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NBF 2013 League Meeting

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groove terminator

groove terminator

    There are two rules for success: 1.) Don't tell all you know

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Alright, luckily I am on holidays at the moment so I can get this going now. I know a couple of things want to be discussed this offseason. On the list that I can remember is adding a bench spot, activity (both on nightly & espn) and from a personal point of view the commissionership.

Where I stand on these are:
Bench - no complaints if thats what the majority wants
Activity - maybe we can find a way of setting up a reminder for updating rosters (doesnt mean you have to make add/drops but at least maintain the starting lineup and what not)
Commissioner - real life & time difference gets in my way a fair bit now days, my preference is to step down and let someone take over who has more time on their hands for what the league deserves, i'm really appreciated the help Ex has done this season, not sure where we would of been without him and the usual suspects like Lucas. I am happy to stay on but I don't want to let you guys down when my work gets in the way!

I am sure there are other points people would like to bring up, so bring them up as we have plenty of time to discuss them and get things organised the way the league deserves

Darth Irish

Darth Irish

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I still think if we're adding a bench spot we should add a starting spot as well.