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The Wolverine

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Old Biff from the Future

Old Biff from the Future

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Can we, as a fandom, just forget that Orgins even exists? It doesn't fit with all the other X-movies, and, frankly, it just pisses people off.

I personally never understood all the hate for Origins If your talking about continuity, First Class is the real black sheep of the x-men movie family.

That's true. They've both ****ed continuity into oblivion, but First Class was just a better movie. And after DoFP comes out, I think they'll fix it to fit right in. Doesn't sound at all like they're trying to fix Origins. Fox just wants it to disappear from our memories.

Origins wasn't that bad but not that good...

The Wolverine is great yet it is dropping theatres at record pace. I have been looking at the daily numbers and in its fourth week it is averaging $255 per theatre. That is on par with all the third week movies. Someone wants this movie to fail. Anyhow, it still will hit 400 million world wide.

Darth Lohr

Darth Lohr

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Right you are and then some: $413 million in worldwide ticket sales, currently making it the second highest grossing film in the X-Men franchise. I just finally got a chance to see it this past weekend and loved it - which is why I was extremely happy to read this... The Wolverine 2 Bringing Back Hugh Jackman And James Mangold http://www.cinemable...gold-40156.html

Ms. Spam

Ms. Spam


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Got this in my Netflix queue today! I have not read this thread yet, but I'm hoping it turns out better than the last one.

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