know it, just not as fresh in my mind.


It got so bad my friend and I spotted this minute error in the Song of Ice and Fire iphone app and reported it to them.

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I haven't yet, though I'm somewhat familiar with some of the stories from my perusing online. Those will probably be early summer readings for me.


Overall, I was pleased. It was a little slow at times, but since I know where most of the storylines are going, it was tolerable. Okay, so here's what we got in case anyone has a hard time remembering what just happened:


- Reforging of Ice - with the Rains of Castamere playing in the background. It was eerie, and amazing.

- Tywin/Jaime - Jaime refuses Tywin's request to make him lord of Casterly Rock When Jaime asks if Tywin wants the sword back Tywin says "a one armed man needs all the help he can get," or something to that effect and it was entertaining. That's the first time we've seen a Lannister child say no to Tywin, right? At any rate, Tywin is a frightening man. He is the most powerful man in Westeros, crown or not.

- Tyrion receives the Dornish, who actually do exist and do more than make wine.

- Oberyn in the brothel. Glorious sexposition like only Game of Thrones can give us. And then he hurts a Lannister, because Oberyn Martell hates Lannisters. Good enough for me!

- Oberyn and Tyrion - Rhaegar and Elia back story. Oberyn is intent on violence. "Lannisters aren't the only ones who pay their debts."

- Dany and Dragons. A scene largely meant to show us that the dragons are much larger this year, and so Jorah can remind us that dragons can't be tamed.

- Dany and Daario/Grey Worm. A scene largely meant to show us that they've re-cast Daario, and so Daario can remind us that Grey Worm is a eunuch.

- Tyrion and Sansa. Tyrion really tries his best, but what can he do, really? "I don't pray anymore, it's the only place I can go where people don't talk to me." Good line.

- Tyrion and Shae - marital discomfort! Shae is hurt be how bound to duty Tyrion is.

- Jaime gets his golden hand. Cersei claims she spent "days" helping them get the details right, and then changes it to "a better part of an afternoon." Qyburn has given Cersei something for her symptoms. Symptoms of what? Cersei spurns Jaime's advances, somehow blames him. Cersei's handmaiden informs her about Shae's existence.

- Wildlings/Thenns. Neat?

- Jon's "trial." Janos Slynt is just awful awful awful. Maester Aemon saves the day, for now.

- Lady Olenna and Margaery picking out jewelry. Brienne shows up and Lady Olenna is fascinated by how beastly she is. Brienne tells the truth of Renly's murder to Margaery.

- Kingsguard planning with Jaime, Meryn, and Joff. Joffrey thinks he is so great. Calls Jaime out for not being at Blackwater even though Joffrey fled the field himself. Introduction of the Book of Brothers.

- Daario and Dany. Flirting. They're on their way to Mereen.

- Brienne and Jaime watching Sansa.

- Sansa is given a necklace by Ser Dantos, the night she saved on Joffrey's name day some time ago.

- Arya, the Hound, and Polliver. Awesome. I love Arya. I love that she killed Polliver. I hate that I love that the adolescent girl killed someone.


Comments for book readers:




- We heard Rains of Castamere twice this episode, once in the first scene and once again by the Lannister guys in the brothel. I'm wondering if that's going to be an in-joke with the audience, setting up Lady Olenna's line at the wedding feast "Oh I had hoped they would play Rains of Castamere again, I've almost forgotten how it goes." Or whatever that line is.

- I don't know how anyone who hasn't read the books keeps track of the details of Robert's Rebellion. This is the first time we've even heard the story about the kids getting murdered- except for a brief reference by Maester Aemon in the first season.

- Oberyn also seemed more overtly intent on violence in the show compared to the book. He definitely had revenge on his mind, but it seemed like he was just seizing an opportunity in being Tyrion's champion in the book, rather from their conversation outside the brothel it seems like Oberyn has come to King's Landing to kill Lannisters, and go to the wedding- not the other way around.

- I have a feeling Dany's story is going to suck and be dragged wayyyyyyyyyyyyy out this season. They've kind of bastardized it, too, right? Combining certain things and parsing others out?

- Shae's anger at Tyrion is probably the basis by which she ends up in Tywin's bed, right? I read SoS after watching the third season and I thought they did a poor job sowing those seeds. But on my re-watch, I could see it better. Shae was very offended by Varys trying to ship her off, thinking it was Tyrion's doing. This was touched on tonight too.

- I loved that Book of Brothers stuff in AFFC, I'm interested into how much of that gets woven in.

- The necklace given to Sansa by Dantos contains the poison for Joffrey I guess? I didn't think it was a necklace in the book, but that could just be my memory.



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In such a well-cast show, Charles Dance just exudes a power that feels palpable. His scenes with Arya are still favorites of mine, followed closely by his conversations with his kids.


And speaking of Arya, I've re-watched that inn scene a number of times already.

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Charles Dance has made Tywin his. I'm not sure who I would have pictured without having seen the show first, but I imagine I would have quickly abandoned my vision for Charles-Dance-as-Tywin-Lannister.


The small council meeting in episode 10 of season 3 is great:

Tyrion Lannister: You just sent the most powerful man in Westeros to bed without his supper.

Tywin Lannister: You're a fool if you believe he's the most powerful man in Westeros.

Tyrion Lannister: A treasonous statement. Joffrey is king.

Tywin Lannister: You really think a crown gives you power?


And also how effortlessly he rationalizes killing 12 men at a wedding over 10,000 men on the field of battle.

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The Hound and Arya story arc is the one I'll be most interested in this season. The Hound started to grow on me a bit, as he's shown the tiniest bit of a human element about himself. Such a terrific scene at the Inn.

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Two things I forgot to mention earlier: Arya first grabs the sword in the inn with her right hand from two different camera angles, before it shows her head on before she stabs Polliver with her left hand. I wouldn't have noticed this at all, had I not just read about how Maise Williams is right handed and Arya is left handed.


The other is in the scene with Daario and Dany when he's showing her the foliage. Is that a case of Chekhov's gun when he's talking about the poisonous flower? Whether it was or not, seemed forced. That whole scene seemed forced really. I'm not optimistic for the Essos story line his season.




The blue rose given to Dany from Daario was a nice little nod to book readers.


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1. The old Daario Naharis exuded sex. This one is a hipster. Lame.

2. Arya just gets more awesome with every passing second.

3. Same with Tywin, albeit in an evil way.

4. After their conversations with their respective Lannister men, Shae and Cersei can both just go die. What vicious cunts (I think I've been watching too much of this show...). I can't bring myself to care about their poor-me feelings of abandonment. Bitch, please. People have got real problems here.

5. Margaery's line about Joffrey picking a necklace of dead sparrow heads :lol:

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YES. I'm going to endlessly refresh social media for the rest of the night. The joy that gives me definitely offsets any joy I am deprived of watching the tv show cold.


Here's what we had tonight:

- Theon helping hunt the girl in the woods. He's totally subservient at this point, embracing his Reek personality.


- The Boltons are trying to reclaim the North. Roose sends Locke after Bran and Rickon. Ramsay is taking Reek to Moat Cailin to take it back from the Iron Islanders.


- Jaime and Tyrion having dinner. I'm a fan of any and all Jaime/Tyrion interaction. Tyrion lends Bronn to Jaime to practice his sword play.


- Jaime practicing with Bronn. I want Jaime to reclaim his prowess so badly.


- Varys tells Tyrion that Shae is in major trouble because Cersei has informed Tywin that she's a whore.


- Joffrey gets his wedding gifts. He doesn't get any dragon eggs, but he does get that other Valyrian steel blade, and a history book that he promptly cuts up with the new sword.


- Tyrion sends Shae away. This scene played out like every other "No we can't be together because X! [even though I still love you]" scene we've ever seen but DInklage still sold it.


- Stuff with Mellisandre and Stannis and then an awkward dinner that reminded me of when Jesse had dinner with the Whites in Breaking Bad. We get it. The red woman burns people and has total faith in the lord of light. Snoooooore.


- Bran! Wargs with a weirwood tree and sees (among other things) the same snowy (ashy?) Iron Throne room that Dany saw in the House of the Undying. He also sees a vision of a dragon's shadow flying over King's Landing. Are these actual visions of the future, or is it like Yoda says: "Always in motion, the future is?" He also sees past events of Ned and the three-eyed Raven in the crypts of Winterfell. And the Raven tells him to come find him.


- Olenna matches wits with Tywin Lannister, and it's fun.


- Then the Wedding feast begins. Every conversation that takes place is great. They're all taking turns burning each other and putting people in their place. Jaime and Loras which is highlighted by "But you'll never marry her." "Neither will you." Cersei confronting Brienne about her potential feelings for Jaime. Cersei trashing Pycelle, and then going against Margaery's orders and having the leftovers fed to the dogs. Then there's Oberyn and Tywin. Oberyn is going to get some Lannister blood on his hands before this is all said and done.


- Joffrey has the dwarves reenact the War of the Five Kings and tries with all his might to embarrass Tyrion.


- Joffrey continues to be a dick, and eventually chokes to death. Mwahahaha. Tyrion is taken captive for allegedly poisoning his nephew.



book comments



- Theon's story advancing all the way to ADWD parts, not surprisingly.

- Bolton's going after Bran and Rickon is a show liberty, right? I'm not finished with ADWD yet.

- Bronn taking Ser Ilyn's place. This is great because it likely means Bronn will stick around moreso than in the books. I assume he'll go out to battle with Jaime like Ilyn Payne did?

- They're setting up the Tywin/Shae thing really well.

- It's a shame they cut out Coldhands

- Olenna brushes her hand against Sansa's necklace when she is talking to her, but there is still no stone missing.

- Oh yeah, I was bummed we didn't get Olenna's quip about Rains of Castamere.



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YES. I'm going to endlessly refresh social media for the rest of the night. The joy that gives me definitely offsets any joy I am deprived of watching the tv show cold.

This isn't my show at all, but I had to stop in and ask: have you seen the Twitter rage being blasted in Stephen King's direction tonight after he discussed the Major Event seconds after it happened? HOO boy, has he been in for a steep internet learning curve tonight.

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YES. I'm going to endlessly refresh social media for the rest of the night. The joy that gives me definitely offsets any joy I am deprived of watching the tv show cold.

This isn't my show at all, but I had to stop in and ask: have you seen the Twitter rage being blasted in Stephen King's direction tonight after he discussed the Major Event seconds after it happened? HOO boy, has he been in for a steep internet learning curve tonight.

I didn't see that! I don't have much sympathy for those people really. Like you know this show has a propensity for moments like that, especially since its only a 10 episode season. You also know how the internet, and twitter in particular, works. What could you possibly have expected to happen???


Personally, I try not to tweet directly about specific spoilers unless I'm tweeting at someone who I know was watching. But as a rule, you shouldn't expect that out of people.


Earlier I likened it to when during the Olympics every sports reporter I follow on twitter was tweeting out results as they happen as I waited for NBC's tape delay. Now I knew I had a twitter addiction to feed, so I just temporarily unfollowed those accounts I expected I would be seeing "spoilers" from.

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I haven't read this far, but I got spoiled on Joffrey's fate a few months ago, so I was able to eagerly anticipate this episode.


*Tywin/Olenna. It’s really interesting to see Tywin talking to someone almost as an equal.

*Why did they recast Tommen? He looks like he’s aged seven years.

*I like Bran, but his story is boring me. The Reeds can suck it.

*Good riddance to Shae. She’s gotten whiny, and for all of her knife pulling and protestations that she could take care of herself, she was always all talk.

*I find Varys more and more… not interesting, but he’s growing higher in my esteem.

*Loras and Jamie… “You’ll never marry her.” “Neither will you.” BURN.

*Every time Margaery opened her mouth to diffuse the tension, I was afraid she’d burn through the last of Joffrey’s goodwill toward her. “Oh, the pie!”


So, Ramsay Bolton… does anyone else find him less repugnant than Joffrey even though they’re clearly on equal footing? Why am I ambivalent to him? Is it because Joffrey has been a douche to everyone we care about, while Ramsay has only been a douche to Theon and a random whore?

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It seems like Tommen2 is a little bit older than Tommen1. If that is the case they probably aged up Tommen's actor because it's easier to work around a kid going from say 14-18 than say 10-14. I have no idea if this is correct or not.


As far as Bran goes, I'll fully admit that his story isn't as objectively entertaining as some of the others, but I remain convinced he is a really important character so I like any story exploration he gets lol. The Reeds in the books are much cooler, more authoritative.


RE: Ramsay/Joffrey; Yeah. I think you're spot on. Theon sucks and we've never forgiven him for betraying Robb.

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