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Advise the Copper on a major Dad issue PLZ

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April-girl, we have a nearly identical back-story. The drugs, the abuse, and the abandonment. It's all there.   Here's how I did it.   My dad came back into my life by way of a random card made in his

Yeah! Screw people who may or may not just be reaching out in kindness to someone who is related to them!   It's pretty easy to make judgements about things that you have no involvement in other than

What ericka said. The intermediary is weird, so tell your whatever-she-is that your dad can contact you himself if he's interested, but I wouldn't slam the door.   He might be an ass, it might suck. I

Thanks guys.


I decided I'm going to wait a few months- my Mom is still recovering from cancer treatments and surgeries, and the past few months have put me through an emotional wringer. I'm battling anxiety now (weee!) and I can honestly say that each time something additional goes wrong in my life right now, I get physically ill. Like the other night when I came home and my laundry room and hallway were flooded. Cue me feeling sick to my stomach for an entire day. I'm definitely not in a place right now where I can take on something huge like this.


Kurgan, thanks for the thoughtful advice, I appreciate the insight and respect the points about being cognizant of any red flag behaviors. It's definitely going to be in the forefront of my mind when I do decide to message her.

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