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I rewatched the film recently with my kids and I noticed:


Clark made several attempts to get the fight out of Smallville, but admittedly that was after losing his cool while yelling about his mom and taking the fight into Smallville in the first place.


Then later by the time Clark got to Metropolis after dealing with the Matrix Robot the city was already in utter disarray. Zod and Clark still obviously trade glares and punches willy nilly within city limits, but the vast majority of their fight takes place within the already destroyed area of Metropolis.


With those observations I'm perfectly able to conceive a way that Superman is accepted by the city & world as long as one, at least, but preferred two of these things happen;


1.) Snyder does another flashback, maybe Rocky-style by starting the next film literally at the end of the previous film, this then becomes a retcon that shows Superman helping to rescue survivors, clean-up and rebuild Metropolis. This 40 second or so montage can happen pre-credits and has a logical place to be within the first film's timeline, after the Zod fight and before the glare-down with the General Not-Nick Fury.


2.) Superman is shown helping people just to help people, no villain attacking, in the next film's time/story.

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HAha-- man. EVERY DAY there is movie news that is refuted the following day. Have studios finally figured out how to beat spoilers? They just let as much BS leak as possible until we don't know what's true!?


My stance on this remains the same-- I'm a mixed bag that will have to wait and see. I like Affleck as Batman. Man of Steel blows. I worry about the amount of heroes being added to the film getting Justice (SEE WHAT I DID THERE). I remain optimistic, but I refuse to get my hopes up, and I also don't auto-hate the film on reflex... but I do find WB's approach bothersome, and I dislike Goyer as a writer.



My problems have nothing to do with a timeline of when the movie is made, but it usually tells a tale. In the case of scheduling issues, it gets a pass. But if it gets pushed back during scripting, like with Star Wars, that's not a good sign. Neither is getting pushed in post-production cause it usually means heavy reshoots are needed. But coordinating A-list actor schedules? That's always a nightmare.

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I think that Eisenberg is a fine pick. And I think a younger Lex isn't a bad thing. Especially if we are going to potentially have a Lex who will last for years.

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I feel like it's how Bryan Singer populated the x-films. Every mutant ever is cast, and most are on screen as extras in a fight sequence.


They are also reporting Geoff Johns is aboard as a producer on the movie. Johns is a really nice guy, and it's great to see a true fan get to run with franchises he grew up on... But he's partially responsible for everything wrong with DC comics theses days.


That said, good news, Ben Affleck has strong armed them into a rewrite with his writer from Argo to redraft Goyer's script.

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Batsuit and Batmobile mostly revealed!





My THT thoughts...



- looks like it's in the same design sense as the Burton/Schumacher era with Tumbler styling

- I'm over the dragster and or tank look, I was hoping for a leaner high performance vibe



-like the short ears

-like the logo on the chest, both clearly inspired by Miller's Dark Knight Returns

-like the departure from the Nolan patchwork armor look

-still get the 'ol black rubber suit vibe that has been prevalent since Burton/Keaton

-there's a level of bulk that seems cool-- but could also come off as dumpy in action

-still hoping the cape and cowl are dark blue and that we'll get lens eyes




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